Old Forums

wow i just clicked on the n54 down the bottom of the index page by acc, and wow hello old forums, they looked really hard to use, and i bearly knew any of the nicks, a few i did. Q you seemed very happy about the new forums.

Mind you i was looking at pages around 54 + lol

was it hard to post there?

I don’t know when pasQuale made this site, but I used to post at her very first forum (I think it was) under Sayuri23. I wish I could go back and look at that, what a trip it would be! I think it was from 00-01 or something.

i used to post back here in 1999 or 2000. wow that was a while ago, cant remember my name, Richard, timeless, actually i cant remember, although i do remember there were 2-3 changes to the forums b 4 it got like this didnt it?

I was here when you loged into the site either in english or dutch… .how long ago was that?

ah memories :happy:

the old forum you mention sno, is the one when you click on ‘forum archive’ you will probably be able to trace back your post.

for one more time the ld4all forum versions in chronological order

#1: the n54 forum.
ld4all went under the name ‘though the mirror’ (or TTM for short) then. This was a free forum and didn’t have many ads (yes, those where the good old days)

#2 the n54 forum revised.
i changed some things in the layout to make it easier to read the topics. I believe the bg color was also changed.

#3 short iconboard existance
as TTM grew, so did the forum. ALso N54 was beginning to add annoying ads on the site as well as login things. The call for a forum with a search feature grew stronger.
I got help from Jason who offered to host a forum on his site. huray joy and happiness all around and we moved to IconBoard forum.

#4 PhpBB ld4all forum to the resque
alas, the iconforum had a very short existance. We where thrown of jason’s server because it took too much space. We had to move to phpbb. (another forum system).
We couldn’t move the posts to the new forum so they where lost. :crying: This was a big shame especially since all the mods had worked very hard to copy and paste the old n54 posts to be archived and searchable. :user:

#5 the forum stayed the same but we did a move to a new server, gracefully proivded by Hypnodude.

#6 another move, but this time to ld4all’s own server with its own domain forum.ld4all.com :cool_laugh:

oh wow. i was here for 5, just reading, and ofcourse now. thanx for that Q :happy:

Q, do you remember the one forum that you used very briefly? I’m not sure of the name of the forum software, but at that time nobody liked the many sections. After a few complaints (I remember complaining some too) the forum was removed and we went back to Network54.

I think it lasted maybe a day or too, and the new forum was so filled with complaints that it wasn’t worth backing up! :tongue:j

Was this a dream? I’m sure I remember this.

wasn’t that the iconboard? was there one before it?

it sparkles some memories but i thought that was the IconBoard? no?

no, not the ikonboard.

This was a time before Moderators. Do you remember?

I remember Jack joining me in the complaints. :lol: as usual! :tongue: you understand I’m joking (sorta) Jack. :wink:

in the BM age?

woa that is far away…

ahhhhhhh hmm maybe it was another free forum then? because i didn’t have forum hosting at that time, and jason’s offer was in the AM age.

wow, now I hope Jack or someone else remembers. :confused: Or I’m going to start doubting myself, and thinking it’s a false memory! :tongue:

i remember the complaints but i thought that was on the iconboard?




i think it was YABB :grin:

i don’t know how i was able to host that one though…
the heritage of that still exists in the little ‘who is online’ icon on the forum archive page.

Yes! yeah yeah!

and remember the joke going around at the time about “welcome to the old new forum” hmm? or was it the “new old forum”



and then we had the Old New forum and the Old forum and the new forum :rofl:

i think we lost a lot of users in those days when the forum kept being moved and post where lost :cry:

but i believe everybody has wandered back since :content:

I actually found ld4all through one of the old forums. there was a link set up to come here from it. :eh:

cool Moogle :smile: Yes that was probably the n54 forum!

“You see, this is the sixth version of the Matrix…”

:lol: good one :happy:

lol oh wow i remember all taht, how many years ago was that?

Edit: iu left cuz of all the fightin, glad i came back tho…hmm fighting wrong word. disagrements :razz:

Sounds like the forum went through a rough time.

Yet prehaps PHPBB was your best choice yet.

Also we are forgettingto ask, can anybody create a converter that converts N54 to PHPBB format?

I’ve tried, but atlast, I have no idea how to deal with PHPBB databases.

Otherwise, the only way to solve it would be to add all the users and manually post for each of them, 3000 topics back into place. Ehhhh.

I’ll stop talking now. I remember the old forums, in my dreams!

hmm that sounds like a lot of work. where are all them programmers when you need them :eek: oh well i like the layout of this forum it is smooth and easy to use, are you planning any changes to the forum as well Q?