Newbie Advice - Helpful Hints For Aspiring Lucid Dreamers II

Hi qwe !
Your questions are rather difficult to answer, they point out rather advanced LD’ers problems, that’s probably why they haven’t been answered until now.
I can only reply to your 1st question : sleeping posture don’t effect LD’ing. There has been experiments at the Lucidity Institute about that, and the results are not clear.

umm ban maybe?

I just wanted to say that drinking milk at night before I go to sleep has really helped with my dream recall. I was able to remember part of 3 dreams last night.

Hi Ares ! Welcome to the forum ! :wave:

You’re right. I’ve read somewhere that it could help.
But in my own case… that’s the problem… I HATE milk ! :happy:

I think wholeheartedly that lucid dreaming is something that has to come comfortably. Someone can strain themselves as hard as they can every night trying to LD, but you cannot “force” or bully yourself to have a lucid dream. You need to find something that you believe will work - and more often than not it will. The reason people go through these dry spells is because (for some reason or another) they doubt the effectiveness of some method, and lose hope.

That’s probably the worst thing you can do - believe or “know” something you’re doing to get a Lucid dream won’t work.


I was wondering what is for you the relation between lucid dreaming, and meditation?
Do you meditate, and does that have effect on your way of dreaming?
a few months ago I followed a course and learned some amazing meditation techniques, and noticed that my dreams changed when I meditated right before sleep.
Also my memory of my dreams changed from almost nothing, to 3/4 dreams a night in just 7 to 8 day`s.

Experience with LD`s I do not yet have, ore atleast I am almost certain of that. :content:

Ps, very sorry for my bad grammar, my english is unused, and a little stiff :smile:

I personally find that meditation, in particular Mindfulness, improves my attention when practising LD induction techniques. Mindfullness also has the added benefit of increasing your appreciation of the process and technique involved, which is in my opinion what more people need to cultivate to obtain a higher degree of LD’s (myself included!). Meditation helps me to feel patient with LD practice, and to remain diligent and yet patient that LD’s will happen in good time. I have only just take up meditation again after a large dry spell, but already I feel the benefits it has to my regular and lucid dreams.
I highly recommend a fantastic book I bought recently called “Change Your Mind - A practical guide to Buddhist meditation”, written by Paramananda: .

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Bleh. Still no LDs…

I try to W/V/TILD (basically the same thing), but it’s so hard to concentrate like that when you’re tired. Plus, I have a time limit to get to sleep by or I’ll feel like crud in the morning. RCing doesn’t seem to work for me, either, because I don’t really behave the same way in dreams (breaking windows with a packet of crisps?).

Any advice?


Try again, and keep at it for longer then 1 week! Also, you might try MILD + WBTB, which is an excellent way to gain lucidity (it brought me multiple LD’s very fast). Good luck :smile:.

I perfectly agree with Xetrov. :grin:

If you don’t have any results with WILD (no vibes, no floating sensation, no HI) during the next weeks, try a DILD method (autosuggestion, MILD, RC’s, the “finding your hands” technique, etc.) DJ + dreamsigns + autosuggestion + well-performed RC’s give very good results.

hi im new here and i cant seem to remember any dreams at all just pitch black any tips? Also is it true you have a dream every night you just cant remember them?

Hi sir sleeps alot :wave: … I could suggest, before getting up immediately, if you can or don’t have to rush off to work, you could just lie there still straight after you wake up and search your mind for dream fragments. Don’t worry if you cannot remember anything straight away … just lie there for a couple of minutes and search your mind. You’ll find that once you remember a little, other fragments start to come together and you can peice them all together more often then not :content: If you do this regularly, with practise you’ll have excellent recall! Also, it helps to keep a dream diary to write in these dream memories as soon as you wake up, as your more likely to forget them during the day.

…and yes we do dream every night, mutiple dreams in fact, up to several or more :smile:

Hope that help sir sleeps alot

1.) One quick question from me … any tips to WILD at night? I can do it after WBTB, but i’ve been trying to WILD at night for some time now… and coming close mind you, but any tips ?

Hi Sir sleeps alot! Welcome on the forum! :welcome:
You can find a lot of tips about recalling your dreams in this thread: The BIG Remembering dreams topic. I hope it will help you.
And yes, we have several dreams during the same night. :smile:

one mian purpouse is to make shure that u keep a very good picture in your mind (note whatever picture you choose you will more than likely appear there in your dream. Also keep relaxed!! (you must be relaxed to have a wild dream) I have only tried this a few times but i seem to have alot of luck with it. also make shure to count if you dont you can lose focuse of bieng awake and goodbye to lucid dream lol. but dont worry its not that hard just keep counting (little tip if you want to have a wild then try counting like this 1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming 3 im dreaming etc… This will make you either say im dreaming in your dream which will make you realize you are dreamin in your dream, or you will have the ultimate wild where you will step into your picture automatically knowing your dreaming. hopefully this has helped you out and ps thanks for your help. (good luck) :smile:

I’ve found that even if you think your dream through, unless you actually write it you won’t get all of it. I’ve had whole dreams ‘unlocked’ by the act of writing down another, or just individual scenes and occurances within the dream that were lost to me previously, even when I thought it through.

wow those tips help alot i have only tried to become lucid/ remember my dream a couple of times so far and since you have given me the advice i have remembered my first dream perfectly. I remembered two in one night all in complete detail thanks you guys!

H’lo all, I am new both to LDing and to this forum, and I have a few questions. First, does anyone know what effect various neurological conditions have on the ability or effect of lucid dreaming? Specifically, I have ADD and Asperger’s syndrome (a mild autistic disorder) and I wonder if this would make it easier or more difficult to induce a lucid dream through the various hypnotic techniques described here. Are there any other aspies / ADDies here who know?

Second, most of the techniques described depend on a near-sleep state. I am usually awake until around 4:00 in the morning and even then have difficulty getting to sleep, and reaching that state is difficult when I spend most of the time leading up to sleeping in a state of introspection bordering on extreme boredom?

Third, how totally must you relax yourself? I find it difficult to hold a state of near-total relaxation for an extended time

I guess thats all that I can really think of, thanks for any answers you can give me.

Hi Nemidaelius, welcome to the forum!

To be honest, I dont really know what effects these conditions have on lucid dreaming untill you start trying, but I could make an educated guess :razz:… The fact that you dont fall asleep very well might be the biggest issue I think. I’d say that WILD is gonne be pretty hard on you, since this method often prolongs the amount of time before you fall asleep (especually when you start with it). Options for you could be to practise MILD, which you could combine with WBTB (perhaps you fall asleep fast if you wake during the night? then WBTB might be worth a try, even combined with WILD). Anyay, about relaxation, for WILD it is very inportant, and generally for falling asleep also. If you have trouble relaxing you could try various relaxation techniques (plenty of them, if you wanna know ask around). Well thats it for now, good luck with it! :smile:

Welcome to LD4ll Nemidaelius! :wave:

ADD and insomnia could make it harder for you to practise WILD techniques, cause you have to focus continuously on something… and fall asleep! But I don’t see why it would be a problem with DILD methods (autosuggestion, MILD, etc.)

Some relaxation methods were recently described in this thread. I hope you’ll find what you want:

Good luck and tell us your results! :smile:

I am fairly sure the serious difficulty I am having with falling asleep is quite temporary, mostly as a result of the fact that I just got out of school, and have nothing important to do right now, and so I sleep in REALLY late, which makes it impossible to go to sleep until 4 or 5 am. I am managing this by waking myself with alarms and assistance from anyone who is willing to wake me up (it takes some doing!) and staying awake using repeated doses of caffeine. I hope this will put things back in kilter soon.

As for trouble relaxing, the biggest difficulty there is probably my ADD. When someone cracks a joke about people who HEY LOOK AT THE KITTY!
They aren’t kidding.

Anyhow, I suspect that MILD and WBTB will be the best methods for me to use. I have difficulty entering a truly sleepy state of mind (which I assume to be the4 precursor of a hypnogogic state) before sleeping, but after I wake up I’m halfway to REM sleep for the first hour or two, or until I caffeinate myself.