Night only?

I know that the reason that we can only lucid dream at night is because thats the only time when we are asleep.
But what if we were able to at least acses that while we were awake and sort of have it playing in our mind.
It would be so much easier.
After all thats what shamans do so we should be able to do it especially the more experienced lders

I often have semi-dreams(non-lucid), that is, i am basically sleeping and having an uncontrollable dream, and at the same time totally aware of my body and surroundings.
I think its pretty common.

Could you precise what you mean, Bullyblaster? It’s an interesting idea but I don’t know exactly what you mean (especially about shamans). And don’t you think this thread would be better located in the Beyond Dreaming forum? If you think so, I can move it there.

You could always take a nap during the day…

You mean like a lucid daydream–

:confused: No–that’s redundant :ack:

But, I get what you’re saying…I think :unsure:

You’re saying LD without having to literally “go to sleep,” right? That’s along the lines of meditation then, is it not :eh: A higher form of daydreaming. If that’s the case, then I think to achieve what you’re talking about is just a matter of detaching yourself–your mind–from your physical body and surrounding…

:neutral: Yeah…meditation :content:

Yeh huey your right go huey