Night terrors...

My brother has been waking up every single night, crying and shouting. He says he has been having horrible nightmares and can’t sleep. I believe that if he learns how to LD he will be able to fight whatever scares him in the dream, but there is a little problem… he is only 8 years old, he can’t LD…

Can anyone help please? I’m kind of worried… :sad:

Teach him how to then. If you have the time. And then tell him that inside his dream when he knows he is dreaming, that nothing can make him bad and he can make his nightmare disappear.

Tried that, it doesn’t work. He just won’t realise it’s a dream… :neutral:

Keep trying. Ask him about the nightmares. Like. Really dig into it.

Ok, I’ll try that, hope it works… Thanks!! :content:

this is a creative technique i read about once that a parent used to help their child who was afraid of the dark and afraid of monsters (and had nightmares):

all you have to do is explain to your brother that nothing can harm him. you can act this part out with him if you want to… get some kind of wooden dowel or long piece of plastic, glue some felt or some kind of cloth around it to make it look magical – even decorate it with glitter or beads or whatever and tell him it’s a magic stick (kids have extremely active imaginations). make him a ‘magical cape’ out of a piece of cloth or something (decorate it too… get him to help you do this) and have him drape it over his shoulders as he does this… before he goes to bed each night for a week, tell him you are both going to rid the room of scary things, and then have him stand in each corner of the room holding the magic stick and have him say a phrase like ‘monsters begone’ or something like that as he points the stick at his bed (he would do this four times for each corner of the room). do this for a week, and maybe it will reach his subconscious and give him a sense of control over his fears.

i know i had terrible nightmares when i was that age and something like this probably would have given me some self esteem…

if that’s not something you want to do maybe you could have him say a short prayer each night…

good luck…

I’ve had many night terrors, and I know my parents treated me wrong when i started to scream. All they did was gettin all set up and staring shouting at me, that made the situation worse. All you have to do, is to calm him down, make him watch TV or something (I were able to regain counciussness while watching a cozy TV-program).
Remember: If you shout and force him, it will only get worse.

This is an idea that I had, dunno if it’d work though. Depends how much sleep he gets before waking up.

Let’s say…90 minutes after he’s gone to sleep (REM phase), whisper very gently into his ear that nothing can harm him and that its not scary at all, or you could try and influence his dream. For example, you could say that He is one of the Power Rangers, and nothing can hurt him because he is with them. Basically, try to make him feel ‘powerful’, or like the Power Ranger thing, make him feel protected. The reason I thought of this was because outside sounds seem to influence my dreams alot.
I think i’ll call this ‘method’ OILD, Outside Induced Lucid Dream. (oil-ed) Remember other people that you can use this for other reasons, say if your sibling or partner is out late, go to sleep before they get home, and tell them before to whisper ‘You are dreaming’ into your ear or something.

I’d love to see how this works!

Just thought i’d say that the outside noise would need to be very gentle, so you don’t wake him up. Kinda obvious, but I thought i’d post it anyway. :peek:

Thank very much, I’ll see if these methods work! :content: :hugs:

It depends if it’s night terrors or nightmares. If it’s night terrors, he’s likely not to remember what he dreamt about.

If it’s nightmares, though he’s 8, teaching him LD’ing may work, especially with reoccuring nightmares. LaBerge did this with his 7 old daughter.

Heh, Superman does it again! Oh. I mean Stephen LaBerge of course. Hehe…he…heh…

He is indeed a superman! I’m gonna buy his book tomorrow. You will tell us SD how it went, right?

That’s the point, they’re night terrors, he doesn’t remember what he sees most of the time… Onece he said something about the grim reaper but usualy he doesn’t remember. At least I can help me with nightmares!! :smile:

I highly doubt that’ll stop his Night Terrors, because the Night Terror is in the 4. dream state, that’s why it’s hard to wake them up.

That’s a good idea for LD, but it wont stop the Night Terror.

I agree with Omega, it semt to me too that night terrors didn’t occur in REM sleep. And reaching lucidity in sleep phase 4 is quite impossible. :sad:

Fair enough, it was only an idea :razz:

Hmmm… so LDing won’t work. :sad: Is there anything to stop night terrors?! :neutral:

You can still try to teach him LD’ing. As he remember some dreams sometimes, it may be useful in those cases. You don’t need to teach him the whole, he’s certainly young too much, just use the tip concerning recurrent nightmares, that is making friends with monsters or fighting them. Children are generally able to LD or control dream more easily than adults and they don’t need complex lessons.

For instance, my brother when he was young had a recurrent nightmare and he learnt by himself how to deal with.

Concerning night terrors, they happen at a certain age then they disappear. So it’s not grave indeed and there is no cure in my knowledge, cause it’s not necessary. It’s sort of “natural”. :content:

Oh, ok then… hope they will go away soon. I have already started helping him deal with creapy monsters and stuff… Thanks for the tips, we’ll see what happens! :grin:

I had horrible night terrors when I was like 5-6 years old… like super horrible, nothing could stop be from crying or screaming and just going crazy.

now kind of offtopic but not really, it ended up that all I had to do was use the rest room! I was just not conscious enough to tell my parents or anyone around me… now this probably won’t help you but hey it got me to stop.

Why did my need to take a leak manifest itself in my dreams as monsters and horrible terrors? I have no idea… but once my parents found out they’d just lead me to a toilet every time I had one, as crazy as this all sounds, it’s true!

Maybe he has a need that is manifesting itself in his dreams as something that terrifys him… like how needing to use teh restroom was for me.

Just a reminder, not even I knew that I needed to use the restroom during all these night terrors nor the day after when my parents asked me… it just happened that my grandma took me to the restroom one time I was going crazy and sat me on the toilet and the rest is history :eek: