Poison dreams

Sometimes I have dreams where I feel a strange poison throughout my bones. I can’t explain it, it feels disgusting, and when I wake up I still feel it. It’s not nausea really it’s a supernatural itch/pain/gooey substance throughout my being and when I wake up I still feel it for like 5 to 40 minutes

Similarly, I have blind dreams, like I’m in a pool and then can barely see and I wake up and a remnant of the eye pain is there for a few minutes

Have any of you experienced this in dreaming? I wonder how lucidity could fix this.

Hey what do you guys think about this?

Hi its evident. And I dont know why you want us to connect the dots.
You are subjecting yourself to what psychiatry of the 1980s describes chemical lobotomy. This isnt the forum to discuss this but you will die from organ failure, its in the recipe of the things you so “bravely” defend.

You need to face reality sober - you might not always suffer otherwise, but sure as hell you will not be able to ENJOY. Please refrain from arguing with biochemistry. Just read the bypackage of your “prescriptions” and research things like haloperidol torture, the same stuff you are taking is used for torture around the world. I know this sounds crazy mad, but you could face reality and research at least wikipedia and the crazy easy sources

Of course I want to get off of them. It will take years especially bc of my mom

Aha is that what the ministry of truth says

We had multiple people here who had unique perceptions and they must have been real interessting as I still know their name. Fitting in isnt important if you value genuine emotion. And that only exists when you are ready for it and allow your biochemistry to produce those states by NOT frying every last serotonin receptor because some dude wants to sell you drugs forever

Edit: When you finally wake up and stop subjecting your body to this constant abuse you will experience a rebound effect. Even a 100% sane person will experience hallucinations during that period and itll last about 2 weeks.

If you had my mind you might need them too. How is it any different than taking supplements like galantamine, choline, etc?

I am autistic and schizophrenic. While my goal is to respect my mindset and who I am without psychiatric drugs and learn how to face and tame my anxiety, for now I need the medication. I am on a very low dose and my psychiatrist might be lowering it again soon. I am not telling you guys to take them, of course I support freedom to not take the pills but if it is truly freedom then it should be ok for me to take them while I need them.

Do you know what it’s like to have scary voices? If you are so against meds what can I do to take my symptoms without them?

You know what the difference between an insane and a sane person is?
One of them didnt discuss their experiences with an institution that thinks lobotomy is the greatest.

Yes I get that it’s best to keep my gifts to myself. But it got so bad that I couldn’t control it and I was in and out of hospitals for 2 years

I love that you are lucid dreaming. Makes me hope big time for you.


Read human rights if you ever believe you need to discuss what goes in YOUR body with anyone. Article 1 to 20 and youll feel like a newborn

I know I have a right to not take pills I don’t want. That is why I lowered it. It will take years to get off them and I don’t know if I should.

The duration only amplifies their damage.

My mom would never accept it. Once I pay to get assessed for autism and get a diagnosis letter I can convince my mom I am autistic and not schizophrenic and maybe then after years of me educating her then maybe she would accept me going off of them. I did hear demonic voices for like 6 years though, it was extreme torture.

Read your human rights now.

my voices were toxic and scary though

Like you already said, it’s just as well your right to take the meds. So if you feel that they truly help you and life is better with than without, it sounds like you are consciously agreeing with the prescription.

yes right now i believe my life would fall apart if I stopped taking them.

Hey marvin, its easy for us to say “take your meds” but once youve seen the system work from inside you know its just a lot of people filling out forms. Its the same issue private prisons in USA have - just this institute is global. The entire narrative forces rebecca to blindly believe or it would just provoke more anxiety. Trust me, the anxiety you have is just another failsafe for the “greater good”(trademark). You deserve life like we, full of colour and honesty, multiple layers of truth in every conversation and perceptions so rich you would barely recognise us as sane if you were in our heads.

Let me leave you with this: In a crisis situation its okay to hit someone and tell them to come to their senses, is it not? Its not a grazeful solution but if it works thats important in the short term. These chemical lobotomys and benzos you chug, are a slap on your head [and organs]. Yeah itll silence you, yes itll numb you, yes youll not see clearly for a bit but at least the group can carry on.

You deserve a better life. And that starts with believing that you can now, yesterday the same as in 5 years.