Project: GOD (Group of Dreamers)

this post is not saying that God is a group of dreamers or anything like that.

What this project basically is, is a group of dreamers including me, all becoming lucid. If possible, we will all try to do one big shared dream (one person will get another person lucid, who will get another person lucid and so on), then we will either attempt to get a glimpse of Heaven, and/or talk to Jesus/God. If you are interested, reply.

Also, If we can do this, for those of you who want to see BenDrummin’s SeaHome, we can make a quick stop, if he says it’s ok…

Sounds a good a idea but im not sure if it will work but i might be interested.

GREAT! :grin:

if we can get more people by tonight, we may be able to do it tonight!!!

lol? Sea home? I’m helping saraphim too…

yeah, he’s gonna try to get me lucid, unless one of you all can do it first…

OK here’s the list of people who want to join in, so far:

Seraphim - Leader
Lunatic - Possible Lucid Inducer & Co-Leader
Seandop - Co-Leader # 2
CranberryDude - Group Member #1
Randomperson - Group Member #2
Nemesis - Group Member #3

Personally I’m atheist, but maybe something like this will give me something to believe in, I’m in.

Cool! so many people joining :smile:

lol about the leader thing, but I’m interested in having a big shared dream. I can help others get lucid if someone can get me lucid. I have already asked for help in bendrummin58’s thread, but I don’t think he will be doing it tonight. I would really like to see the Seahome, so if someone could get me lucid tonight, and remember what I look like, for verification that I was involved in a shared dream, I would deffinately be interested!!!

so, r u saying, u r in?

and u wanna be a leader too?

i definately want to be in. i don’t know what you define as “leader”. i don’t have very much experience, but I think I could help get people lucid if you want me to try. I’ve never had a shared dream before, so I want somebody to confirm that I wasn’t just talking to a bunch of DC’s

What happens if I “accidently” kill everyone else? That would be funny if one person messed it up and woke everyone else. LOL

one of us, could maybe increase lucidity to 100%, that way we would definitely get a good view of u.

ok, thanx. i need to learn more techniques to do that, but i’ll experiment with what i know.

please keep the sadistic urges to yourself, please…lol :content:

I think a leader is someone that helps others get lucid…

hopefully i won’t wake up when you tell me i’m dreaming :content: Oh, and in response to Randomperson: Please don’t not this time, at least.

Just a though… :devil: :gni:

Ah. Duh. Some times I’m oblivious to the simple things. :smile: