Newbie dreamer here!

I am a newbie lucid dreamer!

In fact, I am not even a newbie lucid dreamer yet. I have never had a lucid dream as far as I can remember.

I do not really have many dreams. Or, I just simply do not remember them. The last dream I remember was from a few years ago! It was a strange and scary dream.

The first I heard of Lucid Dreams was in a Tom Cruise movie. I forget the name of the movie, but it was that movie, Vanilla Sky I think, where he is wearing a mask and at the end of the movie he discovers he was living in a lucid dream.

I just thought it was made up for that movie. But last night on a whim I decided to search the internet for lucid dreams and see what I come up with. I was AMAZED to see that it is a real thing that people are actually doing and enjoying all over the world.

It sounds really exciting!

I would like to get into it, but am very doubtful I can be a good dreamer. As far as I know I am NOT a good dreamer as of right now. Or maybe I just don’t remember them. Either way, I think it will be hard to start Lucid Draming if I can’t even remember my regular dreams, hehe.

Oh well, this looks like a really good chat board though, so I will check things out.

Welcome m8. When I came here I was doubtful. Now I havent had a ld but then again I havent givin up yet either. So ya stick with it and try it out you’ll like it.
Notice my sig with what I’ve done in 4 months. :content:

Well thanks for the warm welcome. I am glad someone wrote back so fast! I love typing on my keyboard so yeah! This is great, I get to type more, hehe.

So you have been trying for four months? WOW! That seems like a while. You haven’t had a lucid dream yet but have you come close?

Hi and welcome to the forum Newbie Dreamer! :smile:
We get many introduction threads and ask that you post those here:

Handshake thread

Goodluck to your future of lucid dreaming! :happy: