ranks brainstorm

hi everybody,

the forum will be a bit revamped to match the new design (coming soon to a theatre near you).

and we are going to have new rank images and titles
(you know the stars and 'somniologist, dream deity etc)

i want to invite you to brainstorm with me.

i will also be possible to have a custom title - but the plan is to make that available when one reaches a certain numer of posts, or together with the forum titles.

throw in your ideas, and preferably with a seven scale like this

0-9 posts “Sleepwalker”
10-49 posts “Novice Dreamer”
50-99 posts “Lucid Initiate”
100-249 posts “Sominologist”
250-499 posts, 4 stars, “Astral Explorer”
500-999 posts “Dream Deity”
1000- posts ???
perhaps even one for over 2000, 5000 and 10000 posts
(then we can go a long way before anyone reachest the latest one :grin: )

of course we can also change the amount of posts one needs to have for the next title to be reached, i just dont want anybody to suddenly lose their stars when the new design is online.

let me know your thoughts, also when you prefer not to have any ranks, titles, or when you want to leave it the same or maybe you have another idea?

thanks for all suggestions!

I like the idea with a larger scale with more stars. I also like the custom title idea :cool_laugh: and I think that one should only be available for something like 1000+ posts or maybe even 2000+.

Then about names for 1000+ posts, I don’t really know at the moment. But I think that "dream deity " could maybe be for 1000+ instead.

yes but i dont know if the current dream deities will like that?
you are one, you wouldnt mind?

To have over 1500 posts is something.And i guess this something should be clearly noticed.So id agree with Jarod about dream diety over 1500.Actually it does not have to be dream diety…any would do,but i think it must be special…and custom title…id say one deserves it after reaching over 2000.
I think so because it is good when one reads answers to his posts and sees the title,so he knows hes got the answer from someone who knows the topic well.And this knowledge comes after long time being here,reading and posting.
But after all…im quite happy with it all like it is…just this dream diety count is too low.
Take care:)

How about custom titles given by site admin to all those with 500+ posts or something? Titles would of course be authored by pasQuale as she sees fit. That’s the first thing that popped into my head anyways.

I wouldn’t mind loosing the title “dream deity”. Considering what the name means I think only a few people should have that title. And I think that might keep people more motivated to help newbies and such things because then they get more posts.

And I don’t really feel like a “dream deity” I still feel a bit like a like a newbie. I would describe myself as a maybe Sominologist if I only go by the experience I have.

Some suggestions (I’ve put Dream Deity as the highest rank, because it’s difficult to go higher than a god :smile: ). My sister came up with some excellent ideas while brainstorming:

500-999: Dream Catcher, King Lucidity
1000-2499: Subconscious Master, Prophet of Illusion
2500-4999: Lord of Lucidity, Dream Pope, Lord of the Dreams
5000-9999: Dream Deity, Enlightened Dreamer

Nice going mystic’s sister :tongue:

I like those names :cool_laugh:

Haha, ‘Dream Pope’ that is kind of funny.

mmm…i like dream catcher and dream deity from your list mystic.

rank badges…anyone below 1000 posts should have only coloured plastic stars…silver stars and gold stars are a bit too expensive, they should be given to the 1000+ posters only.

how about trying to integrate a “Silver, Golden, Platinum” type of rank. We could have lots of ranks then! :happy:

“Silver Sleepwalker” “Silver Novice Dreamer” “Silver Lucid Initiate” etc. etc. until "“Golden Sleepwalker” “Golden Novice Dreamer” “Golden Lucid Initiate” etc. etc.

great suggestions everybody!

keep them coming :content:

i like the plastic; gold; silver and platinum thing.

im working on an entirily different approach where you first have to collect parts of the star before having the actual star. i can do something then with the silver, gold and platinum maybe :happy:

i want to surprise you with the actual ranks (so it will be a bit of a discovery) so i wont tell you my ideas :razz:

0-9 posts “Sleepwalker”
10-49 posts “Novice Dreamer”
50-99 posts “Lucid Initiate”
100-249 posts “Sominologist”
250-499 posts, 4 stars, “Lucid perfomer”
500-999 posts, 4 stars “Astral explorer”
1500 posts, 5 stars Lucid Master"

2000 Lucid Magician silver stripe added
5000 Lucid Wizard Golden stripe ,
10000 Lucid Controler/ Lucid God/ Lucid Deity platinum stripe

you could also use rainbow colour for 10000 and above!
And some addings like choose your own name from 2000 posts or 5000 posts.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with. :smile:

I think more customized titles would be cool.

The different colored stars is a good idea but, I would give them all different ranks. In other words have titles for silver stars then different titles for gold and so on.

Not a bad idea at all milod789 :wink:

I thought of a diffrent way of thinking in this one

0-9 posts “awake”
10-49 posts “yawn”
50-99 posts “sleepy”
100-249 posts “napping”
250-499 posts, 4 stars, “sleeping”
500-999 posts, 4 stars “REM-stage”
1500 posts, 5 stars “dreamer”
2000 posts, “Lucid dreamer”
5000 posts, “definate lucid state”
10000 posts, “what you want yourself”

something like that :smile:

thats a cool way to look at it starday!

thanks :happy:

Another idea:

Above a certain number of posts, say 2000, the poster gets the chance to choose his own personalized rank. The rank can be anything, but ofcourse it must comply with the basic rules (not too long or too short, no offensive language,…). Unless that’s too difficult to establish? Just an idea :content:

yes, above a certain no of post you will be able to chose your own rank :content:

( i will install that custom title mod :grin: )

If there are going to be custom titles there definately should be something else common for everyone…like stars to it or golden/platinium stuff.
I still like the idea of making it clear and visibile at first sight whos posting without having to look at those small posts numbers.
Actually the less complicated system the better.