One year already and still not there...

Hello, I first came to ld4all sites about a year ago… I got excited about LD and wanted to try it out but as i expected i couldnt go lucid even though i tried… I had break from tryin to go lucid, I studied about it, printed some tips up and readed em at times, I tried WILD, MILD and all… even some of those food thingies… i’ve kept dream diary and i remember my dreams almost always… Still I’ve had 0 lucid dreams… And 3 friends of mine have already had at least 1 LD…

Is there something wrong with me? Am I unable to go lucid? I feel i’ve tried everything but still i havent got even close to goin lucid… Can some1 help me? Mhh… I’m goin to sleep now…

Well you could just keep on working on it hard (or try other techniques). I had a lucid dream the first day i went on the forum, but for others it can take years to learn it.
If you really want to do it, keep on trying, if not, give it up.

THEND (< Optical illusion of the end)

well now you got the knowledge it will for sure happen one day. One uber bizarre dream will one day trigger it. Like its bound to happen.

Maybe by now you’re just desperate to have one, many people I’ve talked to say if you go into a dream excited and expecting to have one you’ll most likely not have one :confused: That’s all I can think of really.

Keep on trying all techniques, you will find one that works for you, when you will have LD. Everyone is able to have lucid dreams, the key is to find right way.

And be optimist! If you will belive that you are unable to have LD, you will be unable.

Have nice day, everyone.

Then join the club, I haven’t had a LD since some weeks before my joining date. Not even giving up worked. I’m stuck now. My only hope of experiencing something similar is being run over by a tank or getting high on bug spray.

Another night, no ld -_-

“Maybe by now you’re just desperate to have one”

Yeah, this was what I thought too after awhile so I took some time off from tryin at all and after a month or so I carefully tried to have a LD again. I think I’m not too excited about it and tryin too hard anymore… And I’m tryin to be optimistic, really… but my nature is pessimistic so it’s kinda hard…

Blah… Oh well… I do have quite many nights to sleep left… maybe one of them will grant me a LD…

how is your dream recall? they say that high dream recall = high lucid dreams. write down the dreams you remember when you wake up, on here or in a notebook

My first LD came yesterday, and it was much more than a year since I heard of it first time and started trying to have it. So don’t be upset, some day you will succeed :smile:

But I have to admit, that I didn’t try very hard to LD… :wink:

Hi there is at least one obvious problem I can see

If you continue to expect you wont go lucid then you wont, so start expecting that you will
by expecting not to go lucid you are essentially preventing yourself any chance of going lucid.

This sounds exactly like me, including the giving up part, except my only LD was about a month after the date I joined the forum (check it, that’s a long time, Kai, so heck no, you’re not alone, don’t get discouraged).

LOL :gni: :rofl:

While many people also say this, and I’m sure that negative thinking like doubting yourself cannot possibly do you any good when it comes to trying to become lucid, I have tried the positive thinking approach, confidently telling myself, “I will have a lucid dream, I did it once, it must be easy, I can do it again”, blah blah blah, but that doesn’t seem to have done the trick either.

Although Darxide seems to be able to just will himself to do become lucid…he says to not so much command yourself to have a LD but just suggest it and let it happen, so anything is possible. And although Darxide gives me hope, I still haven’t gotten the hang of his method. But it’s a great topic found here (“willing yourself to do it”):

And Cynster, this is a good addition to the willing yourself to do it thread.

[Forming a Relationship with your Subconscious)

Haha, I’m so advertising this thread.

that’s your problem :cool_laugh:

you’ll get it real soon. Take me as an authority. I know what I’m talking about :smile:

of course, depends upon how much you believe me. I’ll tell you the secret, all you have to do is be able to wake up. So, the next time you wake up, let’s say that you remember vividly having a dream… and you just woke up.

well you have 2 great options.

  1. just LIE there don’t move a single single single muscle, and think about the dream. are you sleepy, are you losing consciousness? or do you feel just real nice and relaxed, like you’re still partially in the dream?

  2. keep yourself from falling asleep until you are relaxed, alert, but capable of still drifting off. maybe stay up for 10-30 minutes.

it really depends on what kind of sleeper you are, but generally you always wake up after at least a few REMs in the morning.

the simplest way to lucidity is just to not move a muscle after waking up from a dream, not a single one, and just think about what happened, and visualize what you saw, and think real hard about going back.

this will bear guaranteed results. if you have to, you can do insane WBTB stuff too, every 2 hours set your alarm clock off and work on MILD/WILD.

i did that last night, got a few lucid ones, but suprisingly not that many.

Keep trying and don’t give up! I’ll pray for your success

Hmm… I just heard today that my friend had his 2nd LD last night… it makes 2 LD within 2 weeks… lucky >_>

Thanks, I’ll try to do as you said… Then I’ll have LD somenight… btw does it affect anything that i usually sleep loooong… like 12 or more hours even though i usually fall asleep around 3am (dunno why i cant fall asleep when i go to sleep earlier…) and does that lucid dream induction thing i got from here be listened with head phones or will it do if i just play it from my comp?

Thank you…

Don’t worry mate, i got my LD’s after 1.5 year of trying. They came naturaly, without any method’s :smile:

Personally, I think you should quit for 1 week, then come back to lucid dreaming with a renewed effort. Right now, your efforts aren’t working, and sounds as if you’re getting desperate. The mind blocks are huge, and you should simply go do something else for awhile. You’d probably have a lucid dream within the time you’ve given up, counter-intuitively.

Buy EWLD, btw. It would help you alot. It describes all of the techniques especially well. MILD is the most consistent by far , the most simple, and yet its extremely difficult to find a decent explanation of it. Its one of those things where everyone says that its simple, and yet it takes 3 months to figure out on your own.

If you’re still determined to lucid dream without a break, I would suggest that you do the simplest, most basic technique there is. WBTB+MILD. If you do it right, its guaranteed to work.

I’ll just do a simple run-through of MILD here, then. Just in case, cause I know how stubborn young minds can be :smile:

A MILD statement is something like “The next time I am dreaming, I will realize that I am dreaming”. You can alter it so you “wake up” in your dreams for specific time. See the excellent article by Bendrummin for something more in depth for that.

Repeat your “MILD statement” 5-15 times. After that, picture yourself inside of recent dreams, only this time you realize that you’re dreaming. Look at your hands, say in the dream, “I’m dreaming”. Do this with as many dreams as you can remember, and just fall asleep. Of course, this works best with WBTB, but sometimes, it isn’t conveniant. Good luck :smile:

Aye. If you’ve been trying for a year, you must be an expert on the physical-type stuff, and the psychological stuff is sure to come soon.

He’s an expert and authority because he listens to Tool and got his name from a Tool song. :tongue: J/k I listen to Tool, too.

Take things…easy! And don’t ever think its hopeless. Because the effort’s going to pay off sometime…patience!