NovaDreamer: any good?

are the NovaDreamer lucid dreaming goggles any good? Im thinking of getting them :shrug:

I thought they’re really expensive, like 200 dollars+…
As I said in your other thread, there’s no definate way. I once played the words ‘You are dreaming’ over and over and over as I slept, and I didn’t even hear the words ‘You are dreaming’ in any dreams I had.

I set a timer for my vibrating watch to go off every 30minutes. The closest experience I had in a dream regarding it was when I was in an earthquake, and I awoke to it vibrating.

I’m tempted to buy a nova. I’ve got enough money saved up and want to treat myself :cool:


I wonder if there’s at least one long-time user of the Nova Dreamer on this forum…

I have a NovaDreamer but don’t call me a “long term user” because I’m only experimenting with it for some months. I have to warn you, this thing is REALLY expensive (275 dollars shipping not included) and you must have A LOT OF PATIENCE if you want to get LD’s with it. I have experimented for months with finding a light cue that appears in my dreams regularly without waking me up. Finally, since a week or two, I have found a good cue: 1 flash/second with high (but not highest) intensity, duration around 40 seconds. When I have good dream recall, I am almost certain to remember at least one light incorporation, but this incorporation is almost everytime very different from the original red flashes. In other words, you have to TRAIN to see the light as a dreamsign in your dreams, like you have to train during daytime to see other dreamsigns that appear regularly in your dreams. Otherwise it won’t work, this thing doesn’t make you lucid without you doing a serious effort!

I will give you an example of a light incorporation I saw last week. I was walking in a field and suddenly there was an eclipse. And then suddenly the sun returned, for a short moment because after some seconds everything was dark again. I found this a very spectacular experience in the dream, but it didn’t make me lucid…

You should really think about this before you buy such an expensive device. You really don’t need a NovaDreamer if you already have a dreamsign that appears regularly in your dreams. But on the other hand, if you have a NovaDreamer and finally found a good cue that appears in every dream as some kind of light incorporation, well then you have the advantage that your dreamsign WILL appear in your dream but you still have to train yourself to see the light as a lucidity trigger! So it is NOT a magical LD-machine but it’s neither a useless device (“gimmick”). If you really keep training and never give up, then you will get a pay off.

Until now I have had only one LD with NovaDreamer, and a very short one… and in that dream I saw the red flashes really as red flashes, so it was very easy to recognize the cue. It’s still better than some weeks ago, when I wrote a very angry post about NovaDreamer. I promised then to post again about my experiences if I had more succes and I’m doing that right now :wink:. And I will keep you updated about my further adventures with this device :smile:.

Hi, try my TEF (timed eye flasher), it works like the navadreamer exept that its timed instead of detecting REM. Its not very advance so U cant make any configuration if you use the 1.0 Version of the TEF (that is the only one for now) but it cost only about $3 (I built it for $2 sice I had the LEDs and used cardboard to make the glasses :smile: ) I will design a newer model soon where you can set the intensity. For now everything is set as it is on the device. ( )

EDIT: major screwup in my spelling and forming of my sentences, hope you wasn’t too confused :smile:

Yes Djem at least you have to provide for some possible variation in intensity, also try to figure out something that makes it possible to set cue duration. Finding a decent cue is not easy and the “ideal” light cue differs from person to person.

I tested the TEF tonight. I could see the Flashing in my dream, but I woke up from it after about 5sec. I’m gonna try it again tonight and if I awaken that soon again im gonna do some modification (its just that im working under a very small budget)
If anyone knows anything about electronics and stuff like timing and LEDs I would be glad to get some help to improve the TEF (as metion, it has to cost as litle as posible) I think I easy will find a way to lower the intensity, but I don’t know how to get the thing to stop after a sort time in a cost effective way. (rater not use the RS counters)

Does anyone have some kind of instructions on have to use the novaDreamer as a Ld inducing device and not just as a messing with your dreams divice.

Well DJem, I don’t know so much about such stuff, bit I think you could use a potensiometer, or whatever it was called, for with them you can easily regulate the intensity of the LEDs. But do you use flashing LEDs? I have a alarm-clock that I can use, but it seems like it gives constant power when it rings. I have several constant-lighting LEDS, but I don’t know where to get the flashing ones.

I think the potensiometer should work fine unless the power has to be at 2.5V for it to light and that it wont light at all if u lower the power. But the only way to find out is to try it :smile:

about the blinking light. My clock gives a pip-pip-pip-pip then a brake then pip-pip-pip-pip again very fast so i’m using normal leds. I think your clock gives a pulse signal even if it ginda sounds like a clear signal since you awaken easyer from a non konstant sound. If it does give a konstant sound you can get blinking LEDs at but they take 100kr in shipments no mather how big the package is :sad:

You could use your computer to drive the LED’s. What I did was…
A) Made a .wav file.
B) Hooked a mono headphone plug with two stripped wires on the other end into my first amplified speaker (The first speaker is the Right one, so I hooked it into the Left jack). The plug came from a $5 earpiece thing.
C) Hooked the LED onto the stripped wires. Polarity is probably important, but I have a whole box of LEDs…
D) Started playing the .wav file on permanent repeat, with the volume low. Cranked up the volume until it started flashing.

The file I made is a pretty simple one, but I don’t understand exactly how it works. I would think that I’d want a square wave (in my sound editor), with the first segment at 0 and the other at +1, but that didn’t work. So I used a pulsing square wave type of thing…

Anyway, if you have any electronics knowledge, you can probably figure it out better than I. What I was thinking you’d do, is make an hour long wav file, with the correct pattern to turn on/off the LED’s after so long, then just use that and forget the rest of the electronics stuff. You do need amplified output though. Some soundcards (AWE32) have it built in, but others need an external amplifier (usually in the form of speakers).

The file I made is at…

Your results will probably vary, depending on how powerful your speakers are and the type of LED you’re using.

Thats not a bad idea, but I would like not to use the computer since it making too much sound, but maybe a cassettapeplayer with a timed el.plug would work, i’ll think about it :smile: thanks for the Idea

Well about that LED, I tried to connect it to the alarm-clock with a 9V battery in between (I don’t have any holder for 1.5V, only for 9V batteries), and it lit constant (I put a 1kOhm resistor in between to make sure it wouldn’t blow up :smile: ). The potensiometer worked fine. It had 47 kOhm, I think. Well maybe someone knows about how to make a circuit which will make it flash? That would be better that using flashing LEDs, because then I could just throw in a couple of potensiometers and be able to regulate both the frequency and intensity of the LEDs seperatelly, if I understand it right.

If U use altering current (AC) connected to the LEDs it will flash (its a diode you know) To do tish you can take a batery charger and connect the LEDs before the AC-DC bridge U can then serial conect this with the alarmclock and it will flash (every time the + and - colide you won’t get a light) but be careful with the voltage so you dont desrtoy your LEDs nor your alarmclock :smile:

Think this will work, never tried it but its seems logical

Well maybe I find a way of making AC without messing around with high voltage :smile: 220V is VERY nasty you know :crazy:

You don’t have to mess with 220V (220V is not high voltage) What I was talking about is after the trafo and shouldn’t be more that 2-9V or so. And as long as you mess with the charger while its disconnected you wont be in dangure for getting 220V trough you. Just remeber to connect the leds at the secudary side, not the primary :smile:

I take electronics GCSE (but I aint the best :tongue:)
Have you tryed adding a monostable timer?

Just let me tell you that our polish sciencists are working on Nova Dreamer also.It should be available in july/september ,same features but the price will not go over 100 dollars.Ill keep you updated if anyones interested.
Take care

Hey, that’s pretty good news!!!

:partying_face: :partying_face: :beer:

I think many people are interested in devices like this, but $275 is far too expensive.

Please keep us updated Jack, and long live those polish scientists!

Well, I still think $100 is alitle too much. It’s many things I would use $100 at than LD-galsses, so I will continue to develop my TEF :smile:

I haven’t heard about monostable timer before, but I will look into it (only taken 1yr basic electro)
BTW. your avatar is alitle big, the limits are 65x65 or something :smile: