Hi i’m a new member, and so far I have had only one lucid dream. It was short but it gives me hope! I am a Male by birth, but wish to become female through hormones one day. I am only attracted to females, so technically I am a “lesbian” traped in a males body! :tongue:

Because of my transgendered tendency, I am very interested in dreams about sexuality, and switching gender. I am interested also in how our hormones effect dreams. Gotta love that Serotonin! :content:

Hi there invisigoth101.

thanks for introducing yourself…if you wouldn’t mind, could you copy your intro and re-post it in ‘The BIG Hi, I’m new here thread’ - Part 6?


Wow! You really love girls! More than anyone I know. :smile:
It’s great to have you as a member of our forum. Welcome! :smile:

(This topic should really be locked, due to the aboved mentioned reply. However, It think it has more substance than a regular “hello” :wink: Perhaps you should’ve used a more appropriate title. hint, hint )