Newbie Advice - Helpful Hints For Aspiring Lucid Dreamers II

lol. I’m in the same boat you are in. If I"m lucky, I remember a few dreams every month :content: Usually, I can’t recall any of my dreams, and if I can, it’s just tiny bits and pieces…try keeping a dream journal- it’s working for me! :smile:

I have a question. Sionce I’ve started getting into the phenomenon of LDing, before I went to bed I kept saying to my slef stuff like “Tonight I’m gonna have a LD. Tonight I’m gonna have a an LD…” but it really doesn’t help…

I find I can’t get to sleep when I keep saying that to myself…it keeps me awake.

Any suggestions?

Dili Dali

First of all, it’s perhaps better to repeat “Tonight I’ll realize I’m dreaming” if you haven’t had any LD up to now, because if you repeat “I’ll have a LD” and don’t know really what is it… :bored:

Then, you don’t have to repeat it a lot of times. If you can’t get to sleep when repeating it too much, just repeat it 20 times. But be sure that you’re very well relaxed before, quite on the verge of sleeping.

K, thanks

So I’ve been making a bit more progress. I’m remembering to do RCs in my dreams- but so far I’ve failed them. Last night was the third time!

Once I jumped in the air to see if I would fly. I didn’t, so I figured I was awake. The second and third times I read a sign and a book. Ifailed that one, too- even though the words were nonsensical.

lol, at least I’m remembering to do them though, right?

I’m feeling really positive about how things are progressing so far. :smile: My dream recall has improved tremendously- if I don’t remember a dream when I wake up I lie there and ask myself questions based on my recurring dreamsigns, “Was I near any body of water in my dream?” “Was I driving around lost?” “Did I see a bridge?” “Was I being chased?” etc… That usually triggers some detail that helps me recall the majority of the dream.

And, last night, I tried WILD. It was almost successful, but I must have gotten distracted.

I am having more lucid dreams than ever (it’s still not alot, but I’m pleased). I had a LD during a nap on Saturday. My lucidity didn’t last very long b/c I got excited and forgot to stop and focus (usually I touch something and that helps me stay lucid).

Just thought I’d share. :smile:

Waw! That’s great Aodnait! :good:
Did you tried the “nose RC”? Plug your nose and try to breath through. It’s a great RC. I’ve made a little poll (not on this forum), and it gives very good results.
But if you have difficulties to realize you’re dreaming even if your RC succeed, you should try a more incredible RC, like making a hole in a wall, etc.

Thanks! I’ll try to remember those for next time! That nose RC sounds promising. I tried the “hole in the wall” one this morning (I was lucid at the time) but I couldn’t get my hand through the wall. :confused:

Although early this morning was pretty amazing. I was having a dream that I was a houseguest in a really bizarre house. The gravity was all weird and I was having trouble staying on the ground. This didn’t make sense to me, so I tried my floating/ flying RC, and it worked! Woohoo! The dream unfortunately faded pretty quickly after that, but I went into this strange state that I sometimes get where I feel as though I’m floating above my body in darkness (which I think is a form of LD/ FA for me?), and from there I kept drifting in and out of brief, kind of dim, lucid dreams. I counted 5. It was pretty cool. I have absolutely no control over what happens in them, though. Every time I tried I would lose the dream. I tried a few different techniques to get back into dreams- spinning, rubbing my “spirit” hands together until they felt more real etc. When I did slip back into a lucid dream I’d either rub my hands, or touch an object to help focus. This is also when I tried to make a hole in the wall by pushing my hand into it, but it didn’t work. I was sorry to finally wake up when the garbage truck rumbled by. I love it when I get in that relaxed, floating state. It’s so peaceful, and I’ve never stayed in it this long before either.

Another possible good RC’s are looking at your hands (they are generally weird), stretching your finger or pushing it through your other hand. Sometimes RC’s fail but you realize you’re dreaming even so. Thus a RC you think not to be efficient because he often fails could be a good RC.

It was an interesting dream. You seem to be pretty gifted! :wink:

I good technique I developed for LDing is this one :
In RL, I often look at things and imagine weird stuff, usually when I’m in a bus or something, not to get bored. Things like … I imagine the cars I see out of the window flying … I “try” to mak’em fly and I imagine they fly. I see a kid with a hat, I imagine the hat falls. I ‘try’ to make it fall. I know it sounds kinda stupid, but it really works, because in my regular dreams I also try to make things happen, uncounsciously, and when it does happen, I know I’m dreaming.

Also the watch RC never failed me :smile:

Hey, aodnait, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but your descriptions of being “above your body” in darkness sounds a lot like OBE’s. I assume you’re not familiar with the term because you didn’t mention it, but that’s a pretty good sign if you can do that this early in your experience with LD’s.

hi im new here.last week i had my first lucid dream.before that my dream recall was bad,but now im remembering more than 2 dreams every day.i want my second lucid dream now,but i dont know what to do.i do the same stuff that i did to achieve the first ld but it doesnt seem to work now.maybe i just have to wait.please give me some tips.

Hi Zombie, welcome to the forum.

It would help to know what technique you are doing. Giving any tips would largely depend on that information.

Hi Xetrov, i have done RCs for like one week then i stopped doing them and a week later i had the lucid the ld i looked at my hand and became lucid,because of six i dont do RCs anymore,i just use autosuggestion and the brainwave generator.

If you like autosuggestion, try to combine WBTB with MILD (click for BIG sticky topics), seems to be a high succes formula even for starters. Try it a few weeks and see what it can bring you.

alright, i’ve been trying for four nights now. i have dream recall ok. i can recall most of my dream and i think im ready for the next step. i’m trying to do the MILD techinique, but i dont understand the reality check thing. i can do it awake, but asleep, i would assume you would need to be lucid in order to do it. i realize im new, but i would like this cleared up.

The point of doing RC’s in waking life, is that you will dream about doing one too, and hence become lucid.

RC’s also help you to become more aware of what’s happening around you, something that also aids into realizing you are dreaming. I suggest you read the main site and both the Reality Check chapters, in “first” and “how”.

thanks a bunch, i had my first ld last night. i woke up in my dream and for some reason i was like " you know what, im dreaming." i dont know what triggered it it was strange. then i walked through my wall where i met my friends and then we talked and that was it. kind of a lame first ld, but cool. i think i may have done a wild on without trying. i was just thinking about it as i went to sleep and the way that i realized i was dreaming.

I have tried alot while falling asleep to see HI for WILD but have never succeded.

While going home from school on the bus I tried to sleep and had my first HI. It was alot like a ND but I still heard what was going on around me IRL.

Any Ideas what would be causing this so I could achieve it at night?

Some factors:

I sometimes have my backpack on the same bench leaning up against me.

I ussually listen to music, sometimes recordings of waves or rain.

Also I think the motion might have some affect on it

Hey, I’ve got an idea that’ll help you remember to do a Reality Check!

OK, on your dominant hand (the hand you write with) draw a small line with a marker about half an inch from the part where your thumb meets your hand. That way, whenever you do something like typing or writing or drawing, you’ll see the line and remember to do an RC! It works for me.

I just realized that I have many lucid dreams, but i didn’t know what a lucid dream was. I rarely have dreams, but when I do, they are very wierd, so I realize that I am dreaming. At other times, I just can controll them, but I don’t realize that I am dreaming until I wake up.

I tend to have more dreams when I listen to music either just before or while falling asleep. One of the best songs to fall asleep to is Stairway To Heaven, By led zeppilen. It starts out soft and soothing, which makes you think and focus, but then slowly gets heavier so that you slowly are eased into white noise which clears your head. I tend to fall asleep between the end of the If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow verse and the middle of the as we wind on dow the road verse.

Other than Stairway, I tend to listen to soft rock and alternative before bed. I also suggest REM’s Automatic for the People album. All of the songs except the first three are soft and good to fall asleep to. The last three are particularly good.

A lot of the greatful dead works well. They play simple, non-technical music that doesn’t take a lot of thinking to listen to.

Although I can’t say that I conciously try to have LD’s, I do have them and these are all the things that I could think of that trigger them.[/i][/u]