Okay so I just did a WILD attempt and HAVE QUESTIONS

And I just got up from it.

So I got into a position on my back that was comfortable. My knee was on my index for some reason though. Anyways I was doing this and counting 1 to 100 and did it god knows how many times. After a while My hand was numb numb numb that I couldnt feel it then it crept through my arm and my other hand too. My right hand felt like it was twisted even though I knew it wasn’t.

Like I palm was facing up but for somereason it felt like ti was facing down.

Then I started seeing blue and stuff but it left.

For some reason this is the farthest I go. Anyways. Oh and my muscles would twitch randomly in random places

Then I opened my eyes for some reason.

Also I think I might have drifted into sleep and back out cause I don’t think I did a full hour but the clock says I did.

I have some questions

  1. Is the muscles twitching like once every while in one place good?
  2. A fan is blowing into my face (I sleep with it) Is this bad? It drowns out all noises
  3. Is my hands being numb good?
  4. Are you allowed to swallow/move at all. Cause I don’t move but I swallow if I have too
  5. Should I try to MAKE colors appear in my eyes
  6. Should I focus on the colors.
  7. Any tips?

EDIT: This is my FIRST WILD attempt. Well It’s in there anyways. Scroll down like 3 posts


  1. I don’t really know if its a good thing, but I have experienced it before. I’d suggest trying to ignore them if possible.
    2)If you’re used to the fan and use it most nights, I don’t think it’ll make a difference, but you can experament with and without it, see for yourself.
    3)I usualy feel my feet and/or legs. I believe its just parts of your body falling asleep. So, probably a good thing.
    4)So long as it isn’t too distracting, you can move if you have too.
    5)There are 2 possibilities that can happen by making stuff appear in your eyes. One, it will expand and bring you into a dream, or two, it’ll keep you awake and distracted. You have to find what works best for you.
    6)Focusing on the colors is pretty much the same as the making them…Find what’s best for you
    7)If I haven’t said it before, find what’s best for you. Also, check out The Big WILD Topic

Good luck :smile:

Swallowing was probably my biggest hurdle.

As for the color, dont ever focus on them. Watch them passively. The more you want it, the harder its going to be. The key is to let everything unfold like you’re watching a movie.

My whole leg twitching thing happend to me. I was in my bed then suddenly my whole leg twitch and moved about a feet. I though it was funny,r but i lost the wild :confused:

Unless you want to spend half an hour or more just sitting in your bed counting, use a slightly deifferent method. Last night using it I had my first LD. You go to sleep like you just want to go to sleep, and right when you feel that you’re going to fall asleep, start counting. I did that, and in under a minute I was in a dream.

Did you go through the HH and HI?

  1. Muscle twitching is normal. Though for me, it’s annoying. xD
  2. If you’re used to it I’d keep it, changing it might make you feel less comfortable.
  3. I think your hands becoming numb is a sign that you’re starting to lose conscienceness.
    4.If the movements are involuntary, I wouldn’t worry abotu it.
  4. In my own experience, you should be thinking about something otherwise you would just fall asleep.
  5. And I agree with Alextanium on this. You should just watch things as they happen.
  6. Just go with the flow. The more you try this the easier it will be to remain calm.

Oh, and I’m back after a bit of a hiatus. Expect to see me around more now. :happy:

Thanks a lot for the tips