New RCs, Invent!

Those of you who are famliar with lucid dreaming, hence familiar with the dream world, have you discovered new ways of checking reality?
if you have noticed things in dreams that can’t be found/done in the waking life, share them here, as long as they are reasonable, and by reasonable I mean enough descreet to be performed as tests.
there are a few RCs that are known and used by everyone, this topic is for the invention of new ones.
people with original ideas, show up!

here’s one I’ve tried a few times, and it works! (80%)
make a sound, a “clap” near your right ear for exemple, most of the time, in dreams, it’s heard the same way from both ears, as if it was coming from above, or behind, you don’t get the “right louder than left” sensation.
I have noticed it works more with intentional sounds than unintentional sounds.
I can’t tell if it will work for everyone, maybe it’s personal, maybe it just happnes for me 'cause I expect it to happen (and that would explain the intentional/unintentional thing), this is the occasion to know if it’s general.

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Teeth are very unstable in my dreams. Usually though, i don’t ever remember feeling them. When I do, they ALWAYS are loose and come out all the time. But it’s the most disgusting RC ever. In one dream i was pulling my teeth out, blood coming out everywhere, and it was painful. It’s discreet and very reliable, just not very pleasent.
It’s also quite amusing because they come out in the shape of the teeth, like in groups of 3 stuck together. I almost came lucid in one of these, I thought ‘This must be a dream!’

One way to incoporate this into a dialy routine, is simply to make a habit of pushing your teeth with your tongue (That’s all it takes in the dream world to knock out your teeth).

Is taking off glasses expecting to have a correct vision a good RC?
(in a dream the vision would indeed be correct, as when wearing glasses)
Has someone here ever tried this one?

running through a window or a mirror. always works.

If you have a pet that misbehaves…then it will often be behaving in a dream…and vice versa!!

vv.Aviran, running through a window isn’t a discreet practical test.

Tundra, just to redirect the discussion, we’re talking about RCs, not dreamsigns, you can’t have your pet beside you all the time to check reality, plus the pet may not be apart of your dream.

altheman9993 has given a good exemple, original as well, even though I don’t really like that RC and doubt of its effectiveness for everyone.

I’d like to have an answer for my “glasses RC” question if possible.

Teeth have been mentioned before, few other people have experienced teeth loss in their dream.
I reckon it’s due to some sort of ‘loss’ in real life.

About the glasses RC. That is a well known RC, you find your vision is perfect without Glasses in a dream.

lol! yes!

or maybe just flick your hands and expect a wall to fall down.!

this is a good topic

actually when you feel like doing an RC, you should try to do exactly what you would do if you are dreaming

like, hmmmm, i want to fly, so you try to levitate, or hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, can i make this cup float in the air? or things like that, so its always creative.

sometimes I do the finger through hand but it kind of hurts IRL, it seems goofy to do.

i used to do the nose thing,

sometimes i try to change colors, like, look away from my monitor, imagine its blue, then look back.

here’s one, create a magical purple lawn gnome who is friendly and cheerful

and have him run around on your desk.!

Try running to catch an important bus! I can never manage that in a dream…

(Disclaimer: Last time I got that DS, I thought “oh, so i happens in real life too, not just dreams” - stupid me!)

Maybe there are two kinds of RCs:

1: RCs you do UNCONSCIOUSLY in your dream (because you’re used to doing them in your waking life) and consequently become lucid thanks to them.

2: RCs you perform AFTER becoming lucid (after saying “I must be dreaming”) to be sure that you are REALY dreaming and hence become fully lucid.

This topic is about the first category. RCs that will help become lucid. RCs that can become a habit that will manifest in the dream world.
Personnaly, I don’t think trying to summon a “magical purple lawn gnome” is a good habit to cultivate :smile:

My friend can bend elements in his dreams so a reality check that he does is snap his fingers and see if fire appears like a lighter floating about his hand. Apparently it works every time but once. He also plays with his cell phone. It usually does not work in dreams.

Same here! My first LD, I lost my teeth 2 times and I thougt ‘Hey I must be dreaming because I can’t lose them 2 times!’ :happy:

A RC I do a lot… A good friend of me I just saw once but I dream a lot 'bout him, so I think a lot about that… “If I see him again, I dream!” And indeed, I had a lucid dream because of him :tongue:

this one works very well for me. but i can’t do it in public… and you’ll find out why when i descrive it.

putting my hand in my armpit (or someplace in my pants…) is good RC for me. In RL of course i’ll feel hair. But in my dreams the only hair that i usually have is on my head.

but it sounds like it’ll work pretty good

I bite my cheek when ever I am scared or uncertain. It is a good RC that reassures me.

I usually try to morph into pure energy to see if i’m in a dream.

I usually have no ability to run at all in dreams, especially if I am trying to get away from someone or something. I get that “wading through water” feeling, and suddenly become very tired. Thus, anytime I feel like doing a RC, I just jog in place for a second or two. If my legs don’t move incredibly slowly, I must be awake. (Though this isn’t really foolproof, sometimes I can move normally when dreaming, but it usually works.) I’ve had the teeth loss thing happen to me before too, but it’s incredibly rare as I usually don’t worry about my teeth. I think that’s only ever happened in my dreams 2 or 3 times.

trying to morph into pure energy isn’t really something you can discretely do IRL to train yourself haha

im pretty sure he meant checks you can do IRL to train yourself to do in a dream.
things other people around you won’t give you weird looks for.
and not really things that just happen to you in the dream, things you think of to check and then do

this works if you have a piano: walk up to the piano and move one finger and press each key, if it goes in scale order like it should you are awake. if the sound is all screwed up, your in a dream :content: