Reality Check Question from beginner

Okay, I read the wikibook yesterday and throughout the day made an effort to think about whether I was dreaming or not (I obviously wasn’t). I counted my fingers occasionally (not out loud, I don’t want to look crazy), read and re-read labels, and basically just made an effort to think about it.

Then last night in my dream, I had some object that I had one second, and the next it was gone. Like I put it down and then when I came back to it, it wasn’t there. I remember thinking, that’s not right, I should do a reality check to see if I’m dreaming. I didn’t actually check anything, because as soon as I thought about doing a reality check I fell backwards screaming into the wall behind me. A split second later, though, I remember saying “Cool, I’m dreaming.” Then I woke up.

Can just thinking about doing a reality check make one realize they’re dreaming? Can one realize they’re dreaming but still not be able to control it?

Welcome, Joemono! :welcome:

There’s lots of info on Reality Checks on the forum if you’d like to read a bit. :smile:

Did you actually realize it was a dream, or just say it? Realizing is different than just thinking the thought. If you know it’s a dream, even without checking, you’re lucid. :grin:

As for control, that varies from person to person. The more LDs you have, the better chance you’ll have of improving the things you can do. Play around a bit and see what your hidden talents are. (One of my best skills is transporting. :wink: ) Of course every power will get better in time.

Next chance you get, go ahead and introduce yourself in The Big “Hi, I’m New Here!” Topic - Part XXVII. :wave:


Hie Joemono, and a big welcome to you :wave: .
In relation to realizing that you’re dreaming and still not being able to control it; control of the dream environment can for many purposes be considered separate from lucidity. You may have many lucid dreams where you appear not able to alter your environment, and yet you are able to control your own actions. On the flip side, you may have occasional dreams where you have incredible dream control (flying at will, summoning creatures, anything you desire) and yet not be lucid, or actually aware that you’re dreaming.

The short answer: yes.

Doing an RC is not absolutely necessary to become lucid in a dream. Another way is to recognize a Dream Sign (DS); something so weird that it has to be a dream. And you can just spontaneously become lucid in a dream without doing anything (this is my usual method of becoming lucid).

And congratulations on your first Lucid Dream. :clap: Welcome to the club.