nonlucid dreaming about lucid dreaming

sorry if this is already a topic, but i searched and got like 2000 results so…

this has happened to me twice, and i’m curious if it is a low level of lucidity or not.

the first time, i was flying around in car when i realized “i’m dreaming,” but it was like my own character in the dream said that; my actual mind didn’t realize it.

the second time, last night, i spent the entire dream waiting to become lucid. i kept thinking of all the things i’d do when lucid, i even fell alseep in the dream in order to achieve lucidity, but the fact that i was indeed dreaming never clicked.

is it possible my actual mind actually aware of the fact that i was dreaming, at a super low level of lucidity, or was i simply dreaming about a subject i’ve spent so much time thinking about lately?

This is usually called a FLD, or False Lucid Dream. I think it was your third suggestion.

It is usually taken as a sign of a real lucid dream coming soon, because you are thinking of the topic a lot.

Clearly a part of your mind always knows you are dreaming - the part that makes the dream! :content:

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I have that happen also, regardless of being lucid it isn’t high enough to like you said, click in. Keep doing RCs and really stop and focus on the scenery while, say, rubbing hands.

not fun to become lucid but be under the impression you’re fully lucid

It’s not the most appropriately named thread, but there’s actually a discussion underway on this same topic at the link below.

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