opening the eyes

when i opened my eyes after having slept for a while, instead of rolling right back over to go to sleep again, and moved them around in circles until i felt awake, it made me feel closer to the place where SP happens, instead of being mentally groggy,

after that i closed them and rolled over and focused on how i felt

i did this in the first few hours of going to bed.

this is actually what people do before going to sleep, becouse,
1: it relaxes your eyes, so the dont move around as much, makingit easier to fall asleep.
and 2: it increases your awareness, and allows you to focus more.
i do this whenever i lay down to go to sleep, and it actually helps, becouse it relaxes your eyes to where you can keep them closed easier without struggling.

apart from relaxing your eyes, it makes them still, and that makes you a lot more sleepy

i don’t want to write a lot in this post because i’ve talked about it before

but there is a magic window and opening our eyes briefly in between nrem sleep cycles might help us be awake enough to wild

i napped today, not dreaming, just nrem information while on my back, then i got up to use the restroom

at some point i had an ld after that and forgot all about it and didn’t know i dreamed at all until about 15 minutes after deciding to get up out of bed

the transition into rem is invisible to the conscious mind unless it can be alert to a certain way, and this eye method is worth trying,

like, when you notice the roll over signal , open your eyes and roll over if you need to, and keep them open until you feel sort of awake, but that you can go back to sleep easy,
for me its about 1 minute of looking around the room by moving them in circles.