New Reality Check

I know TheOverseer in real life, an we had a shared idea. It was a new reality check for Lucid Dreamers. Take an empty pill bottle, make sure it’s washed out really well.
Then remove the label or tag it had on it when you got the bottle. In permanent marker write “Lucid Pills” clearly. You should be familiar with Lucid Pills and know how they work. When your in real life, the bottle should be empty. BUT, when in the dream, it will be full of Lucid Pills. Carry the bottle around with you. But don’t make it obvious that you have a pill bottle in your pants or shirt or whatever you’re carrying the bottle in. This could cause legal problems, if the police find out. It may earn you some weird looks, but hey, if you know how to lucid, you must be a risk taker. Reply on this, give me some feedback, any and all feedback I am going to tell TheOverseer inevitably.

Well it would work but… seems over kill, the nose one is strange enough.

Well now that I think about it even more lucid pills only work when you believe they will, compared to the nose RC, that works because you are actually breathing IRL, hopefully that explanation makes sense.

I think it would work, but I think that the nose RC is still the most reliable and if you aren’t able to do it, putting your hand threw something is great.

It is true. He knows me. :3 Y’know, never realised why the nose thing worked. Thanks. :thumbs:

that’s actually really brilliant. . .thank you

Thanks. We were on the subject of Lucid Pills and thought of this.

I do like the idea of coming up with a new RC though. Kudos for the creativity!

Hmmm… not a bad idea at all, certainly worth trying out at least. It’s another steady RC for RCILD and other awareness techniques.

I doubt that it’s illegal in most areas to carry around an empty bottle. In general I wouldn’t worry about that. :wink:

Hah, but it will get you some weird looks carrying around a pill bottle saying Lucid Pills :content:

It’s a pretty cool idea and it sure may work but… I don’t think there’s any way to guarantee that the bottle will have pills if you are in a dream. I mean, if there are pills, it means it’s a dream, but you may also get an empty bottle in a dream… :bored:

Or course, there’s only one way to find out! and these things can work differently for each person. So let us know how it works out :grin:

Also I don’t really want to explain to a policeman what lucid dreaming is. I guess to most of them the idea of lucid dreaming seems to good to be true. They’d just think I’m talking gibberish because of all the “lucid pills” I have taken… :grin:

Glad this is getting so much feedback. I had another idea, this one is all my own. I will post that later.

Don’t take to many ld pills at once though, to many good people have left that way :cry:

Awesome idea :content: this has inspired me to start creating some RC 's

It is an interesting idea because it makes for convenient use of lucid pills in dreams. I’d have to say that the reliability of it seems like it would be no better than the hand check. Is it worth it when you can just use your hands more conveniently? What if, in the dream, you do not find the pill bottle? If you were to check your hands and become lucid, you could easily conjure some pills. Then the bottle is superfluous.

This truth makes me feel so sad.
But I predict that Lucid Dreaming will be very well known in near future.

People will never learn what they choose not too, and the general public doesn’t take too kindly to any ideas that have the slightest feeling of “magic” behind it. That being said, dreams kind of enter that spectrum most of the time, and people almost always have varying opinions on it. And everyone knows officials are always the last ones to sit down and listen given the fact half of them don’t even know the meaning of an objective point of view :grrr:

At any rate, this is an alright test, but it seems to me as if it’s just one step further from the “lucid pill box” idea I saw on this website some time back.
Forcing intent can cause pretty much anything to spawn in lucid dreams, including lucidity pills. The topic I read simply stated that forcing your intent could allow you to spawn a box of these pills at any time during a dream, given you know what your doing. After spawning these pills, taking them would give the desired effect you instantiated when you thought the pills up.
Someone could test it, see how well it works. If anyone does, please be sure to post the results.

Nothing says the bottle will always be full of pills in a lucid dream… Your brain might try to trick by making the bottle empty, thereby kinda ruining the effect of this RC.

Forcing your intent is part of the RC. You actually have to make sure it’s going to be full of pills, ie: you imagine the bottle full of pills when you pull it out of your backpack or whatever else you pull it out of.

Sorry for the double post, just saw this fit for a quick reply.

But unlike the nose-RC which is supposed to work 100% of the time (as you can’t really run out of breath in a dream), this bottle thingy depends on you entirely. And that makes it less reliable. And even if you imagine and expect the bottle will be full, it still doesn’t mean that the bottle will be full in lucid dreams as you can expect a lot of things that don’t happen.

Exactly. That’s why RC’s based off objects usually work less often, but this RC isn’t fool-proof, which is why it’s only up to speculation.
Even then, RC’s that require forcing intent are only recommended for those who have already had experience with this in lucid dreams, let alone anything else that requires forced intent.