Nightmares... and lack thereof.

Speaking of that, I’ve had my first nightmare in ages this night.
It was a ND where I came riding my bicycle and suddently, a bear showed up out of the forrest. At the end of the dream I was terrified but I guess that this is due to a real life event with a bear encounter.

I too miss nightmares, but I won’t say that I wish for more nightmares. I gotta be careful of what I wish for. :wink:

However, lately, I have been having some vivid and odd dreams, but it was more like what SleepyHead said… an exciting computer game rather than an actual nightmare.

Oh well. :wink:

One of my close friends has almost nightly nightmares. So much so that he had to get medication from his psychiatrist to prevent them.

But the odd thing is that he has Lucid dreams several times a week whether he wants them or not ever since he was a little boy. He is 37 years old now. . In fact he hates Lucid dreams and says he is unable to stop them.

I can’t help but wonder if maybe there is some kind of connection between nightmares and Lucid dreams. I really don’t know.

I get dreams of worry, sadness and panic. They’re not really like nightmares though. I don’t get really horrible ones that often.

When I was younger (4 or 5), I would have these horrible nightmares about how my house was haunted and things were chasing me and stuff. As you can imagine, it was pretty scary for a 4 year-old. I haven’t had one like that in a while. I’ve had some scattered ones throughout the past few years where people are chasing me, but not really bad.

The majority of my dreams are nightmares… I haev only had a few of recent that wernt nightmares… its been that way all my life though, not sure why.

thats why id like to learn to LD in hopes of being able to confront these.

I think nightmares can be helpful sometimes, like in depressive moments you get a major rush in some dreamworld to wake in fear…not fun, but intense! sometimes I want them, but how can you induce them?

my method for bailing out is simple: focus on shaking an inner part of the head and throat. like your spine. beats SP every time.

the only nightmares i tend to have are recurring right now…

and i ALWAYS force myself awake…

some of them are about people burning… like… for no reason there will be a fire somewhere, and someone burning and screaming… and i run and try and get away from them as much as possible and try not to hear them, and usually force myself awake…

one was this family in a car which was randomly in a neighbors back yard for no reason and randomly blew up (influenced by Goldmember probably) and I was lucid so I wasn’t too upset and poured pool water onto them, and they started sizzling and steaming up and stuff but it wouldn’t put them out…

I freaked out and woke myself up… then later I decided to go reconfront it and with all my will power I managed to extinguish them.

I don’t know if there is a connection but once whilst lucid I was goofing around with fireballs and accidentally burned a little girl, so I tried to heal her but it wasn’t working right… so I apologized and told her I’d come back to heal her… but I never have…

It’s not that I don’t want to anymore, I figure I should give it a try since I said it would, it’s just that I never remember while lucid.

Then a lot of times I have dreams about horror movies, inside video stores… they usually have very disturbing covers… like… really screwed up stuff… like rape/torture and it’s pretty violent… it used to be i’d be looking for porn and i’d stumble accross them…

So more screwed up sex symbolism for me… yay…

But they weren’t really nightmares per se…

This one time recently (semi-lucid) I met this girl at a video store and it was really abstract and freaky looking, and I thought it was pretty cool… she said something about a scary section and it was dark red (like lit up) and I wanted to explore it but just looking at it from afar made me feel really uneasy.

My worst nightmare ever was probably my first FA

I had a dream about being at a babysitters and that she was putting poison in our food and I found out… so then she chased after me… and I woke up and went out in the hallway… and then all of a sudden she was standing right there by me…

It scared me so badly … I mean I was just a little kid and I thought for sure I was awake… man… it was pretty bad.

Then my first episode of SP with a presence involved around 12… it was a grim reaper looking guy with a sword and I thought for sure I was about to die… I prayed (being reilgious at the time) … which was more like screaming inside my head, for help… and I eventually woke up…

I can’t remember if I had them when I was a child, I never had problems with them, and since I’m a natural LD and I have LD’s everynight, I never have nightmares. There are times in my dreams where a situation can become scary, but since I am in control I can just change it. In this way, I am so grateful to have LD’s and dreams are always fun for me. More than fun, amazing.

There is another way to get out of a nightmare, too. The eyes are the only body part which aren’t paralyzed in REM sleep. I discovered by accident, if I squeeze my eyes shut and open them again, I will wake up.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the fact that nightmares come in clusters. One week I will have lots of them, and then I will get no nightmares for about a month. Some of my family members has it that way, too. Does anyone know why?

I had a lot of chase dreams, one demon attack dream, one vampire attack dream and that’s basically it.

But I dont consider any of them a nightmare, because I exercised special powers to protect myself…
And there were no genuine fear, more like curiosity…

I never had ‘nightmares’ as other people described them, but I did the other day after talking about it on forums!
I know ppl might not think that having a scary ass nightmare would be anything fun. But it WAS! for me anyway.

I don’t have nightmares anymore.

One time I woke up, and I could feel this weight and presence on my chest, felt like I was going to die. I panicked for a moment, but then I was like, why not? So I just waited for a few minutes.

However, seeing as nothing happened, I shrugged and got up and walked around for a while.

Since this I haven’t had nightmares. Or at least, if I did, I didn’t remember them upon waking.

hardly ever - i would say i’ve had about three nightmares in the past two years. not to say i don’t have some dreams that make me anxious or uncomfortable, but the only dreams that have made me really really fearful are rare. i did once wake up screaming from a nightmare (my friend who was in the next room can vouch for it); the dream itself was one in which i was raped and skinned alive, not necessarily in that order. i never have bad dreams about fantasy monsters or ghosts - only “real” evils.

when i was a child i used to have a recurring dream whereince i was eaten by a boa constrictor that had escaped from london zoo, but apart from that my sleeplife has never been very horrifying…

I remember one recurring nightmare I used to have:

It was a normal dream until the part where I entered this abandoned junk yard, there everything became dark and eerie… Walking around I was always attracted to a hole in a wooden fence, I could sense something evil there yet I was compelled to check it out.

Kneeling down I stared into it, an impenetrable darkness, I got closer and closer and BAM this daemon head with teeth clashing flung itself at me. (At that point I awoke)

I had the dream like 3-4 times, my actions varied a bit but the scenario was exactly the same.

The last time I dreamt it though, upon reaching the hole and kneeling I thought ‘huh? Why am I not scared?’ at that moment the head flew out of the hole but this time it was held back by a giant silver chain!!! I watched the head struggling to reach me and suddenly I laughed at how ridiculous it looked…

The dream than continued normally and happily and I have never dreamt it again…

Sounds like the problem coming into your nightmares was solved by the last dream. Any idea what it was?

Truth is I never understood what the dream represented… At the time I gave it no further thought, and now I can’t relate it to a specific moment anymore…


when i think about it, i havent had a nightmare for probably more than five years. i guess i just don’t deserve one, cus i am going through a living hell at home. my brain is probably trying to make good dreams, to try to make some sort of balance in my head, which is quite the advanced safety mechanism. i would have killed myself a long time ago if i had nightmares all the time…

but it’s strange that i havent had a lucid dream yet. that would definately be a good safety, and would probably make me function better, but in my experience i need to be in almost a state of bliss to get lucid, and since i need to be lucid to get to that state, im in some serious shit :help:

i got 2 nightmars i my childhood that theyare still makes me wonder.
i go to our yard and talk with many animals that our cat were something like thire boss and that ask me to go in the basket and basket move in the air and cames down. i think that i were lucid.

i like nightmares makes me feal better. thats like something new to me.last night i got many FA and some owfull sound was in my room. funny

i think i had a false awakening nightmare a year ago or something, besides that, i never ever have nightmares, because when i dream im completely un-emotional, i have been chased by monsters and stuff, and i just think, oops, better run away, wouldnt want to die now would i :smile:

Anyways, in the false awakening or whatever, i was laying in my bed watching the celing, and i could see the shadows in the corner thickening, and den starting to crawl down the wall towads me…i bolted for the light switch :grin: