New RCs, Invent!

Focus on an object really hard to see if it explodes.

try sinking into the floor, just look up, shake yourself a little, and imagine it happening

I though of a new one! Try picking up a heavy object (Lift with your knees, not your back :smile: ). If you can do it, you’re dreaming.

One RC I’ve done a few times is to draw on myself with marker, (I drew it once on my leg and a couple of times on the palm of my hand) I write the letters “RC” and every time I see them I do a reality check, it’s worked every time except once. (The night it didn’t work I didn’t remember any dreams so, yeah. :tongue: ) It’s not very discreet so I wouldn’t recommend using that anywhere outside of your own home, but if you’re like me and have no life and never leave the house anyway I think it should work quite well for you. :user:

Another one I use a lot is attempting to use telekinesis, come on, no one can tell you’re trying that. :razz: You have to picture the thing you want to move very vividly though, you can’t just think, “Move!” without visualizing anything at all. You sort of have to suspend disbelief and expect it to actually work, otherwise you’ll get the same result in a dream as you would in WL. :wallhit:

I once had my ipod playing music without actually having my headphones plugged in and it made me realize I was dreaming. Maybe that could be an RC?

^ I really like this idea though; I’ve never had myself phase through anything in a dream (both LD and ND), and it seems pretty cool to try.

I’m trying out something new where everyday I draw a tiny star on my left palm with ink and periodically I will look at it and try to make it move on my skin. If it does, I’m obviously in a dream

Well, you probably shouldn’t try this one unless you’re feeling very very uncertain of your environment- try knocking something over or throwing an object in the air. The physics in dreams are sometimes not the greatest and sometimes objects do the strangest things. Once you see a vase hit the ground and bounce higher than it’s dropped (it might be a dream). The most unusual glitch I have found was a mop that would not go down and would only rest at the previous highest placement.

Open one eye and see if you can see your nose.

I just woke up this morning and went through my daily routine and then at about 10:00 AM (I’m on spring break) I was writing myself a note to put on my pillow for an experiment and while I was holding on to that sharpie, I realized “Hey, maybe I can mark myself and that would induce a lucid dream.” let me know if it works!

What you will need

  1. A sharpie or any regular permanent marker (its crucial that its permanent)
  2. A watch (Just recommended you don’t absolutely have to have a watch)
  3. Your body
  4. Permission from yourself to draw on your arm :tongue:


  1. Take the marker
  2. Mark yourself in some way

To make this totally effective, wear a watch and mark it next to that(I wear a watch). If you do not own or want to wear a watch then make a mark on your writing hand or the hand that you do the most stuff with (this will probably make your hands more distorted in your dreams).

How it works
This works as a reality check because in your dreams you probably wont see it at all. This should give you the perfect opportunity to go lucid! :grin: :grin: :grin: please try this. I already did it join me will you? thanks! :grin: :grin:

Its not new and has been done

the good news is that many say it works.

we also have some old topics on this on LD4all … when I find the topic/s I will give the links

Well, it was a nice detailed post anyway! Nicely done and I will give this a try as I have never done it! :smile:

But no need for the caps lock! We all know your Eager McBeaver about this site! :tongue:

Haha, there are, like, six types of reality checks I’ve learned. I’ve tried four of them I believe.
Breathing - Favorite - tried almost every lucid dream
Time/Text (the one you mentioned has the same basic concept) - Least favorite - the time changes to something so bizzare it startles me
(For example, in one of my dreams, I looked at the digital clock, it said 8:45AM. I looked away, and looked back; it changed to 00:01:45.666666666667 AM.)
Pinch pain - Most subtle, tried when other RC’s didn’t work
Clapping hands - Not tried yet - From what I’ve heard in dreams the hands will usually break in some way
Pushing right index finger through left hand - Second favorite - It’s a very weird sensation when you can see and feel the finger go through your hand
Looking at hands - Third Favorite - Usually in dreams the hand will appear very messed up
(For example, in one dream I did this RC and both of my middle fingers were flickering and both my ring fingers were twice as long + they were twisted around my pinky fingers)

if you’re in a room think about whether it’s different shaped than in real life or if the furniture is arranged different.

It ‘can’t be viewed’ because it was moved to this thread :wink:

well if your a girl id say try painting your nails and then you can check in your dream if you have nail varnish on? think im going to try this because lately i think my minds tricking me my usual reality checks like counting my fingers etc are failing me :sad:

Ok, this is my third post now.

What I do to remember to RC is take a Sharpie and draw an “A” (for awake) on my hand. Then when I see the A, I check to see if I’m dreaming. I do 3 RCs: I try to push my finger through my palm, I count my fingers, and I pinch myself. So, if I see the “A” 20x a day, then that would be 60 RCs, which is enough. Has anyone else tried this yet :confused: ?
The video was posted in 2007. It mentions this technique, but he writes “DREAM” on his hand instead.

Oooh that’s interesting. I like my “A” but I guess “DREAM” wouldn’t wear off as fast. I don’t think I have to be RCing because I’m a WILD’er but I heard that if you take a break from WILDing that you can LD by yourself, so it never hurts to RC a bit.

Off topic, but have you ever heard the Franz Ferdinand song “Lucid Dreams”? It’s kinda cool.

i just lost lucidity, when i was for some reason bent one leg and was only standing on
one leg, when for some odd reason i bent the other one also… and i was just floating
there with my legs bent i was like :eh: this isnt right?
im dreaming!!! and regained lucidity and continued on with dreaming :happy:

I know Japanese, so I write the Japanese character for dream on my left hand. When I see it, I make an RC (or two.)
Hopefully, looking at my hand in a dream will make me lucid somehow. Hasn’t happened yet.