Past Life Expiriences (Archetypal Memory)

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I am highly sceptical of past life expiriences, that we are reincarnations of people who have lived before.
I feel that unexplainable memmories, tastes and distastes, and certain tendencies we have are not from something such as PLE, but genetic memmory.
I dont know if you have ever had a deep tissue massage, (ouch), but there are many people who say that while getting
these massages they will start to cry quite unexplainably because they will remember a memmory from child hood that has been long forgotten that they credit to surfacing due to the stimulation of parts of the body not usually stimulated.
I believe that this can stem out into a child as he or she grows inside a mothers womb. A child in the womb is essentially a part of their mothers, and thusly is plausible that they would share memmories in the same fashion as above, memmories stored elsewhere in the body then the brain.
I have heard, but havent given much support to the idea that memmories can be carried over through DNA.
While i have heard valid arguments supporting this theory, i choose not to believe it.

What do you think past life memmories are?
Reincarnation, or “deep tissue” memmory.

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Actually never really thought about it. Hmmm…I can say that reincarnation is possible but so is the deep tissue massage thing. I don’t think I know enough about either to have a convincing argument either way…I don’t think that Mom’s memories are passed to the kids though, cause you’re really only attached by the umbillical cord floating around and I don’t think memories are stored by blood but by nerves. Memories by DNA? Maybe in an evolution sort of way but not personal memories…

I believe in reincarnation. I don’t think it’s DNA and if you get it from your mother, you don’t get it from DNA but from a spritual something. I don’t know what, but I don’t think it’s DNA.
The memory could be ever told and forgotten and then the memory comes back again.
The mother could told it ever, maybe on a spirtual level or just IRL
Does mother have that memory like she has been trough it or does she have it from her mother, and her mother has it from her mother. Or does it just give trough only with one person.

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Genetic memory? Its possible I suppose. I mean insects use gentic memory to know exactly what to do without being taught by experience first.

Then again, if memory serves, we’ve evolved out of genetic memory since we had no use for it. Our learning capacities did away with the need for genetic memory. Yet, I think that its possible that there is a remnant of that ability still in us.

(Just thinking about this reminded me of one of my favorite books: Dune. The abomination, Alia, was supposed to have unlocked the genetic memory she possessed allowing her insight in the memories of her ancestors.)

I believe in reincarnation. But I’m not sure about mother’s passing their memories on to their children. What kind of engram will this kid have?

Silly me! i totally neglected to mention the spiritual portion! thank you for bringing that up!

I believe that memmories are passed down through the generations, so i believe you could have the memmories of your great great great³ grandmother.

i refer you to this link on Archetypal Memory

There are also studies suggesting that recipients of donated organs, specificly the heart (seat of the soul?) begin to pick up new personality traits, likes, dislikes etc…

I believe that our memmories are stored more so in our spirit and soul then anything else, and that our spirit leaves an “imprint” on the body, creating memories or triggers for memeries in the cells of the body.
And since a child in a mothers womb is directly exposed to a mothers spirit (perhaps the soul is seated below the navel in the dan tien?) and thusly can be saturated with a mothers memmory in this sense.
I do believe that these inherited memmories can be passed down through more then one generation.

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I never thought of that. Interesting topic. I’ll come back when I have an opinion.

heh, that is so cool!
i will comment on your post when i have an appropiate oppinion…
heh j/k.
i suppose i aprreciate you interest in my topic, and would enjoy discussing any views or insights you have.

Saw a programme today on ITV2 here in the UK called “Have We Been Here Before?”. If you arent familiar with it every episode they have an experienced practioner put a celebrity under hypnosis and regress them to a “past life”. They then send a qualified historian out on the trail to see if he can find any evidence in the historical records of this past life being accurate or not.

The one I saw today was really impressive. He went back to the 1700’s I think and told the story of being a young man who was ‘press ganged’ (tricked) into joining the navy.

The amazing part was that he gave his name, his mother’s name, his place of birth AND his age. And when the historical detective went out he found a document that actually showed that ALL the details he gave matched an actual person, right down to the date of birth and mother’s name. It also turned out that the date and destination of his voyage matched that of a pretty unheard of war going on at the time. Everything he said rang true, historically.

This was just about the most accurate one I’ve seen and in general the historian usually comes up with plenty of verification for their stories. Another example would be a woman who reported being an arabic dancer. She said she had romantic feelings for a musician who would come in to play for the women, although she could never tell if he was interested because she could not see his eyes. The historian-detective found out that musicians of that era would have to be blindfolded when they went into harems to play for the dancers! Another woman pinpoint dated a little-known plague that was the pre-cursor to the great plague down to the exact year it started, etc.

However it’s not always so impressive: one guy provided names of places that didnt exist and seemed to come straight out of his subconscious (one of the road names was from one of his favourite tv shows). But one counterfeit coin does not mean all coins are counterfeit. Unfortunately some of the “expert” psychologists they have comment on the show are heavily biased against the reincarnation hypothesis (one actually going as far as to say he’s surprised that people with an IQ sufficient to put one foot in front of the other would believe such rubbish, and that literally NOTHING could convince him of the truth of it), and although they also have spiritual experts on to put across the other side they are always outnumbered by the psychologists.

Still, it’s a great show, very interesting indeed. I believe in past/after-lives 100% btw.

I’m suprised that no one has mentioned false memory syndrome yet :wink:

that’s great lebowsk1!
in holland we have the same tv show - they don’t do it with celebrities - somebody gets a regression and then they do the research, and the presenter goes to the location the person saw IRL. I saw one where somebody saw himself as a componist in vienna - he described the church. They went there and it looked exactly what he had said.
In that show they only show this, and leave the explanation to the viewers.

I myself have had some past live regressions - in hypnosis, in meditation and in dreams and i would love to be able to visit those locations too - or let historians find out stuff.

Wow. I’ve always believed in reincarnation. But I was never really sure about whether past life memories were actually pass lives or something else. I wish we had that show in the US.

That’s it. You’re my new mentor pasQuale. I would love a regression session :eh: . But it’s hard enough for me now with the empath stuff that I couldn’t imaging bringing myself somewhere else and picking up on that and bringing it back.

the only thing I don’t like about putting it on tv like that are the skeptics and people who criticize or question a person’s integrity. But I’d be glued to the tv if they did show it here.

I was told that of two past lives I have had… one I was a witch that got hunted down and I was burnt to death!!

The other life, I was a prostitute in Paris. I made enough money to get me a little villa in the country, where I foound myself a nice man and settled down to a normal life.

I used to believe in that sort of thing - but I don’t know anymore now… I just don’t know!

I still wanna try it. If you go with the whole karma thing it might explain some things.

It’s not like you pick up on stuff and bring it back. You feel/see al those things, and come back with that knowledge. For me it always makes me happy, even if the life i experienced was a sad one. I do advise to go to a professional. My first experiences where with a professional hypnotherapist. Then I also did self hypnosis exercises (i bought the book: how to uncover your past lifes (or something)).

Later in my education i told you before - we also did meditaton to see past lifes. Mainly healing related. I have had one in a LD - and some others in (lucid) dreams i suspect are traces of past lives.

If you to a regression therapist to do this, then you are even going to get out of it better, since he/she will help you remove things you still carry around in this life. Like trauma’s, inexplicable fears, etc.

@carnun: it is different to be told about past lives than to actually experience them.

edit: and then i’m still not sure what that experience is. it is a life, it is connected to me somehow, but was it me?. No, because the me is alive right now. But in a way everything is in the now. So in a way you are living those past lives right now. As split of parts of your soul or something? I’m still developing my own thoughts on this.

Q, I found a flier at a meditaion place for a hypnotist who offers everything from stage shows to past life stuff. IDK, you would think someone who would do past life stuff wouldn’t offer stage shows right? Any special questions I should have going in or how would I find a better one?
And do you recommend any special preperation before doing a past life session?
Ilum, she offers hypnosis to help fear of surgeries too, maybe something you can get where you’re at?

Too many flippin’ Christians around here. I can’t even find a botanica. Even harder to find herbal nature stores.

Plus not enough time…

Anam: I don’t know, i’m a little apprehensive (is that the word) of stage-hypnotists. There are also hypnotists who do it therapeutically - i think you are better off with someone like that - then again - follow your feeling. if she feels good to you go with that.

preparations? not really, well, don’t drink a lot of coffee or other stuff that makes it hard to relax. But she will no doubt tell you that if you make an appointment.

I just remembered - a relaxation therapist i used to visit came from Utah and she used to work in a hospital giving hypnosis to clients instead of narcosis. It could be possible that your hospital has that too ilum?

Like you pasQuale, I don’t feel comfortable with people who commercialize themselves like anamcara mentioned. It just seems a little shady to me. But I agree w/ you. Check them out and go by what you feel.

I’ll have to see if they have one at the hospital.