Problems with Lucids

Okay, LONG time no see. But as i have started to see lucids much more often than i used to, (Maybe 1 every two months but STILL) i remembered this place and, well, here i am again.

So, last night i had a lucid which in i had perfect vividity and control, except without the godlike control. Basically, i remembered much from the real world, rubbing hands together, etc. And i also remembered that i wanted to fly. But i couldn’t. I JUST couldn’t, and i couldn’t do anything else “magical” either. And, i have a huge problem in dreams, which is closing my eyes. If i close my eyes in the dream, i can’t open them again, because if i do, i open them in real life :tongue:. I even know this in the dreams and often i just have to give up on the lucidity and try just to fall back to normal sleep so i won’t wake up.

So, any assistance in the problems which are, closing my eyes and opening them again, getting into deeper “dream state” while luciding, so i won’t wake up so easily as most of my lucids have been really short as i can’t control myself and accidentally wake up :sad: and finally, gaining the total and utmost control in dreams, i can’t do anything special at the moment. Meh.

Well as for flying, the trick is not to think you can fly, but to imagine it. Picture, visualize boosters on the bottom of your feet which shoot forth powerful energy launching you into the air like superman. Just tilt your feet to go up or down, the trick is to simply not say you can, but imagine it.

As for the eye problem, I have the same one. I wasted a perfect LD the other night not from closing but from falling into water. The water entered my eyes and I instantly woke up. If you need to see darkness, dont close your eyes, simply place your hand over your eyes and take out the image.

Just keep practicing, and remember to visualize what you want to happen!

External Sources are a big help when flying… Try a jetpack or wings to start and if you master that then you can strengthen your belief that you have the ability to fly freely

And if you fall wake up from a lucid dream, you can incubate it fairly easily by remaining perfectly still when you wake up and just picturing yourself where the dream left off :smile:

Yeah, i tried that, and i entered into a half-lucid. It was basically a dream but i couldn’t hear sounds. Everything was silent. Sadly, i don’t remember anything from it anymore.

But thanks for the tips. Gotta try to use my imagination more in the next one. And have to remember not to close my eyes.

For tips on flying, look here.