Not getting lucid anymore... Wanting it too much? Subconscious block?

Hi everyone,

This is my first LD4all post - it’s good to be here! :slight_smile:

I’ve had several LDs over the past 6 months, at about a rate of 1-2 per month and felt like I was making progress in stabilising them and increasing my ‘lucidity level’.

However, my last LD was over 2 months ago despite practising RCs, meditation, affirmations, binaural beats, ‘hands visualisation’, reading about LDs etc. on a regular basis.

I’m wondering if I’m ‘grasping’ at lucid dreaming, i.e. wanting it too much and so blocking myself somehow? If so, how can I get back on track? How can I want LDs without wanting them?!

I also wonder if my subconscious has developed some kind of belief and is trying to ‘protect’ me from becoming lucid (maybe it was the Casteneda book and all that business with the inorganic beings). Perhaps my subconscious believes that LDs are harmful? With that in mind I’ve started a routine of positive affirmations about LDs as I drift off to sleep, which is apparently a good time for the subconscious to be in suggestible state. Early days yet…

Anyway, I’d be so grateful for any constructive advice - I’m sure I’m not the first to go through this!



Hello olly, welcome to LD4all :wave:
this may help

That is a brilliant idea and should help.


Thanks so much Moogle - that’s really helpful and it’s good to know that it’s ‘normal’ to have this from time to time :slight_smile:

Im experiencing the same issue. not getting lds anymore

Yeah - frustrating isn’t it! Might be something to do with the stress of the last few months of lockdown perhaps?

I dont know. my favorite dreams are about dance studios, art studios, a strange apartment that I get locked out of, and a church/monastary. usually being back at college makes me question reality and i wonder if im in a dream and get lucid.

Hey man welcome, glad to have you here

It could be a number of things, but from what I see here I think you could be stressing about it without knowing. Its natural to initially feel some type of way when you don’t see the fruits of your labor when expected. Especially when you’re putting in a lot of effort into it. This can distract the dreamer from remembering why they started in the first place or take the fun out of lucid dreaming as stated before.

Gotta remember why you started and make it fun again.

What were your habits before when you were getting lucids?


Thank you Koharo - much appreciated, and yes, that feels like it could be the case. Time to chill and enjoy the process more!

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If you don’t mind me asking, but what’s your daily routine look like?

I’m not the expert myself (in fact getting back from a 3 year hiatus) but I feel that keeping things simple and working on the core fundamentals are key to building that lucidly aware skill. I’ve only started back a week ago and already have seen vast improvements in dream recall. Just yesterday gotten close to becoming aware in a dream again (reality checks already starting to pop-up in dreams, explaining lucidity in a dream).

Sometimes doing less is more. If you’re adding more and more tools to your repertoire, perhaps the way you’re approaching practice needs tweaking. Sometimes these exercises aren’t clicking yet with our mind and require for us to spend some time to re-evaluate and modify them so they click.

Anyway, just my two cents. I part with the usual: Don’t give up!


Hi Noon!
Thanks so much for your thoughts. My daily routine incorporates reality checks, keeping a dream journal and meditation (just simple sitting with the breath). However, I think you’re probably right about trying too many tools - just keeping things simple sounds a great idea.
I’m pretty sure that the reason for my pause in LDs is that I’m mentally exhausted from my teaching work over the last couple of months. I teach science and maths one-to-one but like many people have had to switch to online video lessons… which is much more energy intensive!
So now I’m taking a break for a few weeks to recharge. I’ll keep doing the basics and I feel that it won’t be long until I’m awake in my dreams again!
Thanks again.
P.S. Love your username… Hi… Noon… :joy:

Thanks olly!

I can relate with daily life getting in the way of dreaming. It is exactly the same reason I had to take a break even though I did not want to. Though, you know what, a break can give you greater insight you didn’t know you needed.

If you revise your practice remember that dreaming and lucidity is essentially a mental experience. During the days I began practicing I read accounts of folks who got lucid only with the power of their own will. Their mind appeared entirely susceptible to the idea of becoming aware if they so much believed they could.

I think that’s the key to this hobby. We must convince our mind that we can, so that we are. To no one’s surprise as you may find out, not every one of us have that mentality. Some of us must develop it. I know this was the case with me.

Notice how some areas within dreaming are easier to accomplish than others. For example, dream recall. Even while I was away in my own things, I would recall dreams every morning because I believed I could. That’s when you know the mental practice paid its dividends.

On the contrary, I will find my beliefs clash when I turned focus towards attaining lucidity. I noticed telling or affirming every night that I would dream wasn’t enough to convince me. Deep down when I went to bed I felt doubts, and like so my dreams reflected that. I kept adding stuff to do while awake precisely because I felt I hadn’t done enough for it to work.

Today I look to approach things from a different perspective. Any exercise I do and how it’s done, I chose based on if it follows this premise of mentality. Will it work? I certainly hope so and if it does, I’ll be here to describe my experience.

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Thanks Noon, I think you’re right. Doubts can block LDs so developing/reprogramming our beliefs is key. I’m now taking some time off work and have already experienced an increase in dream recall. I’m now trying to maintain my awareness through each day, asking myself if I am dreaming (or ‘this is just like a dream’ - which I think is a dream yoga type of approach) and doing thoughtful RCs. This feels like a gentle approach and the right one for me at the moment - time will tell and I will report back here soon!
Thank again for your encouragement :slight_smile: