Note To Everyone On This Forum

Ok,i have tried to stop myself from posting it, also because im not a moderator here,but i believe i will not be alone in my opinion.

Since we have new forum it become really annoying how topics are repeated,sometimes you can see 2-3 threads about same thing running in 3 different categories.
Please!!!If you have something to say,check if the topic hasnt been brought up before(sometimes its just a line below)
For last 3 weeks we could read about “what is wild?”,“problems with wild”,“question about wild”…so on so on…we have archives here where the topic was talked from every side.Thats fine,not everyone knows about archives-but asking that having 15 post long thread just klick away is laziness.

 So- remember "search" button is your friend:)

This is for our own good ,informations split like that cause more chaos and more repetitiveness.
Hope you understand:)
Take care:)
Ps.Being on chat you can hear thets the reason why many experienced ppl just stopped posting…its just boring

Might help to lock some of the redundant posts, with a link to the main thread as a response.

It would be great if people started posting on onld topics instead of strting new ones. It would be easier if you wanna look back for ideas or to learn more. And too many questions are asked several times. The topic ‘dream longer than reality’ is starting to be very common, and questions are asked ut to 5 times. Not good. This lowers the standar of this forum.

i agree. i think with all these different topics things get mixed up and certain, good topics are going unanswered simply because their at the bottom of the list and appear no longer interesting. theres nothing wrong with the function of the forum, its great. but a way to avoid the confusion would to have stuck with the primary categories (quest for lucidity and so on) and within these categories make sub-topics that stick and you address subjects through stationary sub-topics. like under quest for lucidity we could have sub topics in it like: things to do in lds, questions, techniques, and so on. im not complaining or saying this is how it should be but in this thread we share a common interest and its just a suggestion…and now im blabbing. for some reason i just keep typing :happy:

Looking at your replies i thought about one thing- theres nothing wrong with the way how the forum is made.We have pretty clear categories and really easy to navigate.For the last year it went through many changes(hehe and main one was deleting our ranks:) and i can honestly say this is the look i like most…maybe except very first one.
Before trying to change how the forum works(thats not easy and im sure there would be as many complaints as ppl happy) we need to understand that even having perfect forum we will be still struggling if we dont take care about it too.
Im very against selfish and lazy behaviour of people posting things without giving it a though or a look if the topic dont exist yet.
Like you all noticed above-it creates chaos and some posts are left unanswered simply because no one feels like responding 100 times for the same kind of post.In a long run thats going to cause less ppl coming in,less people answering,more ppl leaving dissapointed.
Aslo it makes reading and navigating much harder-one forgets what was what,what posts has he answered allready,so on.
So please,keep it nice and clean,Pasquale puts so much work and effort in keeping this forum for us- up to us is how we made it from here:)


I agree to that.I don´t start topics very often,but if i want do so i´ll try to look for similiar ones.
Another thing i want to ask you for:
If you are the starter,please try to give your topic a title that really describes it.It is a very common problem that in newsgroups people just choose subjects like “Need help” “I have a question:” “Please read” " I have a problem"

Instead try to get a more specific word into the subject:
“Need help with WILD” “Question about Calea” and so on.

Thanks for listening :wink:

PS:Nice that here are so few full-quotes

Okay, I am one of they who posted a new topic when there was one already about the same thing… :blush: But you made think about it so I will think before doing it again :wink:

Perhaps 2 or 3 more moderators to keep checking the forum for new repetitive topics and delete them.

…Or maybe we (non-moderators) could help by posting references to any duplicates and misplaced things we find…

Also, is there a way to make the moved posts only show up in one sub-forum after 3 days or so? It’s not a big deal, but might pretty the place up a bit…

While it is a bit annoying for the old timers to see the same subject posted 6 times a month, newbies should realize it’s to their benefit to do a little searching. Why sit around waiting for someone to answer you when the answer is already there?

In fact many of the answers they are looking for are on pasQuale’s non-forum pages and countless other websites. I get the impression that some people hear about LDing then come straight to this forum and want someone to personally explain it to them. We learn to read for a reason folks! Doing a little research on your own makes your knowledge deeper.

What a unique thread. I think it is helpful for working towards the almost perfect forum. I agree that nothing is wrong with the layout of the forum. Additional “sub-forums” would only create more duplicate post. I really like the idea of locking threads, and leaving a link leading to the “main” discussion.

I don’t think people creating repeat post are “selfish and lazy.” Some may want a personal answer. Or they may be looking for a different answer that what is given in the “main discussion.” Or this may be their first visit to a forum. Whatever the reason, we can’t expect 100% perfect visitors :wink:

So through this discussion we may get some ideas on how to handle certain threads that seem to annoy so many. But please be patient and share the turf in the mean time. We’ll try some things that will be fair to the “new-timers” and the “old-timers” :smile:

I agree 100% with Jack.
It’s really annoying: I respond some question about WILD, and then come back few days later… And the same question is again there, but from different person… :neutral:
The forum I come from, you get you banned, or at least moderators (or wannabe moderators) give you a good lesson how to use the SEARCH-function, if you ask same type of question again.
At least those should post to the thread which is allready there, to get more details to the question…
There are tons of threads which are almost the same with just few posts in them. It would be better for all, if there were ‘big’ threads about… for example WILD-techniques. Now everything is wide spread… pieces of information here and there, and nobody can’t find them…

I don’t understand why there is two “sub-forums” allmoust the same (‘the Quest for Lucidity’ and ‘Shortcuts to Lucidity’) combinding these two to one forum would be grate when U browsing the forum. Many of the post in Quest for Lucidity would fit in the ‘Shortcuts to Lucidity’ and the other way around. exept from that the only poblem with this forum is the peoples that posting questions without checking if anyone have posted that question before

BTW: non of the co-forums are dedicated to experiments, where to put them?

this topic becomes more and more valuable :alien: i’ve made it sticky.

with your suggestions we can make a posting guide out of it.


Well it’s me again. To make up to my former sins on this forum (not serious, lol :smile: ), I have made a suggestion for posting rules on this forum. Hope this would be a help for you Q. BTW: Do you need more moderators :smile: ?

These rules are made in order to keep a high standard on this forum. Since we don’t have too many moderators, we ask people on this forum to read through and respect these rules.
General posting rule:
-If there is a recent discussion that relates to you posting, post it there in stead of making a new topic. Remember: It is always better to add to an earlier discussion about the same topic than making a new discussion.
Rules for making new topics:
-Make sure you post your topic in the correct sub-forum. If you are not used to this forum, please read through all the sub-forum descriptions before deciding which sub-forum to post on.
-Please, make a clear and easy-to-understand topic title which tells what the topic actually is about. Avoid titles of the “Look at me!” and “Have a problem” types.
If you have a question about lucid dreaming:
-Search through this forum for earlier discussions on the same topic, using the search function. It might be that the same question has been asked earlier on this forum.
-Read through the rest of this site (you can see the navigation bar over this forum, right?) It has answers to many common questions about lucid dreaming.
-Search through other lucid dreaming sites on the Internet. We don’t want you to search through every dark corner on the Internet, but a quick search can give results. You can start with the Lucidity Institute FAQ and DJem’s collection of articles.
-If you have tried all of the points above, but still can’t find the answers to you question, THEN you can post it in the forum.
-Lucid dreaming is a field of science that includes many acronyms which are unknown to most people, like DILD, WILD etc. On this forum, we have made it easer for people who are new on this forum, to understand these acronyms by making a dictionary, which is to be found in the Quest for Lucidity sub-forum.

Hmmmm…i think i like it:)
Much better than changing some layouts:)
Good work:)
hehe dunno how its important,guess Pas must like it first:)

errrrrrr… i meant my opinion not above text:)
Important is that Pas likes not jack`s tastes-sorry have problems saying what i want tonight

I’m not sure if I’m guilty of doing that but I probably am :shy: . If so sorry guys :content: . In future though I’ll take it into consideration :mmm:

I think this topic is one of the best things that have happend to this forum in a long time.