Willing yourself to do it

I’m back and I’m willing myself to have a lucid dream. The trick is not to mentally exhaust yourself into having one. Just suggest to yourself that you will and let it happen.

I’m having a lucid dream soon…

It worked! I had a lucid dream this morning, just like I programmed myself to.

I just told myself I would wake up at 4:38 (6 hours from when I programmed) and be fully aware and awake then go straight into a WILD. I did.

Exactly, if you OVER work yourself, you’ll never get one. I got mine when I took a break from lucid dreaming.

congrats Darxide :wink:
thats exactly what every professional LDer would do ^^

Yeah, it was pretty cool. I am going to do it again soon.

grats Darxide! that technique is autosuggestion isnt it?

It is a modified version of auto-suggestion. One that I have found to work quite well for myself, but not necessarily for others.

With autosuggestion, one simply suggests to themselves they will have a lucid dream. With this modified version, one simply tells themself to awaken at a given time (prefferably after at least 6 hours of rest) and be fully aware mentally, but still sleepy physically, and then allow themselves to feel a spinning sensation till they find themselves in a WILD.

It’s may seem complex, but it’s simple.

As always, I have to commend you on your success. You are just so great at this.

Now, for a question.

You said something to the effect of this new technique of yours (please correct me if I’m wrong) being an altered auto suggestion technique and then you allow yourself into to fall into a spinning sensation until you reach WILD.

Don’t you have to be awake to initiate WILD and then have the spinning sensations during it?

:smile: Yes, you have to be awake to initiate WILD. I program myself to awaken at a given time, preferably after 6 hours of rest, and from there I hold myself still, keep my eyes shut, and bring on the spinning sensation till a dream has faded in.

Do you split it up? Such as, “I will awake at 4:38,” and THEN just remember to WILD, or do you say, “I will awake at 4:38 and then WILD into the dream.”?

I split it up and just use autosuggestion to wake myself up…and then remember to WILD. It’s worked in the past but it’s not always reliable…sometimes I’ll wake up and go back to sleep after a half-hearted attempt. Then again, I can’t see why you would do it together…

please, do tell.

Well, I personally do both. I actually suggest to myself, “I will awaken with a fully rested mind at 4:30 (for example) and then remember to bring on a WILD”.

What do you mean by “bringing on a spinning sensation”? Im very new to all of this…

I did that one night by accident…it was actually when I first started. I set my alarm, but I woke up one minute exactly before it went off. Unfortunately, I had no clue how to WILD so I failed that end of it.

I mean, imagine as clearly as you can that you and your bed are spinning around in circles as fast as it can. Keep your eyes closed, but imagine how it would feel. Imagine the sensation of momentum building up in you as you do this. Keep your awareness on the sensation of your body and you will eventually find that it begins to fade. It won’t be long till a dream fades in, so hold on to your consciousness.

I am going to try this tonight (The spinning part especially.)

“I will myself to wake up at 4am, with my mind fully rested, and begin to do WILD!”

I am going to do it again tonight as well. :smile: Good luck, Fwump!

A few weeks ago I discovered that, using autosuggestion, I could “program” myself to wake up at specified times with sporadic success. I contemplated developing this into a technique for inducing lucid dreams using an approach very similar to yours, Darxide, except that instead of waking up and remaining motionless until SP set in, I would simply repeat an intention to perform a reality check at a given time.

So it works like this: I would say, for instance, “At 5:00 AM, I will do a reality check.” If all went well, I would be in a dream at 5:00 AM and suddenly have the whim to do a reality check. I haven’t done this yet since I’m not good at waking up at a suggested time.

I have a hard time remaining conscious if I wake up and don’t move, so this is a personally more apt variation of your technique. But I would very much like you to try this and give your results, Darxide, because if it works, it could be useful for people like me who have trouble performing WILD.

YEAH, I’ve done it!!! Maybe I was very lucky to be able to have no less than two LD’s after eachother on the third night after getting into all this stuff. I have written all about it in my DJ. I just want to thank you for this very thread Darxide. I know I was reading about the whole bed-spinning deal here and upon trying it out myself this past night, it got me to a false awakening.

I know that I’ve read more about this bed-spinning technique in another thread here too, but I can’t find it - even though I’ve searched for it for almost an hour… Anyway, as I went to sleep I kept telling myself, in my mind; “I WILL have a LD. I WILL recognize that I’m dreaming.” And at some point after I fell asleep, I found myself in such a situation that I could watch myself laying in the bed and having the bed start to spin around, faster and faster.

I then tried to imagine what it would feel like to actually be in that spinning bed upon where I returned to a first person view and starting to feel vibrations and strange sensations throughout my entire body. I almost got a bit scared first and wanted to stop it all - but remembered that I had read that staying focused and not be scared was key here. Suddenly I found myself having a false awakening. At the moment I woke up I felt that something felt wierd and I already had some control too because I managed to make myself do a nose-pinching and breathing RC. And then the fun began (it’s all in my journal).

Thanks again Darxide! :happy:

:smile: My pleasure. I’m just glad I could be of assistance. I am going to go take a nap now, because I had one LONG 8 hour shift of checker work at Safeway (it was my first day), then I will go read your lucid dream. Man, I’m exhausted.



What tride said , to autoprogram youself to do a RC at 5 am , is that possible ?

Does it work ?

I usually utosuggest myself to wake up at 4 am and then do mild