Pitch Black

Most of my LD’s have consisted of me wandering around my house in pitch black settings. Despite my best efforts i cannot seem to increase the light level to beyond that of seeing little lights in the distance like out a window or something, you know at night like a lamppost, or the vcr time blinking 12:00. So i usually end up kind of feeling my way around or walking very carefully. I have gotten outside and it is a little better there but still pretty bad. The only luck ive had was to take advantage of how my garage light automatically turns on when im near. If i try to ‘teleport’ or manifest new surroundings, things get ultimate black usually and i realize im in my bed awake. Any advice?

Try asking in the dream why is everything black :bored:
Or you could just use it like a dream sign…

create a torch, make oillamps light up, find a light switch.

thats all i can suggest lol.

Try yelling out “The sun is rising!” and expect it to happen. If that doesnt work, try spinning yourself and saying the same thing.

Just yell like a maniac: “Increase luminosity 1000%” and don’t be too freaked out when you become engulfed in flames. No, JJ. I would try to find a dream character and ask him/her about it. If all else fails, just sit yourself down by the little light you have and make some really freaky shadow puppets! :tongue:

A lot of my LD’s start as FA’s in my bedroom. When I “wake up” it is pitch black and I always feel my way downstairs to the front door. Before opening the door I tell myself “I will be [insert place here] and it will be daytime” or something like that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If not, I can usually find some bit of light like you mentioned. When I see it I focus on it and start spinning. Each time it comes back into my field of view it seems to get bigger and bigger and eventually I am in a new dreamscene.

I’ve tried the commands, but they don’t work well for me.

Spinning could be interesting here indeed, they tested spinning with lab rats and that gives theta waves, thats much like rem sleep. The darkness could be the dream is in or close related to nonrem sleep.
Spinning could break with that and make u go into a fully rem sleep.
At least interesting enough to try it out :smile:


The first thing I thought when I read this is maybe you’re having LD’s when it’s dark in RL?
I get the feeling, the only reason I have light in my LD’s is because they always happen in late morning in RL. I’m sure my eyes are sensing the level of light in the room.
You could try falling asleep with a light on

Well, you can make a torch like someone else said and you should definitely RC whenever you’re in the dark 'cause if they’re that consistent it’ll be the best RC ever. :grin:

most of my what I label in my DJ as experiences (not yet LD, too general to call trance) I’m struggling with getting visual. When it works I can sometimes see in perfect detail parts of my own room even when it’s dark, other times I lose myself and fall asleep or just fall out of trance.

that sounds good, must try it!

hey all if you havent noticed i tend to make a bunch of posts then disappear for a few days, then i do the same thing again. Maybe i’ll break the cycle, maybe not.

As for manifesting objects of luminosity, i dont really think im there yet i once had an ld where i was trying to make fireballs and could only do so sometimes (it was light out in the dream). So im not too good with the willpower thing in LD’s, maybe i just get too excited to think clearly or maybe im limiting myself right now. Either way ima hope i remember to try it next LD i get.

As for dreamcharacters i almost always never find a dreamcharacter, in fact i dont think ive had any recent LD’s with dreamcharacters, i mean all my recent LD’s have been ‘pitch black’ FA in my house at night and so i guess it makes sense that all the dreamcharacters arent around.

As for commanding stuff again the willpower thing i guess im still too used to not expecting such things to manifest, i just gotta get my mind on the fact that its an LD and that ‘i have the powah!’

I’ll try spinning if i remember

yeah whispa that makes sense cuz i always have no lights in my room its always pitch black at night (and pretty dark at day) so i’ll try to leave my christmas lights on thatre hanging around my ceiling (yeah i know its not that im lazy, i LOVE christmas lights)

Great idea to pull an RC in dark conditions i’ll integrate that into my routine. Im not too sure how many non LD dreams i have though that are FA or start out in my room dark, its like i’ll just be lucid and there. (many a time after something resembling getting out of body or AP)

Yeah the main thing i dont like about the dark conditions is how sometimes i’ll just know i have woken up but still pitch black…i mean if the thought crosses my mind of waking up in my pitch black room it will happen. If i had this whole scene going on and whatnot im sure i’ll have a harder time waking up at such a thought. So anyways thanks for the suggestions i’ll let you all know how it turns out, assuming i’ll have another LD soon


I got an idea. If you do come across another LD where its pitch black, try to feel yourself around in the room and find a door handle (or simply expect one to conjure up in your hand). Before you open it, say to yourself (and expect) “When I open this door, I will be in a brightly lighted room.” and open the door. I’ve never tried this myself but I think it should work. :neutral:

hey james good idea i’ll try that out. Reminds me of the idea that LD’s involve A LOT of symbolism manipulation and the reason its so hard to teach is cuz symbolism meanings vary from person to person…but anyways yeah i almost always first thing i do open my room door into the hallway to more pitch black…one time i did see a bit of light under it before i opened it (light blue light like the text box im typing in right now), and when i opened it i got all this wind and stuff, was a little lighter but it got dark again when i went out into the living room (i had thought in the dream that the window was open and there was a major hurricane which there never are where i live but quickly forgot such as i went on my usual mission in pitch black LD’s: get outside.) but anyways in the LD’s ive had the most ive manipulated my environment is trying to walk thru a door, flying (only once but god it owned!), and making little fireballs (once)…guess if i remember i’ll pull a big leap for me-kind and go for full blown surroundings change beyond my room door. But to change the subject a little (as usual), anyone got any suggestions on how to remember stuff that you were planning to do in an LD, once you get into an LD?

well, one reason remembering things to do in LD is so hard is because you have so many on your mind. It’s unlimited if you think about it really. So I think the best way to get by this is by making a decision on what one specific thing you want to do in your LD before going to sleep. keeping this as your number one priority without straying out on other things you might want to do. What i usually do is make a primary and a secondary so that just in case you forget the first one you can go on and do the second.

This is what I described above, and it does work much of the time. I’ve tried it from my bedroom door, but always end up in the hallway. Works much better if I try it from the front door. Sometimes when it’s still dark outside, I just tell myself that the sun is just about to rise and voila, the sun starts to rise and I can see. Also works more often if I expect to be outside my house when I open the door rather than in some other dreamscene, but other dreamscenes do work.

As for remembering what to do Sentient, I agree with James to keep it simple and just give yourself one or two tasks. I do this and it works pretty well. Side note…last one I tried to remember was asking a dream character why they were here (saw it on the tips f/ the day on the main page of this site). I’m not sure I’ll ever do that again as she went nuts - changed appearance (scary face), rose up into the air, and started yelling at me that she was here for this and that and I shouldn’t be questioning her as to why she was there. Had to shut my eyes and wake up (first time I tried that and it worked well).

Hi Sentient,
you have chance !
Pitch black (or intermediate state) is the most interesting place in dreams. I went voluntarily there for years and years. This is a place where you can find great energy, and great sensations.
Try to sit down and calm.
Become conscious of your breathing. Feel it all through your dream body.
You should experiment a flowing of energy, because energy is much more available here than in dreams.

Anyhow, it should not last too long. If you stay calm, sitting down, I can guarantee you that dreams will come quickly.
I don’t know the quote in english, but it is like “If Mohammed does not go to the mountain, the mountain comes to Mohammed”.
If you don’t go to the dream, the dream comes to you.
This is a law of LD.

I think you might need to intensify your dreams. Spinning, for the reasons jeff mentioned, and also it might help make things more vivid. Don’t worry though as you have more LD ‘s I think this situation will cure its self. Lucid dreaming can take some getting used to.

Happy Dreaming

Most of my LD’s have consisted of me wandering around my house in pitch black settings. quote]

Think about what that means, you may not know. But, in all my dreams there almost ALWAYS dark. Its a dream sign, so thats cool, that way you can say, hey its dark, but I could turn on a light, but still dark, so I must be dreaming.

Hmm, also, you need to learn some dream control I guess. I also wanna know how to create more light… but, maybie you could make a lamp, or a candle with a flame. Or, will the time to be in the afternoon. Im not really, sure, my next goal is to create pot joints, and a lighter, and smoke them hehe.

Also, do you have stuff to fear in these lds… maybie the darkness symbolizez your fear.

But, my best advice is to try and conjure up the device that you think is the easiest and the light source that will work the best. It wont hurt to try. hehe, I sure hope I ld tongite, cause I wanna try weed in my dreams.

I’d have to agree with Flo-- the Pitch Black intermediate area isn’t a bad thing. I’m often very excited when my LD begins here. When I have this experience, it’s often connected to more of an OBE or FA, or something inbetween an OBE and a LD. I used to get frustrated, because I’d spend so much energy trying to get out of my apartment, feeling around in the dark. But now I use this time to gather energy and plan my dream missions. If the LD doesn’t come to me, I ususally end up finally making my way out a window or door and flying in the dark over a town with lights below. I almost ALWAYS end up landing at what seems like a university or college campus, and finding a building with lights and activity to go inside. And I haven’t been a student for years, so this seems weird to me, but it’s like a jumping off/starting area for me. Like the SeaLife Forum folks, I’m very interested in mapping my dream locales, and this university campus seems to be the gateway to other places in my dream universe. Good luck!

PS-- In the past I could never get out of my dark apartment until I created dream weapons for myself, because I was afraid of having spooky experiences out in the dark once I got out. After I started doing this, it kind of quelled my fears/gave me confidence and facilitated new dream locales just coming to me instead of me struggling to find them.