Possible To Gain Muscle etc..?

Is it possible to increase your body muscle or something similar through LD’s? So you have it IRL

hmm i wouldnt think thats possible

probably really hard though

No. But if you train in LD, it can give you some ideas how to train more effectively IRL. Also training in LD can give emotional push to train more IRL if you are lazy and need motivation :tongue:

If the above is true, I’d expect that the dreamstate could be used for similar effects… Though I doubt any of the posters so far want to enlarge their breasts. :tongue: Anyway, dreaming seems to me like a powerful trance, so you could try giving yourself a hypnotic suggestion while lucid (for example “my real body will grow large muscles”). Since it is your body, I don’t see why your subconcious couldn’t be convinced to produce extra hormones…

:ohno: (the Bright_Eyes_Rocks becoming Incredible_Hulk_Rocks smiley)

At the same time, other related states might serve this purpose better - for example the vibrational state of an OBE, or the void state after waking from a lucid dream (but not moving). Things to try, things to try…

I actually wonder if it’s possible to effect even greater changes - like say growing a few extra arms or something. If you believe in evolution, I’m pretty sure science doesn’t know the exact mechanism through which it occurs… Maybe giraffes just dreamed they had big necks once upon a time…

In my opinion, i think it’s very unlikely.

I think it’s possible cause:

  1. just imagining you’re training has a little effect on muscle growth.
  2. when dreaming about something it has quite the same effect in brain than doing it IRL.

Now the effect would be very faint cause:

  1. The effect with imagination is just 10%, if I remember well, of the real effect.
  2. You would just train during the time you have LD’s, that is perhaps 10 minutes per month! :sad:

So I think it would be simpler and more efficient to train oneself 10 mn per day IRL. :gni:

Yeah but you can extend time in LD’s to make it like 1 week in 10hours.

but com’on BER, it’s not as easy as you think. Basilus West, the last line in your post made me laugh :lol:

if you can spend an infinite amount of time lucid it would be fantastic to do it all mastering some sort of ability that is doable in waking life.

This is an interesting question because the subconcious mind cannot tell the diffrence between imagination or RL. LD’s can be used as a powerful visualization tool because you literally see your thoughts create reality in front of you consciously in real time. Just picturing/thinking about something will magnetize it to you. - Just ask Tiger Woods or Lance Armstrong how they use visualization.

 What's neat about LD's is that just thinking about something can manifest it [u]immediately[/u] (of course with practice :content: ). Picturing/visualizing IRL will create reality for you but there is a time lag because your are in the "physical" dimension. IMHO visualizing while LDing is much more powerful because you see the immediate effect of your thoughts rather than gradually with a time lag.

Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong, and lots of other people are useing the visualization together with actual practice IRL. That has been shown to work. When they are not used together, then there is no big gain. The gain is also in ability, not in muscle size. There is also research using LD’s like this that shows a gain in skill when used together with practice IRL.

[color=darkblue]Unless you dream with real weights in your hands and pump iron while you dream then of course it is impossible! :lol:
Were you thinking under the same principles as think yourself thin?

LD may motivate you or help you with your training techniques but it will never give you real life muscle. How can you gain without any physical effort!? :confused:

I say- stop being so lazy and buy some real weights![/color] :tongue:

I read once that tibetan dream yogis achieved mesamorphic body types with lean muscular physique just by lucid dreaming about it, and training in their dreams.

It was a passing sentence in a novel on the powers of the unconscious mind, so I wouldnt know how much credit to give it.

Mental effort can have some sort of effect on the physical body. Relasing hormones and such. It’s not gonna be like you dream and then wake up stronger. But over time you might have a positive effect., if you do it all the time.
Like Basilus said, It’s probably easier just to exercise IRL. And alot more fun to play in your dreams.

Of course, maybe if you believe with absolute conviction that it will produce real muscle IRL, then it will. If you believe it can’t or even have the smallest doubt then it won’t. For those of us that believe it can’t maybe that’s just because we think it can’t. Belief creates reality. :smile:

i do do not know about hormones, but the reason for having stonger muscles is:

when we excersise, the fibres of the muscle are torn.
we become stronger when they repair, as more of these fibres are laid down

however, i have a sneeking suspision that if we train IRL, then deceive our brain to thinking we have overdone training in our dreams, then we can make our IRL training more effective

I think it might be an extreme form of the placebo effect. If you make yourself feel the burn, your RL body will release the hormones for a buff bod. It’s the same thing as imagining yourself urinating in a dream. Sometimes it makes you wet the bed.

[color=darkblue]Torax3… Did you not listen to what def said!?

In order to build muscle, you have to physically damage the existing tissue to rebuild it back stronger. I don’t know how hormones or the placebo effect got into this discussion. These only help you while you’re training- with your state of mind, not to actually build muscle.

This whole conversation is pretty absurd in my opinion… [/color]

If you are in a dream and trains, maybe you somehow ‘train’ while you are sleeping, physically… by just moving around in your bed, if you get my point. But like quoted earlier here, we use like 1% of our brain or something… what do you think the other 99% is? And come on you closed-mind people. It doesn’t hurt to at least try something before you go all crazy on this. TRY it before you whine about how its impossible. :content: