No technique whatsoever...

Okay, I kinda relax myself before going to bed, but not all that much…And I wake up 5 hours later and get out of bed for about 60 mins. and go back to sleep without any technique at all and I had my first lucid dream this morning and my first FLD yesterday…So why is that…Maybe a WBTB variation? It’s just weird that I didn’t even have to try…

i almost had the same experience like this, i think its because you read alot about lucidness and you are aware that it exists, your subconciousness picks it up… therefor you get lucid dreams, cause you know it exitsts, after reading alot, the only logical explanation i can find about this is that when you know lucid dreams are possible, its easier to get lucid, kinda… im bad to explain stuff :content:

No I understood that. lol, and I think you’re right. It’s been non-stop LD stuff for like 2 weeks everyday, so that makes sense. A DC actually told me I was dreaming.

That’s completely true. When I first heard of lucid dreaming, I was too lazy to even start trying any techniques. That didn’t keep me from becoming lucid, though. My first lucid moment was only three weeks after I had heard about lucid dreaming. Prior to that, the only moment in which I knew I was dreaming was when I was about seven, and it has been years. Once I’ve been trying to use techniques, I’ve had them for about twice a week a while back…but now I’m ging through a bit of a dry period - or maybe just bad dream recall. :content:

Whenever I have bad dream recall, I always try to convince myself that I was lucid at some point and I didn’t remember it. :tongue: Hey, it’s possible.

That is a technique WBTB, it is often combined with another technique. Also people often get a couple of lucid dreams just from reading about them.

That’s WBTB, pure and simple. :content: If you’d like to read up more, do so here. :smile: