Pain in dreams?

Anyone here ever experience pain in a dream? Sometimes, but very rarely, I will have a dream where I am cut or bang my knee or something like that and I feel pain like it happened in real life, but if I wake up its gone. I asked some friends if they had ever felt pain in a dream, and one out of ten said yes.

The thing that made me think about it was a lucid dream I had a night or two ago. I became lucid and I was in my school (I’m in my school about 80% of my dreams, so good DS) and there was a coke machine in front of me. Seeing the coke machine, I thought it would be kind of fun to see if I could pass my hand through it, so I said to myself “Okay, I’m gonna pass my hand through this spot and it will go through the coke machine,” and hit my hand on the corner of the machine. Normally if something happens to me in a dream I don’t feel it, but this time it felt like I had really hit my hand on a sharp metal corner of a coke machine, which was really unexpected because so far in every lucid dream I’ve had I’ve never felt pain, just in a few normal dreams.

I’m just curious to see who else has felt pain in a dream, or at least it seemed as if they did.

I have felt pain, hunger, too cold, too hot exc in dreams. I think it’s just part of the experiance. Many people think that in LDs you feel a sharper pain than in NDs, but I haven’t had much experiance with pain in LDs.

I feel the pain in my dreams too! I think it’s quite normal. I often dream that a lion or some wild dogs attack me and bite my leg… that hurts! :tongue: Not as much as it would hurt in RL I guess, but still…
In LDs I guess you can also feel pain, why not. But I’ve never hurt myself in my LDs yet - lucikly :content:

I’ve never felt any pain whatsoever when I’m fully lucid, except in the beginning of my LDing… It’s like flying: you MUST believe you can do it, otherwise you won’t be able to do it properly. So if you really understand that you can’t feel pain, then indeed you mostly won’t feel anything.
In my other dreams, I very rarely experience it.

In a ND I’ve experienced severe pain. I’ve been attacked by dogs that bit me and it hurts like hell. I’ve had really big needles shoved in me and they are excruciating.

In a LD I don’t remember feeling pain.

Lately in my LDs, I’ve had this intense pain in my right eye. It really hurts :sad: and it’s very distracting… I’ve had it consistently throughout 3 LDs.

i have felt a great deal of pain many different times in dreams. The worst kind is when i get hit in the balls or sumin. a lot of the time i only feel it when i die, and in one instance involving a very real very emotional death i woke up right after dying and still felt the pain for a lil bit.

but wut im wondering is this. when u experience pain in ur dreams is it all in ur head just lik the dream itself or does ur brain actually send signals to the nerves in ur body telling them to hurt because ur in pain and then just goes away when u wake up because ur brain immediately realises iit wasnt real. wut do u all think?

Oh yes I have felt pain many times. I have even choked to death in one of my lds… and in several nds… i’ts not a pleasant feeling I can tell you that right now… and once I dreamt that I had been shot in the arm… damn that did hurt like a monkey trying to hump a lion.

I’ve felt pain in ND’s, which is one of the reasons it feels so real I don’t really question if I’m dreaming or not, due to the realism. Just this night I had a dream where my legs were burned by a frying pan, wasn’t very nice.

Pain feels more painful than in real-life I’d say, and sometimes I’ve felt the pain when I wake up (not serious tho, thankfully).

Question of the day:
“If one dies in the Matr… in his dreams, does he die here?”

I had a dream where I had a bullet in my head, but I felt no pain.

I had a lucid dream once and I decided to climb into the landscape that I saw on a tv. When I began to climb inside I felt a mild buzzing and I got stuck. It wasn’t really like electrocution, but it was a very unpleasent naseau (sp?) feeling. I sometimes have the teeth falling out dream and out of 10 of those type my gums have only really hurt once. I got a shot once from a doctor but since they don’t really bother me at all in real life it didn’t affect me in my dream either.

Yes and no. Normally i don’t feel much in ND unless i am meant to, ie: i actively touch something to feel tactile sensation.

In similar instances i feel pain, normally however if i feel pain i will still be able to feel it when i wake up.

But otherwise my sensation of touch is limited.

Its gotta be all in your head. The brain doesn’t send signals to your nerves, its the other way around, and since your not really exploading or getting stabbed or whatever, obviously the nerves aren’t sending those pain signals to your brain. Therefore, the pain is generated directly within the brain, from memories and stuff, kinda like, an approximation of what that pain would be like.
Anywhoo, I don’t remember feeling pain in any normal dreams, and I know I’ve never eperienced any pain in a Lucid Dream.
Infact, once I attempted to fly off our deck in a lucid dream. Once I jumped, the scene turned into a cliff, with a swirling ocean and jagged rocks below, and I was falling. It must’ve been a 500 foot drop, at least! I hit the jagged rocks, and should’ve died, but instead, I only felt the thud of the impact, as if I had been slammed into some pillows.
When I opened my eyes I was below the deck I had jumped from lying in a puddle. :smile:

I did not have much pain in my dreams, so i used it as a reality check…
But lately the pain has gotten very vivid… just this very last non ld, i managed get electric shock from 2 loose cables that was hooked up to the 220v power net… not a very good feeling :wink:

Last week I dreamed I was in the gym of the high school I attended YEARS ago. I looked up and on the second level of the gym, I saw dozens of people that I currently work with. Before I could get one word out they all started throwing pennies at me. YES PENNIES. THEY STUNG LIKE HELL!!! I have no ideal how that weird dream came about…

Yeah, feeling pain in dream is normal… it depends on your awareness.

I once experienced INTENSE burning sensation on my right hand when it was glowing in outlined triangle. I screamed and screamed in pain. It was burning directly at my hand… I had a scar of traingle afterward.

I will never forget that experience. o_0 Sometimes in my LD’s I still look at my right hand, wondering if there is still a scar of that triangle. Sometimes it is still there, sometimes it isn’t there but I still feel it there. shudders Weird. Hehe.

It’s cool that I’m not the only one who feels pain in my dreams. (I thought I was weird!) :crazy:

I’ve also woken (is woken a word? lol - awaken, waked?) anyway, I’ve woke up actually crying!

for me pain in dreams is very real. sometimes for a split second after I wake up, I can still feel the pain. I can’t think of an example at the moment, but I can remember it happening.

you know that “heart in thraot” feeling you get when you get really upset? (is it just me?) I have woke up feeling that, and that feeling lasts quite a long time after I wake up.

perhaps you have so much pain iun your dreams because you acknoledge it so much in RL. Because of what ihave learned, if you belive in somehting so strongly, then it iwll be like that, or be stroonger in yoru dream. Kind of liethe experiment LeBerge did when she said that when you say your own name in a dream, crazy things will happen, it was a plecebo effect though. i hope you understand, i know i wouldnt if someone was telling me this :tongue: .

I’ve felt my arm removed, it kind of tingles until the shcock in your dream wairs off and then there’s the pain. Yay for needing to go to school in RL, it woke me up out of my nightmare.

Last night I felt pain in a dream because some fat ugly rat bit me in my hand. Luckily I went lucid afterwards and the pain vanished pretty quickly :smile: