OMG! I'm so excited about LDing!

Hi everyone, not sure where i’d post this. But I just wanted to share my excitement. I’ve heard about LDing years ago from a friend and read about it a bit back then, but didn’t really bother with it. Even though I’ve had at least 20 more or less spontaneus LDs I can remember, mostly for short periods since I’d be very excited that I knew I was dreaming. Welll somehow the topic drew my attention again 2 weeks ago and now I can hardly wait till I can go to sleep.
I’m keeping a dreamjournal and have fair dreamrecall, though it definetly needs work. I wake up about 3 times during the night after dreams. So that makes it easy to remember midnight dreams and allows WBTB. Thing is I have this habit of tossing and turning when trying to get back to sleep in the middle of the night and that erases my dream memory. I allways remember big parts of a dream but never the whole thing. I’m trying MILD to attain lucidity, though Im not sure my dream reacall is good enough.
Anyway this morning I woke up after my third sleep period. not remembering any dreams… I was kinda dissapointed but went back over my previous dreams in my mind. when suddenly a couple of flashes from what seemed alow level lucid dream, at least I remember questioning wether I was awake or dreaming! I didn’t expect results this fast. Though I was kinda dissapointed I didn’t remember more of that dream.

Anyway I can’t wait to become lucid every night. It’s like I suddenly have an extra life in which I can do anything I can imagine. I think I can also learn to really understand myself better by exploring my mindworld of expectations and beliefs.

It’s just so amazing! I can’t believe they don’t teach this stuff at school.

Hi SouljahdeShiva and welcome to the board :welcome: !

It sounds like your already proficient at having LD’s :smile: and with a little practise i’m sure you could have them every night if you wanted to. You could decide to keep a dream diary on the site if you wish :content:

anyways good luck and happy dreaming!

:cheer: Happy to have another new member.

In short, That’s Awesome!!! Wait til you pick up on tips then there’ll be no stopping you.

I imagine they don’t teach LD’ing in school because it has fairly limited real world use. School is all about getting qualifications to get jobs. And of course, LD’ing isn’t much use (it can help of course - for example, you could practice any job interviews in your LD’s - but the help is fairly limited).

I dont think you would become lucid each night…
The best thing about LDing is that you must not spent too much time on training, the most part of training is maded when you are sleeping, so its not like learn football. You will lose the time to sleep anyway…
Anyway, welcome aboard SouljahdeShiva, dont hesitate on asking for help, everyone is looking forward to help you.

Hi SouljahdeShiva! Welcome to the forum! :wave:
It seems you are rather gifted. :smile: Sure you will have plenty of LD’s very soon ! :wink:

you won’t have ld’s everynight, maybe three times a week at most.

It sounds to me like your recall is more than good enough to start doing MILD.

Congrats on your spontaneous lucid dreams. :clap:

You will find that you recall will get even better now that you are working on it. One of the things I noticed when I first started is that my normal dreams started to get more interesting as well.

I look forward to hearing more about your experiences and your dreams.

Happy Dreaming :smile:

Pancra and ilovelucid: Why can’t he become lucid every night?
Of course, it will take a lot of time and practice, but it’s possible.

Yeah Sureals right. What is the limit why he can not become lucid every night. How do you know? :tongue:

There is no limit, it has already been proved there’s people around that are almost lucid all the time. And once every night is a very reachable goal, even for me :razz:

i’m leaving this stupid forum, you make people think they can do all these awesome things and just have lucid dreams everynight when in reality you know that they won’t and that just pisses me off so suck it

ilovelucid, the people on this forum are here to help each other, not to frustrate. For some getting lucid is really easy, for some not. Not fair, but all you can do is your best. We all hope you get over your frustration and stay active on the forum!

Well…congratulations, SouljahdeShiva.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think la Berge could eventually become lucid at will. Now he was highly motivated and had lots of time to spent on it, but people nowadays have a lot more techniques and experience from other people to build on.
There’s no guarantee that I or someone else would become lucid every night. But I’m pretty damn sure there’s absolutely no reason why that should be an impossible goal for anyone.

So first moron in ld4all… :eh:

How should YOU know that people cant. THIS DEPENDS ON PEOPLE!!! You cant know what others can do and can’t do so dont start acting like someone WHO KNOWS.

Btw. There are lots of people who succeed in WILD EVERYTIME they do it. So there allready IS lot of people who can go lucid every night. Suck THAT.

Someone needs a hug

But truth is… the ones who say these things really do mean it. They probably won’t get it at once but they can do it, anyone can. How long did la Berge take to finally get lucid dreams at will? I think it was a year or more. That tells you that people would really need to exert some effort and it willtake time.

Anyway, if you will still be able to see this, please don’t leave.

I agree with Defiance. Also people, please be civilized a bit and dont start using foul language, even not to counter someone else’s.

Of course it can be done!!, but maybe if you want to do it you should quit your job/stop studying and direct all your effort to that…
La Berge was working in other thing while he was doing the research?, I dont know any about this man (I dont even know if it’s a woman,hehe) but I dont think so.

I understand your frustration, but don’t try to disgust beginners. You say “you won’t have ld’s everynight, maybe three times a week at most”. That’s wrong.

Let’s just take the example of the little french LD forum: we are very few, only about 15 active members. But we have a beginner (Manny) who had 27 LD’s last month. Jul’ (who posts here too) is also a beginner: he had 16 LD’s last month. If I had said to them that it was impossible, like you do, they probably wouldn’t have reach this amount.

And experienced LD’ers can have far more LD’s than you suggest: Flo (who has posted on this forum) has regularly 20 LD’s per month.