Password protected Dream Journal?

are there any password protected dream journals out there? Im not the only one who uses my computer and I would be completely embarrassed if anyone read my dreams :eek: … you can make it passworded and public or private

thanks a million bro

i understand that totally, i have a nosy sister who would probably make fun of me at least for keeping a dream journal and then for what i dreamt about ! :rofl: if you need me, i’ll be rolling on the ground!

though I wish I didn’t have to be online to use it…

try dreamjournal. you dont have to be online to use it.
it stores it all on your pc in an encryted file.

its what i use. pretty simple, but does the job.

get it from

why not just use word and password protect it ?

I personally use my old word processor and save to a floppy disk the disk goes in my locked box.

ohyeahhuh goth!! (I wish there wasan emoticon with a smiley smacking itself on the head) thanks!! :yeahright:

i would never save my dreams online or on my computer.

What if the site goes down or closes down?

Or what if your computer messes up and you can’t save the files?

you end up with no dream journals, my old journals are books in my bed room in a small chest. My newer ones saved on disk and locked away.

why risk losing things :wink:

i didnt know u could password protect it. :confused: Eheh thanks ill check into it, cuz i really dont feel too comfortable leaving my dreams online

if you are using word then simply click on “tools > options”

select the ‘Save’ tab and at the bottom will be 2 password boxes.

one to open the file and one to modify the file (both can be different)

thanks, but now thinking, I was just wondering if there were any ways/programs to password protect a certain folder where I could contain all my dreams. bcuz i really dont have any worries about my computer crashing on me…but now that I jus said that who knows :bored:

there are lots of different types of tools.

the obvious - Winzip/winrar a simple compression tool that you can password protect files with.
you can find both at

Kremlin encryption encrypt any file into a password protected file that will only open with the correct password. - It also has a wordpad like document that allows you to password text files. This is what is would look like when encrypted.

WYBJT8808)"[=(Z<D23(-2TMF_G;,_5YSQ5P6[;13H+#4M2@<2.3V?ASNO<B2.W0_VE#< 0]BZ3\JS%W[4P5>_W1S$E?Q@9;F=93$_&(20M0Q9H)#W1)):_!U=6BR[@T#[2,OB/.QV$

that message simply says “hello”

you can find it … nload.html - to use higher encryption methods you need to register it. But the program is free to try and has no time limits.

Kremlin also boasts a good “secure deletion” program. using the recycle bin is easy enough, but if someone knows what they are doing they can recall deleted items - kremlin will make sure deleted files are unrecoverable.

pgp - another good encryption tool encrypt any type of file with a password.

Stealth Encryptor - this program actually allows you to “hide” files as other tpyes. You could Stealth your Word document and make it appear to be an image, should someone be curious and open it any way - you can make it so that the Image really does open in your image viewer.

– there you’re probably spoilt for choice.

for single text document i would suggest kremlin or words own password option. For batch saving then i would suggets either winrar or winzip.

Let me add one more option.

Those of you who use some PalmOS compatible device might find
useful software called “Dreams” (downloadable from Palmgear).

It is password protected dream journal. Except for dream itself it is possible
to set some various details regarding it - date of course, deepness, category,
lucid, etc.

I find it very handy for keeping of my DJ, especially in the middle of the night :smile:

How the heck do you manage to write in your Palm in the middle of the night?! I guess if you had a keyboard for it, that would work…but doing that cursive-style writing for each letter at midnight just sounds insane. I’m not sure, maybe you get used to it, I don’t have a Palm…but I know a lot of people who do, and having to write in it with just a stylus sounds crazy. How do you do it?

Shift, you are right, it would be insane :smile:
But you don’t have to use grafitti for entering text. There’s also
possibility to display keyboard on screen and click letters on it.
I am Palm beginner so this is my preffered option for entering text :wink:
BTW: some new Palms and clones have also real (mini)keyboard…

I admit it is a bit slower than handwriting, but:

  • it is password protected from the very beginning
  • Palm’s display has lightsource built-in so you don’t have
    to turn the lights on (although it would be a nice one RC)
  • after making DJ entry you can easily switch to some LD related
    e-book to read a few pages before going to sleep again

– jtk –

OK, that makes more sense.

One of my Palm-owning friends has a keyboard for his. It folds up, and he carries it around with his Palm sometimes. I forgot that you could use the on-screen keyboard, which was, well, forgetful of me, because thats what I now remember using on his Palm, since I didn’t know graffiti. Btw, thanks for reminding me of the name of that Palm writing-style. I had forgotten that too. Guess I kinda blocked out my Palm experiences a bit. I wonder why, they were a lot of fun, now that I think of them…

Thanks for all the information everyone, althrough I won’t be able to act on it now. Hopefully I might get more computer literate in time and then it will be very useful.

My dream journal is tucked away in a safe location in my room :content: Assuming that none of my siblings will come into my room in the middle of the night, I leave it next to my bed on the dresser when I go to sleep, so I can write in it without having to get up. Then I stow it away into one of my many secret locations… :tongue:

daysong, It is just so obvious that something will go wrong, and someone will find your DD one day. You might forget to hide it, or someone may find it even when it is hidden.

I know a few encryption techniques in my head, if I wanted to I could just jot down my whole DD in code (using some boolean algorithm encryption).
That would indeed be nice, I could leave my DD anywhere…