Prob with keeping/having lucid dreams...

So far i’ve had 2 very poor lucid experiences if u can even call it that…
1st one: I was dreaming, i realized i was, then i felt tingly all over and i felt the room fading. I could start to feel my real body so i didnt try the spinning think, cuz i thought it would wake me up. when it got all black i woke up.
2nd one: This was just in the middle of a dream, i was being chased (4 sum reason i always remember these dreams, being chased by sum monster. Whats weird is that afterwards i kind of enjoyed it, just the rush… any1 else have these dreams) and i ran into a closet (not like i ran into a wall, but like i was inside the closet) and then realized i was dreaming, the dream almost isntantly faded, i could almost totally feel my real body, so i started thinking bout the dream and on accendent re-entered it.

so any1 have any tips?thx

just quickly thought i’d say i can relate to your story about the monster chasing you… i often find fear or any kind of powerful emotion when it reaches a certain level, prompts me into realizing I am dreaming. and yes, i like the rush of it too.

Knowing xenomorphs are on the loose, and DC freaking out and getting eaten in the distance does bring new meaning to terror. Although its an amazing experience, I don’t find it so when I’m in the dream. I wonder how much fun a Nightmare-LD would be; certainly on my list to-do when I get better at LDs. Maybe Nightmare-LD would give me a tougher personality and I’d be more self-controlled in moments of panic IRL. Just a thought…

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge does mention all the things you are wondering about in detail. But in brief, you’re supposed to face your fears in an inquisitive manner (openly and courageously if i remember correctly). Low-level LD aren’t too great I know, but I’d be happy for one of those as my much-anticipated 4th LD.

i have been chased manymany times in my dreams, but noone has ever catched me (…i wonder what that would be like :cool: ). the ones after me are often some mafia dudes or monsters etc… i like those dreams too… good luck with your lds!

Once a vampire chased me and bit me in the neck, but his theeth were too much away from each other, so he missed my neck ^^ Then I just played along that I was a vampire too :grin:

same here, they have never caught me…

Hmmm… whenever I am chased in dreams I am found no matter where I go. I stepped into a wall once in a dream when I was a child… thinking my persuer would never find me but he just punched through the wall to get to me.

As for staying in the dreams, Neo… you are reaching lucidity but then losing it almost at once. This can be a problem. You have given yourself part of your solution. The second time… when you concentrated on the dream and then found yourself back in it is important. You want to be doing that. If you start to feel that waking sensation… ignore it and concentrate on the dreamworld around you.

If you don’t find spinning to be comfortable in that situation, try vigorously rubbing your hands together. The motion and sensations from this often do a good job keeping me lucid if I feel it slipping.

as for chasing dreams.

i used to have this shockin reoccuring nightmare where i was chased down a kind of hallway by a shark thingy with legs, and everytime it came o a dead end, and the thing would start eating me, feet first, and i could never close my eyes, so i had to watch him eat me before waking up.

the funny thing is that i would be running down the hallway, and remebering the dream from before, know that there was a dead end coming up, and that it was a dream, (but these were the days before i knew about lucid dreaming). but once i realized it was a dream, i would always try and wake myself before coming to the dead end, it was scary as all shit, knowing that if i didnt wake myself up soon, i would get eaten, again.

for now i dont think that the hands rubbing thing will work cuz i start to feel my real hands/body so i think it will imeaditly wake me up. But next time this happens ill try the re-entering thing, cept this time it’ll b on purpose :smile:

Dammit!!! i had another experience last night: i saw someone walk into my classroom who i no has moved, plus she has appeared in one of my dreams b4, so i realized it was a dream and it was instantly over.

sigh Does this go away after time? Any tips? thx :sad:

Yes, it certainly does go away after time. That dosn’t mean you have to fail hundreds of times more before you can last longer than 5 seconds though. There are a few things you can try next time you find yourself in that situation.

These are known as ‘stabilization’ techniques, and include a number of ways you can prolong your lucidity and prevent waking up straight away. The main problem is the excitement, which can sometimes prevent you from remembering to do these things when you get lucid.

One of the most reliable is simply to stop and look at your hands, paying as much attention as you can to the image. The idea behind this is to try to emerge yourself in the dream by using your senses. You can pretty much do this with anything, just stop and stare at it, trying to see as much detail as you can. If you just close your eyes and dissassociate yourself from the world, then you will wake up.

Other techniques include repeating things like ‘Increase lucidity’, or ‘Enhance vision’. Alternatively, you might want to try the spinning technique, as described in just about every LD FAQ on the net. :wink:

Good luck

Again i had another experience but this was better. I should first say that b4 i went to bed i fed my sisters turtle in her room and i guess i was dizzy cuz it seemed sumthing was wrong so i did a RC but nothing happened. (i was awake) and then i looked out the window at the moon.
Then i went to sleep. In my dream i became lucid while walking into my sisters room. it accually took me a while to get lucid, like first i said “Okay i’m dreaming so now i can get lucid… So now im able to get lucid… i can get lucid” then i finally did. i thought that i wanted to fly, so i made this little counter appear floating in the air. It was counting down from 10. I thought that when it got to 0 i’d fly out the window. When it was at 5 i made the window open and then at 0 i kinda glided/flew out. it turned out that i was not outside but like inside this huge ski resort. Anyways i had a false awakening or maybe i was having a dream within a dream but i woke up (not really) and started telling my sister about my dream