Problems with the WBTB.

I tried it again last night, this time I got up, wrote in my dream diary (See the dream diary board for my entry :alien: ) Jumped around, ran a little, etc. Physical stuff, but not THAT physical, because I was still sleepy, but I could NOT get back to sleep, any help?

When using wbtb, I just go to the toilet. That’s enough for me (like 80%succes or something). Maybe you could first try to stay up a bit less longer?


My first try I stayed up for 1 minute XD but last night I stayed up for about 10, so less? About 2-5? Until Im awake?

Freecube, if you find yourself having a hard time falling back asleep. Try sleep lesser than 6 hours… perhaps 5 hours then get up do something just enough for you to be awake then go back to bed.

Please allow yourself to have some time to fall asleep because having difficult time falling sleep is a GOOD sign!

I wish you the best luck! :grin:

why is having a difficult time falling asleep a good sign?


When you have a hard time falling asleep, you get more chance to become lucid in your dream. Your mind is still awake enough when you begin dreaming; therefore, it’s easier for you to question the dreaming content and become lucid.

Hope I’m making sense here. :wink:

Lieve dromen (sweet dreams!) :wiske:

Instead of jumping around and doing physical stuff lots of people suggest reading about LDing. You need to be fairly awake to read, but it doesn’t get you all lively. Plus it puts fresh information about LDing into your head.

Another thing I’ve found that works is a paper round. This last week I have been doing someone’s round while they’re on holiday. It means I get up about 7 hours after going to sleep, have one hour awake in which time I get to go for a walk as I deliver the papers, then go to sleep as soon as I’ve finished it.

I have had one very low level LD with the PRBTB method, which is more than normal. I couldn’t control much, and whenever I thought about lucidity too much I could feel myself waking up, so I just went with the flow of the dream, drifting in and out of lucidity and trying not to make myself wake up. There was one thing I changed: I could hear “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” By Elton John playing very loudly, so I managed to change it to Pink Floyd.

AARRGHH! I’m so stoopid! I forgot to shout “Increase Lucidity!” Ah well, next time.


Don’t you even set your intention or anything…?


I can never do WBTB. I always wake up for like 1 minute get tired and role over… :neutral:

When I got my first Lucidity moment I did the WBTB Method for the ten minutes I write the question “Am I Dreaming” on a sheet of paper. It worked but I now starting to think it was beginners luck.

NOOOOOOOO! WHY DID THIS GET UN-STICKY?! :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :cry:

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