new! Select your kin and have it in your sig automatically!

Hello everybody,

I just installed a new mod.

You can now go in your profile and select your kin. It will then automatically show in your sig.

to find out your kin go to and enter your birthday.

to learn more about kin and dreamspell, please read the dreamspell forum :smile:

enjoy :smile:


Sorry, I don’t completely understand what you mean, and what’s up with the weird symbol in my sig?

Seand[edit-r]op go to “profile”, you will see a box to select your kin, the “weird symbol” in your sig will change to show your kin symbol once you select one in the box (so you should then remove the other kin symbol in your current sig probably).

Cool :cool:.

Sean: Go into your profile and set your kin (I assume yours in Blue Cosmic Hand?) and then that symbol will change into it :wink:.

I beat you this time W.bull :smile:

Neat :content:

If only I knew what these symbols mean… time to go invade the dreamspell board :grin:

Wow you just add new stuff everyday dont you :smile:

Very cool.

Darn, mines white.
Ah well, but it still looks pretty funky. Many ta’s!!! :cool:

Great, thanks Q! :wink:

NOTE TO EVERYONE WHO READS THIS: my name is seandop, not seandrop. (you’re not the only one, Xetrov…). Or, just call me Sean, like Surel did. :content:

sureal … :tongue:

BTW: I love seeing them turn up in everybody’s sig! neat :content: :cool_laugh:

hey q. i love the way you implemented it! :smile: :smile:

it looks really neat there with the spacing, and also means that you don’t have to add the name “kin 244: yellow planetary seed” but you can if you so wish. excellent!


Excelent :content:

Hey Sean, I edited my previous post and fixed the little error… :happy:

oooh…this place looks yummier everytime i visit!

i like what you done with the little forum icons Q!
:insert over the moon smilie here:

But how do you turn it off?? I really have no interest of this kin stuff…

well, you dont have to do anything then, the little icon will show. In the future i’ll add an empty picture so you can select that if you don’t want the icon at all. (it will still show the line though)

it’s gone now… you need to CTRL-R to load the empty image instead of the icon.

Thanks. :smile: I dont mind such features as long as they are voluntarely

well, it was always volontary, it was just a common symbol that was in your sig. like yin/yang sign, that symbolizes the calendar. But empty looks better :content:

i might add another image, maybe little ld4all bird logo or something, it looks so empty now.