Newbie Advice - Helpful Hints For Aspiring Lucid Dreamers II


Thanks for the speedy reply to my enquiry. Its great to have someone to ask about ld’s - I don’t know a single person (personally) who has had ld’d besides me.

The loss of clarity referred to earlier seems to be inversely related to recall - the more dreams I remember the less clear they seem. Before reinvestigating the lucidity phenonemem I used to recall about 10 very intensely real dreams per month - dreams so real that waking up and realising that I was dreaming takes a while.

The loss of clarity and sensual involvement happened the moment I started consciously willing increased recall. I can recall perfectly what happens in my dreams but they just don’t seem so ‘real’ anymore. My sleeping patterns have been rather disorganized as of late ; it may be the problem.

Again, thanks for the reply - hope to report on my success soon. WILD en WBTB techniques seem very promising as I am able to reenter drteams after awakening if I don’t get up.


[b] I have a different way of doing an Rc in the dreamstate (it definatly works for me…)
If you were to pick up a book or piece of paper with something written in it then read it, in a dream you should only be able to get about two or three words out of it… then the words that seemed to be there will fade away.

hope this was helpful…[/b]

how can u remember ure dreams all i remember is pitch black and nutin else i u could please let me know i would be grateful and congratz on ure lucid

Hey ebag0,

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Hi! I’m Acidy. ^^
I’m totally new in LD!
I’ve seen LD only once! But i think that when i practice i’ll get better and better in it.
I just discovered that LD exists! I never even wondered that it can be possible to control your dreams like that!
It’s like a new world has opened to me.
Is it true that you can have out of body experiences in LD?

Hey acidy, welcome to the forum.

To answer your question, you can have an OBE during a LD, but it doesn’t mean you are really out of your body, you are just dreaming it all up. Our mind is able to create a perfect model of real life up to the smallest details.

Good luck and have fun exploring LDing :smile:

im the same way…and when i actually take time to recall my dreams i notice my LD’s are quite frequent…

damn havent wrote here for ages… whats the topic here now a days?

What I would like to do is make my lucid dreams last longer. I try to bring something into my dream that I know once I look at it will be out of place. For the most part, this works really well except when I do see whatever the object be in my dream, I realize I’m dreaming and then wake up.

Can anyone help me make it last longer?

They increase in lengths naturally with simple practice.

Also, something that works quite good is to look at an object and consider how realistic it looks and make a note to remember what it looks like. Do the same with touching it (so it’s best if the object has an interessting texture). And finally, just glance around yourself and think about how you actually seem to be inside the dream (it seems you’re actually in it).

This does a number of good things, and I find one of them is increasing the length a fair amount :smile:.

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I guess that could explain it. I didnt think of that, thanx :smile:

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I got close to lucidity last night, or actually achieved it (I am not sure) the aspect of the dream is somewhat reverent as I was dreaming about cleaning up the yard and then finding a nail, throwing it away, thinking that was a bad idea, picking it up and then finding out what I had in my hands was a stick. I threw that away, looked for the nail again, had a horrible taste in my mouth, found the nail there. I then got another nail out of my mouth, did a RC and became lucid for just a few seconds. I once again could not believe I had achieved it and was in full control, so my dream ended as I loss control and I woke up, with the only task left being to put it in my dream diary. What I want to know is (although I am sure you have had this question asked billions of times before) what else I can to do to increase lucidity?

We can now safely ignore that post as I had a lucid dream last night, would describe it, but its a bit personal. Perhaps posting the frustration helped? Possibly…

Hey, I’m new here but I wanted to say how much I want to learn LS. I once actually started a journal of my dreams without doing research on LD but sadly, I didnt get anything written down before I gave up. Now, at around midnight, I’m up so interested in LD I cant even talk about it. I’m gonna go get that Dream Log back out today and begin my journey into a new world, so close, so, so close, yet so, so unheard of…

I’m already remembering 1 to 2 dreams a night, probably because I’m so deeply interested in dreams, and I remember having at least 2 (partial?) LDs in the past month, but now I will learn to take advantage, I’m so giddy…

Hi DollarF !
Your dream recall is largely sufficient. You can now try to learn LD’ing. You can find some general information about techniques (MILD, WILD, reality checks) in the “How” menu of the LD4all main page ( ).
You can find more precise informations in the LD wikibook. (I don’t know if this URL has temporary problems or not, I couldn’t visualize it last time I tried ! :sad: )

Something I’ve done to help keeping my RCs up during the day (replying to the first post) is take the wallpaper I’ve been using on my computer, and put across a part of it in a translucent font the words “Are you asleep?”.

…Always reminds me to do a reality check

howdy. I’ve got a few questions. From what I’ve gathered so far, dream recall is the best way to get started, which is what I’m working on ATM.

  1. How does posture effect LD’ing? i.e. lying on your back, on your stomach, etc.
  2. When trying to visualize things, where should you try to project the image? When I’m dreaming and then I wake up, it seems as if the dream were occurring in the back of my head. However, when I try and visualize objects they tend to show up on the backs of my eyelids as if I were actually looking at them.
  3. How does listening to music/audio books help?