The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic VI

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Hello everybody, this is part 6 of the “Hi, I’m new here!” topic.

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This topic is to prevent the forums from being cluttered with individual “Hello, I’m new to this forum, nice to meet Y’all” topics.
So now we have a whole BIG topic where everybody can introduce themselves.

So if you are new and want to say ‘Hi’ to the rest of us, this is an excellent place to do it!
Of course, anyone is welcome to post in this topic, not just the new members.
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Hi I’m here!!!
a few weeks ago, i had a lucid dream but i couldnt control it roght. thats why i searched for ld sites.
im german btw

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I hope to learn and have fun here

Welcome xJaymZx, SuperDude, penguinDreams, and Danielsan!!
I must say, it’s quite unusual for four people to join in one day.
That’s really spooky. Or maybe LDing is finally getting the attention and enthusiasm it deserves! Good luck to you all in lucid dreaming, and be sure to keep that dream journal up to date! (Hypocrite I am… man… I never touch mine anymore… but you can learn from my mistakes cause my dream recall is ZERO!! haha!!) Erm, good luck. Yeah.

Hi DanielSan…great that you had already one real lucid dream!

Go for it! :smile:


takes a deep breath and says it in one breath

Hi XJaymZx, SuperDude, penguinDreams, and Danielsan… welcome to the ld4all forum! Enjoy it here and don’t worry, we won’t bite ya. :wink:

catches breath again

Lucid dreaming is a great thing to have and I hope you discover more from lucid dreaming. It is a powerful and fun ability to have. And, please feel free to ask us any questions… the more questions you ask, the more we can answer and perhaps… help you to have a lucid dream sooner (if you don’t have it yet. :wink: ).

catches breath again

I need to breath now… :biggrin: I love to tease ya. :wink: But… I’m soooo glad to meet you all and really do hope that y’all will have the best time here at ld4all forum!!!

Sweet dreams my new friends!

Hi and welcom to our humble forum :tongue: have fun and good luck with LD’s! I’ll try and answer your questions, but if I don’t know there are always many people that know answers only I can imagine. Good luck and sweet dreams.

cheers to all those that made me feel welcome!

i havent been back since my first lot of posts and thus havent checked the welcomes. thanks to all! :content:

ok im back now
i was away from sunday to tuesday but im back!!
thanks for the welcome :smile:

Hi i’m a new member, and so far I have had only one lucid dream. It was short but it gives me hope! I am a Male by birth, but wish to become female through hormones one day. I am only attracted to females, so technically I am a “lesbian” traped in a males body!

Because of my transgendered tendency, I am very interested in dreams about sexuality, and switching gender. I am interested also in how our hormones effect dreams. Gotta love that Serotonin!

see you guys around the forums!

Hi invisigoth101! Welcome at the forum :smile:

Hope you have soon more lucid dreams!
Enjoy :smile:


Welcome welcome welcome to ld4all forum! It’s really nice to meet you Invisigoth101! Please do enjoy your stay here… feel free to explore around!

I wish you the best lucid journey! :biggrin:

Sweet dreams!

I will definately explore! I love dreams now that I can remember mine! I had kept adream diary last year, but art school has kept me too busy this year, until now! I had my first lucid dream last weekend, after only two weeks of finding this site and focusing on recalling dreams! I hope I can go lucid soon again!

hi! Have that’s great that you’ve already had a LD! I wish you the best of luck. Have fun being part of LD4all!
(PS DM7 I LOVE your new avatar :grin: good job!)

I guess I’ll welcome you (again) Invisigoth! Wishing you many many lucid dreams, I will now take a puff of my asthma inhaler. Take that, DM7.
:grin: Who’s the angel?

And yes, this site is very fun. Check out the chat if you’re feeling lucky. Don’t forget, anyone that asks too many questions is Jeff in disguise.

Hey everyone. Been surfing for a bit and thought I would register and say hey.

I been working on my dream recall lately before I try having a LD. I rememberd 4 dreams last week. I thought that was amazing, 'cause I usually only remember 1 or 2 a month but when I sat there and told myself I would remember it seemed to work.

I will be trying to get my first LD soon, I don’t expect to have one right away…but I’m hoping! :happy:


Welcome Mors and congrats on your already-progress! Expect to have an LD pretty soon because expectation has a lot to do with it. Good luck and hope to see you around the forum! :happy:

Hey Mors, glad to see you’re “zooming” along. I’m doing WBTB right now, perhaps you should too… well good luck and see you around!

Hi Mors Welcome aboard! :smile:

Happy Dreaming! And many Lds!

(Lol Infection :grin: )


hi, i’m new here!

i first stumbled upon lucid dreaming about a year ago on the discussion boards. since then i’ve been trying on and off to have LD’s, but have never had one (i know, how sad. even after a year of trying, still no success). so now i’ve gotten really serious about it in hopes of having one.

that’s about all i’ve got to say for now. this site seems most excellent for LDing help!

Hi bigjedman :smile:

I hope u will discover the world of dreaming and lucid dreaming
for yourself :smile:

Goodluck and welcome!