Nightmares... and lack thereof.

I’ve only had one nightmare in my life. (I class a nightmare as a dream where you remember feeling scared, and when you wake up, you retain a bit of that fear.) This nightmare was pretty shifty because there were many little kachina dolls with spears chasing me around (and when I woke they could easily been hiding under my bed, because they were so short.)

So what about the rest of you? I’ve some people say that they have many nightmares, and other say they don’t have dreams at all. Do you have nightmares - and is this a rare event or common for you?

I had them in the past…i havent had one in…iuno. I had one or two recently where i was hit and woke up, but not a nightmare. Also, in a dream of mine I saw a person screaming picture and woke up, but wasnt scared, it was a weird type thing.

I’ve had lots of them as a child. About five or six of them are burned in my memory forever. In one of them I was highly prelucid: in the back of my head I knew it was all a dream, but still I screamed for my mom to wake me up. I could see some vague shadows inside my room irl, while I was being chased by the monsters. With my hands I even tried to open my eyelids irl, and I was convinced my screaming was audible irl… I always found it very strange that my mom didn’t show up. That were some pretty scary moments…
Nowadays I don’t have that much nightmares anymore. Since the beginning of my dream journal (about 21 months ago) I’ve recorded about 10 nightmares. Most of them I solved with the aid of lucidity. Only one nightmare was truly scary.

I havent had a nightmare in about 9 years, i wish i still got them. They seem like so much fun, not everyday do u get chased by bears or fat curly haired ax wielding ladies.

I don’t have many nightmares that I remember. Secondly evrybody dreams it is just amatter of whether or not you remember them. ALso you are more likley to remember nightmares because you often wake up during one.

Well I’m 15. I get them now and again. Trust me, there not fun, not to me anyway.

EDIT: Deleted now that I can no longer emember this dream. Don’t want to be reminded of it again.



I never really get any nightmares.I had a few which i remember were very vivid and intense.I wish i had more of it cuz i think it would be easier to turn lucid in them.And i kinda like the fear…safe one…this kind.
Anyways,whatever i do i could never induce them…eating cheese,waching and reading horrors,listening to scary stories…whatever i do all i dream about after are some nice landscapes.Pretty boring if u ask me:)

By that definition, I can only recall 1 nightmare. The only reason it was scary was because I thought I was awake. It was in a false awakening. I “woke up” and was thinking about the dream I had just had and baam! Some invisible force drug me out of my bed and threw me up against the ceiling. That was only my second false awakening. It must have been a year ago. Haven’t had any nightmares or FA’s since.

I used to have a lot of nightmares as a kid, but I stopped getting them. When my dream recall went back up, I started to have (or at least, remember) more of them.

When I was a kid, I remember my dreams everday usually. Nightmares were very common for me. It got me lucid a lot of time and yes, I conquered them all by lucid. :smile: A big thanks to lucidity.

I do remember my worst nightmare… it’s still stuck in my mind. :bored: It was about having two friends with me. We were by the wall w/ stairs… and all of a sudden, the most evil-est looking sun came out of the wall and looked at me. I could feel its evil energy and it was about to drag me into the doom. I began to run like hell for my life, but the mysterious force kept on grabbing me and dragging me backward. That nightmare reoccured until one time I finally got to the bedroom and shut the door. I never had that nightmare anymore.

I still remember several of my worst nightmares. I’m glad that I don’t have them anymore. I’m totally fine. I do still have some disturbing dreams, but I wouldn’t call them my nightmares. It’s not that BAD. You know what I’m saying?

hahahaha, Technodreamer. You are very brave for posting that, and I applaud you. :smile: Most people would be very disturbed by that imagery, and rightfully so. However, most of our dreams should never be interpreted on a surface level. It’s not hard to look over disturbing images in dreams if you honestly believe that. :smile:

I have not had a nightmare since my childhood. I recently posted a MP3 in the Lucidity Centerstage forum under the thread titled “DreamAddict phones into radio show” and I describe some of my nightmares and the simple end to them.

In some of my lucid dreams I have seen what should have been disturbing scenes (like dead loved ones and family members.) The scenes did not have the usual fear or fright that accompanies nightmares. I think after a certain amount of experience with lucid dreams it helps raise your awareness in all of your dreams. I think if I ever did have another nightmare that I would either 1. become lucid and shift the scenery, or 2. wake myself up.

Also had lots of them in my childhood.
I asedk my mother about it, and she told me that I had even more/worse than childs usually have.
In these, I very often was luzid (but kinda on low level). Most of my nightmares were about witches chasing me. The funny thing is, I developed a technique to wake myself (rolling my eyes in a special way). But that always took some time and I was still scared of the witches, so I always tried to run away and hide long enough to be able to wake myself. Sometimes I suceeded, sometimes they just didn´t give me enough time.
Also, one time I had this dream where I had to sneak past a house with a witch in it. Since I knew this was a nightmare I was pretty sure she´d hear me anyway, so I really considered screaming loud so she´d come out and get me, since I knew this would put the dream to an end. I was too scared to really do it, though.

I think the nightmares where the reason for developing lucidity.

Nowadays I very seldom have nightmares, but I´d like to (sounds paradox, but nightmares are usually such intense dream experiences that I like them… as soon as I am awake and calmed down)

edit: I also go by the definition that a nightmare must be scary. If you run away from monsters, but aren´t really scared, then IMHO it isn´t a nightmare
The last one I remember happened some months ago. It was about eating magic mushrooms and getting a bad trip, seeing visions of dead people. That was an really intense one.
It kinda understood that it isn´t real, it had some prelucid feeling to it, but I explained everything with the effect of the mushrooms.


I found this related news on Ananova:

Scientists recommends bedtime prayers

A German scientist says people who suffer from bad nightmares should say their prayers before going to bed.

Detlev Linke, a neuro-physiologist at Bonn University, specialises in sleep disorders.

He says people who suffer from nightmares should try and take control of their dreams.

“With some practice, you can escape from what is tormenting you,” he told the Express newspaper in Germany.

This could mean inventing a good outcome for a recurring nightmare or simply concentrating on other things before falling asleep.

According to Mr Linke, the simplest form of reflection is saying a prayer.

And he says many of his patients have used prayer to learn how to sleep without being disturbed by bad dreams.

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Most of my dreams are nightmares.
And for the last week or so I have had too many to count.
I don’t know why I have them,I think it might be becuz the story I’m writing now.
But in a week I would say I have about 5 of the 7 nights.
But damn I love them! :content:

I used to have nightmares but i don’t get them much anymore. I usually wake up if it gets too scary. My latest nightmare was someone saying “if your nightmare is half as scary as mine…” and then i woke up. The worst one i car remember was when i was i my bed and suddenly it started shaking and i felt a precence behind my bed. Then i woke up scared and confused.

I use to have them quite frequently. Infact, I had one the other night (but the only thing I can remember now was that I was scared).

I quite liked them. For one thing, I use to be able to get lucid (though only for around 5 or so seconds before I woke myself up).
For another, that a strange satisfaction to have managed to eventually escape from some whatever the scary thing. Of coarse they nearly always get you in the end.
And one last thing, my nightmares are perhaps my most vivid dreams ever. And as they quite often take a moive like feeling, it makes them even more coll and dramtic to think about ocne I’ve woken up.

Hey, all this thinking about nightmares has made me remember the one I had the other night :cool:. It was about ghosts and stuff. It started off quite light hearted (yay, we’ve got ghosts for freinds!) to really terrifying (hey, the dead guys are trying to kill me!).
I didn’t go lucid at all in that one :sad:.

I don’t tend to get very many nightmares, but looking at my dream diary, I have had two within about one month :neutral: The first involved a fire in a building where I was unable to save both my children - really horrible, but probably an expression of a mother’s worries about her children. :sad: That dream stuck with me for days afterwards.

The second nightmare was about some evil spirit being released when I read words in a book. It was really scarey hearing it rushing around outside the building like a fierce wind.

I did have another (rather paranoid :peek: ) dream about an ex-work colleague of mine who was out to assassinate me, but I didn’t feel much fear despite running away as fast as I could. It was more like an exciting computer game than a nightmare.

I WANT A NIGHTMARE!!! I think that the reason why I don’t have them is that I watch so many scary movies, been through REAL scary stuff and I’m just not scared of anything anymore. and even if I am, I face my fears (real OR imaginary)… my life has gotten so boring…i miss my fears…

I want nightmares. They amke you lucid.

THat dream I mentioned earlier. I can’t even remeber it anymore :smile: