Pain in dreams?

I have felt pain in my dreams, but it is usually gone when I wake up. A few nights ago though, I had a sensation which I couldn’t shake off.
As I was falling asleep I felt as if there was real pressure in my right temple, as if something was poking into it really hard. The only way I could releive it was to gently rub the area. It is hard to explain, but I felt like it wasn’t physical, but my mind was creating the sensation. I wonder if anyone else has felt something like this?

i had a dream that arnold schwarzenegger was chasing me as the terminator and he shot me in the leg and it hurt

I got stung by a bee in a recent dream… hurt like hell…

A few nights ago, I had a dream in which a student at school picked a fight with me, ya kow, pushing and shoving me around and stuff. The funny part was, when I woke up, not only did I not remember feeling pain from being hit, but didn’t even remember feeling the shoves, or even the sensation of touching something. My sense of touch was rather absent. :smile:
When I think back on it, the vividness of tactile sensation probably depends on the clarity of the dream (at least in this case). I wasn’t very aware, and I was a bit ticked off cause of the dream fight, so I was probably not thinking about feeling pain, or touch or anything.
Oh well, whatever the reason, it was weird.

Twice in LD’s I’ve been hurt in the ribs. Hurt like heck! But if something completely ridiculous is happening, like I’m shot, I won’t feel anything.

I have had bad mental pain…

there was something that i heard that mental pain is worse that physical pain… or the same or whatever…

the dream was something about oh my exboyfriend having sex with reese witherspoon… i was so frustrated in the dream and in so much pain.

i woke up feeling the same way…
those dreams are intense

One time I had a dream that someone forced me to carve something in my arm. I felt it, but it was a strange kind of pain… I imagine it would have hurt quite a bit in RL.

A few weeks ago I dreamt my knees had scrapes on them, just like when I used to fall over at school. I felt a sharp stinging pain and found it hard to walk. I can’t remember feeling pain in any other dreams.

I never feel anything, i try and practice skating hand rails in my dreams because i know i wont kill myself. And then ill be more confident in doing them irl.

I had a LD about a week ago where I jumped over a railing on the third floor of an office building. I intended to float down, but that didn’t work. I ended up crashing to the ground in a belly-flop. I felt some serious pain.

Once in a dream I fell and hit my head, and it deffinitly hurt, and when i awoke, i was on the floor next to my bed, and there was blood on my nightstand and floor, and turns out on my head, too.

It’s interesting how dreams create a story to fit with noises or feelings that are happening in the outside world.

I can’t remember feeling pain in a ND. But in LD’s i do feel pain. I have been hit with a dart in my shoulder and felt pain. And one time i put my hand trough a window, but when i pulled it out it felt like my hand was frozen into the window. It hurt like hell and the entire dream started vibrating.

Well mabye you could use pain to become Lucid. For example, I don’t get much pain in RL. But I don’t get much in my dreams either.

It’s amazing you didn’t wake up, since you were apparently dreaming at the time (REM = very light sleep). Unless you hit it hard enough to be knocked unconscious, and just continued with the dream. :smile:

On Tues night, I dreamed I was in the early stages of labour. My whole lower back ached, and I said to a midwife ‘Not another backache labour’. I woke up at around 5:30am and found myself lying flat on my back (I had gone to sleep in this position at 10:30 the night before!).

The other night I dreamt I was trying to walk somewhere but had cramp in my leg. It was really difficult to move, much worse than in RL

I have had dreams where I have felt pain as well. Once I was stabbed with a pitchfork and I have also been hurt by other things in my dreams (banged up knee, cut from a blade, ect.). Just a normal part of the dream I think.

last night i couldn’t close my left hand it felt like i had cut it or burnt in and it had scabbed over it was rather painful. So i put a bandage on it suddenly ended up on my foot and no i didn’t not realise i was dreaming.

Not so long ago I had a dream where I have felt pain. I was inside a house which was bombed down by rockets or something like that. Well, the house was heavily damaged and many “splinters” flew through the air and many of them hit me. I felt them all over my body and it was painful. One big splinter was on the top of my finger. I pulled it out and I bled as if an atery had been hit. That also was somehow painful.

Another time, in a low-level-lucid dream I tried the spinning technique to stabalize the dream. I was standing in the bathroom when I did it and … well, it worked … more or less. While spinning I “merged” with the sink. Well, I tried to press myself away from it, and it felt as if I would be torn apart, which of course hurt.