Pain in dreams?

I dreamt that aliens blew up the entire world, I didn’t feel pain but a warm fuzzy, burning sensation while I was waking up, it was wierd.

That dream was freaky while it was happening but afterwards I was like “cool” :smile:

I have been run over, shot, knived, punched, bitten, and they all hurt, all fo them were in normal dreams.

I have definitely felt pain, and in parts of my body that weren’t injured during the day. My mom wants to explain it away that I am actually feeling pain, but I don’t wake up hurt. Pretty much anything that scientists say you can’t do in a dream, I’ve done… So much for research, hehe :content:

I once had a dream that my mom was attacking me with an exacto knife. It was so freaky and very disturbing and I couldn’t seem to get away from her. I locked myself in the bathroom but soon enough she managed to get in there too and started going to work cutting up my legs. It was incredibly painful which is rare for my NDs. I had completely forgotten this awful dream until I read these posts. sigh

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream that a nuclear bomb had hit outside of my school. I tried to go outside and felt this great intentense heat on my face and whole body as if i was melting. That hurt very much. I guess my sig goes along with this topic though :happy:

In my dream the other night I kept hearing a sudden noise like cutlery and plates being hit which was so loud it hurt my head and I had to cover my ears.

Yeah i think we can all be pretty certain that we do feel pain in our dreams…just like we hear sounds and feel the world, we can do all that of course there is pain… but like all the other stuff its an illusion right?

yeah ive felt pain in dreams like being shot multiple times by this dude (actullay the main guy from that old hogans heroes guy-the main 1 but in me dream he was possesed) and when i awke i was SURE i could feel the pain still…but only as a nagging tingle like thing.
another time i flew so high and fast that when i tried to land i scraped against the tops of trees-it was like being dragged along the ground…it was enough for me to give up trying to land again and stay in the sky in that dream.
interesting topic tho

we must be pretty fooled by our illusion…

which is why we think that it is real… we can ask ourselves if we are dreaming but not always really be 100%…

sme_bro I think that the tingling (whatever it was caused by) affected your dream to add that shooting, not the other way around or anything in between! :smile:

I’ve felt plenty of pain, but it goes away when I start thinking or doing something else.
Me thinks my subconcious has a short attention span. :neutral:

I had a dream (non-lucid) in which I was using an x-acto knife, and I accidentally cut my leg WAY open, about a 2 foot cut. The pain felt pretty realistic to me, I woke up and could almost still feel it for a few seconds :neutral:

yeah prolly some external stimulai but felt real enuf in the dream

I was just thinking, I’ve always been able to imagine what different types of pain might feel like. I’m squeemish about lots of things e.g. fingernails being ripped off :eek: The thought makes me really uncomfortable. I guess the same thing is happening in dreams.


i think you can only feel pain in a dream that you think is RL. (so a normal dream)
ofcourse you can feel pain in an LD but only if you want to,
if you are in control you dont have to feel pain.

I once had a dream i was about to throw up, I was feeling so sick, i could really feel my stomach aching SO MUCH. i ran to look for toilets, when i got there i bent down to throw up and just as i was about to, i looked around me and everyone was around me, the toilet was in the middle of some cafe, and everyone was looking at me, and i didnt want to just chuck up in front of everyone!
soon after i woke up with the worst stomach ache!


I have never felt pain in my dreams. I will not allow myslef too.

I used to use that to check if I was dreaming or not. Don’t use it any more though.

A while ago in my dream I was trying to lift a piece of square metal out of a frame. It was hard to get hold of and was cutting my fingers badly. That hurt quite a lot.
probably influenced by my clumsiness at work when I cut myself on broken glass. I should wear the gloves really but I never bother :roll:

Hey i understood ur peoples dream and would like to say that i myself had dreams where i felt the pain while seeing a falling dream, flying dream or meeting with an accident. But i wanted to knw if the pain u people felt was in the head, or the part u were hurting in the dream.How was the pain like, was it intense or normal. For me after the dream, wen i wake up things get normal and i dun feel any pain. I have also noticed that these kind of dreams come to me, wen i am in the state of stress.Do u people also get in the state of stress or ?? Hope my dreams r normal and nothing to worry about.

I’ve only felt pain in three of my dreams, the first one was when I was underwater and I couldn’t breathe IRL so I had that stuffy chest pain for a few seconds. The second one was when I was stabbed through the thigh with a large kitchen knife(ouch), this was my only really painful dream. Then the most recent one was in a nightmare when I was really sad and shocked about something when my mom’s bird started biting my finger (it was just a numb pain).

BTW a little off-topic but have you ever noticed how you don’t blink or get hungry/thirsty or need to breathe in a dream unless the situation triggers the response?

I had a nightmare wich a lot of people gathered around me and started cutting me into little pieces… it reaaaaally hurted!!

I think the only real pain I’ve felt in a dream was when I tried pinching myself as a RC which obviously didn’t work…

Also when I had this ridiculously long third person ND/LD. Gave me a major headache near the end of the dream and when I woke up.