does anybody try in LD to touch the palate ?

I ask inspired by Carlos Castaneda’s “Art of Dreaming” where touching palate with tongue is presented as very powerful technique.

Unfortunatelly my LD skills are very low but I am very curious how it works and if that can help me to get LD (i.e. when combined with RT)

hm i have done that a few times but not on purpose… itdidnt do anything for me… but then i nva really held it there long and now i am not even sure why i did it lol i miht try it in my next lucid and write back how it did :happy: hmm who knows just cuz it didnt do anything for me doesnt mean that it wont do anything for you

I tried only once to do that - in normal dream but when I focused on my mounth I lost all teeths and I just woke up.

Anyway I want to try it because theoretically it makes sense. Palate is veeeeery nerved.

I don’t know about its effect in dreams, but irl this is an important step in chi practice. In the microcosmic orbit (see this topic) touching the palate with your tongue is necessary to link the two chi flows of the orbit (the front and back channels). Once chi flows through the palate and your tongue, you may feel tingling sensations. Perhaps you may even get a very sweet taste in your mouth.
It’s best to put the tongue at the back of the palate, this is the softest place and is known as the Heavenly Pool.
This might be an explanation of Castaneda’s technique. During LDs, things go a lot easier, so probably you will connect both channels at the palate more quickly (irl it takes a lots of practice).

mystic: it sounds really interesting.
Im gonna try this as soon as I get my next LD!