Online Chakra Test - Part II

this result is from today:

Root: under-active (6%)
Sacral: open (12%)
Navel: under-active (-19%)
Heart: open (44%)
Throat: under-active (-6%)
Third Eye: over-active (69%)
Crown: open (38%)

This is from 2005:

I don’t feel like digging up my old post, but here’s my situation now, I’m basically dead it seems:

Root: under-active (-44%)
Sacral: under-active (-12%)
Navel: under-active (-94%)
Heart: under-active (-81%)
Throat: under-active (-44%)
Third Eye: under-active (-25%)
Crown: under-active (-75%)

Root: under-active (-6%)
Sacral: open (31%)
Navel: open (44%)
Heart: open (50%)
Throat: open (56%)
Third Eye: open (56%)
Crown: under-active (6%)

Pretty cool :happy:

Root: under-active (-12%)
Sacral: under-active (6%)
Navel: open (12%)
Heart: open (19%)
Throat: over-active (69%)
Third Eye: open (44%)
Crown: open (12%)


Root: under-active (-12%)
Sacral: under-active (-12%)
Navel: under-active (-31%)
Heart: under-active (0%)
Throat: under-active (-6%)
Third Eye: under-active (0%)
Crown: open (6%)

How come my Crown chakra was open at 6% while Letaali’s was under-active at 6%? Is it a relative thing?

I’m not sure if I should make a separate post on this, but I’ve been wondering about the tingling sensation I get in my forehead.

My forehead tingling sensation

It started when our teacher who claimed she was clairvoyant taught us about opening our chakras. The method was like pointing into the middle of your palms without touching them. This creates a sensation and you can kind of grow the energy. Opening the forehead chakra or chakra between the eyes could also be done this way. (I’m not exactly sure about this - it was 15 years ago).

So anyway, since then, I could kind of summon the feeling in my forehead during reflections, by focusing my mind on those points, or imagining some energy flowing into there. About two years ago though, it started coming up seemingly randomly, out of nowhere, like going down for lunch in the elevator, or thinking about Dutch numbers, or about to rest, or riding in the car not thinking about anything in particular that I can remember.

It just occured to me yesterday that it may be a physical thing rather than a mental or spiritual thing, but searching for “tingling forehead” didn’t really help me find much. It’s not the pins and needles sort of tingling, nor ants under skin. I’m not sure how to describe it. I always thought of it as energy. It’s not discomfort, but I guess it could be thought of as that, but could also be pleasureable, depending on how you choose to see it. Yesterday, I decided to feel uneasy about it. Sometimes the feeling is so strong and I don’t know what it is.

[color=red]Root: under-active (-6%)[/color]
Sacral: open (25%)
[color=red]Navel: under-active (6%)[/color]
[color=red]Heart: under-active (0%)[/color]
Throat: open (56%)
[color=blue]Third Eye: over-active (94%)[/color]
Crown: open (44%)

Im laughing about the description of the third eye chakra:

If ‘excessive halucinations’ means being a psychic medium who can see/talk to spirits since childhood… THEN IM GUILTY, haha! :joy:

But, for real… having my third eye working like this helps me a lot while lucid dreaming/astral projecting & I don’t have any problem with the way it works soooo, it seems like a good thing for now!

And about the under-active chakras:

I have to say that these are VERY accurate! Im more outgoing while on social media/forums, but in RL im a bit wary of people… A BIT? Well… A LOT! :joy:

When im surrounded by people who aren’t family members or very close friends… I feel quite distrustful about their intentions & tend to become not cold (because im still polite & helpful) but distant & wary of them.

I think I need to work on that!! :sweat_smile: But it’s hard… Because I don’t feel motivated enough to take the risk of being hurt/deceived when I already have people who love me, it’s like… Not worth it? lol

I was going to say “I cannot talk alot about it”. In fact…
I have no idea about chakras, so I cannot answer at all.
However, we need to remember that he took the test years ago, so it’s also possible that they have changed how the test shows the results.

I suggest you to create a topic about it because people are probably going to post more about the test and forget about your question.

I took the test yesterday night and I could not post before Yomi’s reply…
I was impressed that I had beaten Siiw on the third eye thing, until…

I was the Psychic one @ LC47. That was funny. But I guess I have been beaten. :happy:
(No, I am not a medium, I just have hyperphantasia, that is all)

To be honest, that’s better than I had expected.
I guess I could just use the root password to balance!

Omg you made me laugh with that @Tggtt !! You’re funny! :joy::100:

Never knew about hyperphantasia before! I had to google it & it’s quite interesting! I can see why it has a lot to do with the third eye.

But yep it’s still quite different from what I feel as a medium. I thought it was just my imagination when I was younger, but after having lots of people telling me that I REALLY was describing their deceased family member appearance/personality accurately, or writing things in my dream journal that happened in RL just a few days later— I started to think that maybe it wasn’t just in my head, ha ha :grin:

—About @alot 's question… Im lost too! Maybe it was a mistake on the writing of the test? Because 6% is definitely under-active. :open_mouth:

Root: under-active (-69%)
Sacral: under-active (-6%)
Navel: under-active (-62%)
Heart: open (31%)
Throat: open (25%)
Third Eye: over-active (81%)
Crown: open (38%)

Pretty much the same as it was when I last took this test years ago. Not sure what I expected. :happy:

Root: under-active (-56%)
Sacral: under-active (-19%)
Navel: under-active (-38%)
Heart: under-active (-6%)
Throat: under-active (-25%)
Third Eye: under-active (-12%)
Crown: under-active (-31%)

Worse one
The Root chakra is about being physically there and feeling at home in situations. If it is open, you feel grounded, stable and secure. You don’t unnecessarily distrust people. You feel present in the here and now and connected to your physical body. You feel you have sufficient territory.

If you tend to be fearful or nervous, your Root chakra is probably under-active. You’d easily feel unwelcome.

You might wish to check the topic about aphantasia (the opposite, where we also discuss hyperphantasia).


That’s so memetic.

I am glad we are welcome here.

Thanks, I don’t really mind about it being passed over though, just felt more like writing about it, but not necessarily getting any response. I thought about moving it to the venting thread, maybe I’ll do that if it starts to bother me again.

Oh, wow at Lady Yomi’s score.

I was quite impressed actually at how many people here have some sort of spiritual or supernatural connection.
(Those may not be the right descriptions, but I’m not sure how to say it.)

I agree with this though, being polite and helpful seems like enough, and a good stance to have! The only downside would be opportunity loss I think, but if you are already fulfilled with the connections you have, then there doesn’t seem like any need to change. It’s not like you are completely closed either. It’s up to you of course, if you would want to become more open :smile:

moogle: :hugs:
Everyone: :grouphug:

Also, I just retook the test today and got new results:

Root: under-active (-12%)
Sacral: under-active (-19%)
Navel: under-active (-56%)
Heart: open (25%)
Throat: open (19%)
Third Eye: under-active (-6%)
Crown: under-active (0%)

Not sure if this is an effect of taking the test while not falling asleep (I did pause in the middle to take a nap first before continuing and finishing the test the first time), or if I just change everyday. :content:

Also for those wanting to open their chakras, here’s a video from Avatar the Last Airbender:

Root: under-active (-56%)
Sacral: under-active (-19%)
Navel: under-active (-50%)
Heart: under-active (-19%)
Throat: open (19%)
Third Eye: under-active (-19%)
Crown: open (6%)

Root: under-active (-44%)
Sacral: under-active (-38%)
Navel: under-active (-38%)
Heart: open (56%)
Throat: open (31%)
Third Eye: open (50%)
Crown: under-active (-12%)
So as far as I understand chakras, I have a strong feeling towards other people, with decent ability to express myself, and I can picture things in my mind with ease. However, I have lost touch with my physical and spiritual side, or so the chakras say.

Root: open (19%)
Sacral: under-active (-19%)
Navel: open (31%)
Heart: over-active (75%)
Throat: under-active (-12%)
Third Eye: open (44%)
Crown: open (38%)

Well, this was interesting! I don’t know if I believe in chakra but I’ve seen some weird things in life so I’m always open to the idea!

ive noticed a lot of us have underactive roots! maybe we should start root club and work on whatever people do to feel more rooted.

Root: under-active (-12%) - “feel unwelcome, unnecessarily distrust people”
Sacral: under-active (12%) - “are not very open to people”
Navel: over-active (69%) - “domineering and probably even aggressive”
Heart: open (38%) - “compassionate, friendly, work at harmonious relationships”
Throat: over-active (75%) - “speak too much, usually to domineer and keep people at a distance”
Third Eye: open (44%) - “good intuition”
Crown: under-active (-25%) - “not very aware of spirituality”

well it doesnt sound flattering but its not wrong and is leading me to some amount of introspection. im used to being in situations of authority where im responsible for leading others in a decisive and sometimes aggressive way, and where keeping distance is a necessity.

luckily im good at this and domineer in a way that has earned me some startlingly fierce loyalty and trust from those under me, but those around and above are wary. being a successful and confident woman in heavily male dominated spaces comes with a lot of trouble. no big mystery as to why theres that root chakra feeling of often being unwelcome :tongue:

personal life is a different matter. the aura of habitual authority follows me around to where its not useful and people automatically look at me differently. only the part about talking too much is wrong, i dont need to say a word to accidentally dominate a social situation or become the focus of a room full of strangers. i try to tone it down when i can but old habits die hard!

its easier online where i can control my image to be a bit softer :smile: