Old Hag/SP

Choose what best describes your expiriences

  • I expirience SP but no Old Hag
  • I expirience SP but see something other then the Old Hag
  • SP with the Old Hag
  • Never Expirience any of the above
  • Huh?

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Hey All,
this seems to be the only place i can throw out polls… not sure this is a lab-worthy topic.
I would ask that you elaborate if you feel that LD’ing has increased/decreased your expiriences with the old hag or SP.



I’m surely have much more SPs (never had Old Hag) than before when i started to LD. But it’s very hard to say has LDing had any direct causal effect to that, because i have used to anticipate SPs and to induce them so they could give me some OBE (read: feeling that my dream body separates from physical body and i start concious dream).

I rarely get SP, and then I usually feel something heavy on me rather than seeing it.

it has been a long time, but when i have SP things, it is when big heavy things drop out of the ceiling on top of my belly and it hurts so much, and i can’t move or do anything.

(i think this has to do with the operation i went through as a baby - not properly narcosed)

:shy: couldn’t even tell you what old hag was.

I have had SP but not too many times. The last time I remember, I was really scared. I thought I was possessed :scared: because my body was being picked up and thrown back down on my bed and it hurt.

one the three times of SP that I had, two were dominated by bodily vibrations/electricity, of which one had some people screaming at my door, and in the third, there was no noises, no vibrations, no pressure on my chest, nothing.
I chose SP but no old hag.

I’ve never had SP experiences.

I’ve never seen the Old Hag but I’ve had SP alot that’s one of the reasons I had a sleep study…It just feels like I’ve been drugged and my body is full of lead it can come on before I’m even in bed…never felt like something was weighing me down outside of me though…I have alot of HI but I don’t remember SP and HI coming together… I ususally go right to sleep with the SP. It’s not really scary but can be annoying

I haven’t experienced neither of them. Is SP a common thing whan it comes to lucid dreaming?? Cos you folk seem to have a lot of them :eek:

A lot of people who are subject to SP want to understand what happens and they possibly become interested in LD’ing.
And IMO it seems to be a (comprehensible) confusion between SP (the sleep trouble) and SP (the state you may reach while WILD’ing). Then in the same option you can find people experiencing a sleep trouble and people practising WILD… :confused:

I’ve had SP with hag, SP with someone else than the hag, SP without anyone.

i had SP when i was young, but it wasn’t an old hag. it usally was something different, although it was usally either a demonic creature or a cartoon monster. i had several with cell from DBZ, back when i watched it. he i saw. other times i’d have a FA, and be in bed with a VERY unconferdible absence of anything. then something would jump out of nowhere and land on me. i wouldn’t be able to move. usally i’d close my eyes, and he would claw at me, then give a inhuman roar or growl. then i’d wake up, usally. sometimes fall through the bed and hundreds of arms will grab at me.

i must have had a horrible childhood

I had A LOT of SP… :bored: Only once or twice did i experience an old hag-like phenomenon… Like seeing someone jumping on my bed and try to strangle me…

I also had that once… :happy:

Sometimes I become conscious during SP, especially during the morning when waking up, and during WILD. Never had an actual Old Hag experience, though once I heard a terrible growling approaching me, yet I woke up before it actually hit me… I wish to experience it one day though, no matter how terrifying it might be. It’s one of the things you have to experience before you can grasp what it’s truly about.

Oooh, me too!

I felt something heavy on my chest, and it growled at me. When I woke up (IRL) it turned out to be my cat, growling at me for disturbing his sleep…

here’s what happens when you begin to expect FA’s. i had this nightmare where cell attacked me, than i woke up. i was at a cabin. there were bunk beds all around. i made sure of where i was and mistook the bunk beds for a book sheld that is in my room. i then thought i had had a FA. but i didn’t. i don’t know about you guys, but i hated FA’s, mostly because of the horrible dreams. my dad went to check on me, but i mistook him for the monster from my dream. i started to scream and beg.

I had a SP a few times, usually when I get killed by something very quickly. When that happeneds, I lie in my bed, I can only move my eyes, it felt like someone strap my to the bed. I can’t move my legs or arms, I just sit there and breathe. After a couple of minutes, I start moving again, but can’t fall asleep for a time being. When I sleep and wake up again, I can still feel the affects of SP.

I can remember my last SP; it had to have been in June. I had a dream that I was outside my house, with my cousins from a different town over. Then, all of a sudden, something struck me through my body, I thought it was lightning in my dream. I awoke, only to that the fan in my room, that was in the window, fell and smashed into my alarm clock, and a glass cup. I just lie in my bed frozen for a few minutes.

Could certain foods have anything to do with it?

I’ve had SP twice. Both times I saw an alien standing with some sort of weapon. I almost shit my pants. Almost. Scary shit…but because of SP I know of LD. :smile:

I don’t think so. It’s related with the age. Most of SP episodes occur when people are about 17.

Lol, wow, I am 17. :tongue: