Recently Tried to use PK, TK, And Telepathy

I recently tried to do these after reading a post here and going to and looked at the topics. This site is familiar i have visited it before. I tried Telepathy and my sister coudlnt guess the fruit. Then i tried PK. If you read the things on that site you will understand how to do it. I tried it and i thought i seen smoke coming from a wick of a candle. Is this close if anyone has done this before. Then with TK i tried it on a paper and i thought i saw it move. Also mentioned on that site. Help maybe??
( TK Telekinisis PK Pyrokinisis )

Ok…look. It’s all real, and yes I’ve done it. I’ve moved pencils, and I’ve put candles out. But let me tell you this. No this from an experienced person. It’s a waste of time. What’s the good to it? Life’s too short to do something pointless. And it TAKES FOREVER to get good at it. It took me 4 months to move a pencil…ok. That is way to long for something so pointless. Do it if you think it’s really cool like I did, but then you’re going to realize the same ole thing as me. I still do it from time to time, but for realistic ideas. Like getting my friends to call me by telling them to with my mind. Stopping things from happening that annoy me. Also I dropped my ciggarette from my window, and I was scared it was going to catch fire on some dry stuff down there where i dropped it. So I put it out in a few seconds…so anyways that’s besides the point. It’s a waste.

I’ve never done it (at least not in a controlled manner), but it would be “enlightening” to do so. That is to say, there is a difference between reading about electricity in a text book and sticking a 9-volt battery on your tongue. And even if a 9-volt battery on your tongue is pretty useless, electricity itself is extremely important. Maybe with time we’ll be able to build devices…

Would you mind writing up a bit of a how-to for us, Redifin? Or is the PsiPog stuff good enough?

I can make a small fire go out after only one night of hard training i think im a natural

I also do all that psionic stuff. I kind of gravitated to manipulation and TP. Although there is some great things to do with it, I am afraid that I broadcast my mind too much. :smile:

I’ve never seen any convincing evidence that any psychic or telekenetic stuff actually does work, after having gone and done a heck of a lot of research into parapsychology, physics, and stage magic that is. In fact I discovered quite the contrary; people who claim to be psychic are usually not doing anything other than cold reading, even if they don’t know that that’s actually what they’re doing. As far as PK goes, sure, lots of people claim to be able to do it, but how many have actually proved it? (The answer is 0 as far as I know)

The James Randi Education Foundation offers $1,000,000 US to anyone who can prove, in a controlled setting, that they can do something like this…dozens have failed the preliminary testing and the money is left unclaimed. Other countries have similar organizations who offer similar tests, all which offer prize money. Of course, some people respond by saying, ‘Well, I don’t need the money, I’ve got nothing to prove.’ I say that’s nonsense. If you can do supernatural stuff like this, why not win that money and give it to a charity, or help rebuild homes in a disaster area, or donate it to a company to research AIDS or Cancer?

I’m not completely skeptical of stuff like this, and I’d really like to believe that given the huge amount we don’t know about the universe, this stuff could be possible. But, I’ve seen a lot of frauds and charlatans out there, which really makes me doubt the validity of the supernatural. I guess one way to sum up my beliefs would be to say that psychic/PK abilities may be real, but I don’t believe that there are any real psychics/PKers out there now. Besides, if it is possible, what good is it? (Other than winning that money and helping out a lot of people…which like I said, no one seems to want to do)

Anyways, I hope I’m not comming off as overly-skeptical, because this is one case where I would love to be wrong. Perhaps someone can prove me wrong :smile:

Bullyblaster, can you post on how you did it. And redifin please post a short tutorial i would like to do this stuff. I’ve tried before. Also today i was trying to make a Psi ball and i pushed my hands slowly towards my friend and he said he felt air. I tried it 2 other times without trying to make a Psi ball and he said he felt nothing. A possibility that i made a Psi ball??

I don’t think you came off as overly-skeptical. I’m one of those who believes that people can do extraordinary things here, if they truly believe, and put thought and energy into it. Yet I also am extremely skeptical, and have my doubts about the many people claiming to possess supernatural or other such abilities.

You made a great point: who in their right mind would pass up the chance at obtaining a million dollars? Nobody. Money is the driving force in so many lives. I highly doubt that someone could wave away the chance at becoming a millionaire.

I just stumbled upon this thread, but I want to ask those members who stated what they’re capable of: what’s stopping you? If you truly can move a pencil with your mind, prove it to the world. Prove the skeptics wrong.

That’s the problem Sno. There is no way to prove it.

No matter what you do someone will be come back with video editing, illusion or prove it can be done using “magic tricks”. It’s easier to disprove than it is to prove. Unless of course you set one of the skeptics in the crowd watching on fire.

I’ve tried things like this with no success, yet I have had accidental telepathy, I told Moogle about it in IRC not sure if I ever posted it here though.

But here’s one for Redifin. Isn’t learning to LD also pointless then? It serve no useful purpose what so ever.

There you go! It sounds like the way to go about it. :tongue:

I see what you’re saying. It is hard to show something like that. And if you have people hell-bent on proving you wrong, well, you’re in for quite a challenge.

I liked your ending point. Telepathy, just like lucid dreaming, could be seen as pointless. Yet we’re surrounded by people from all over the world who get great satisfaction from their lucid efforts. It doesn’t seem so pointless to me. If I could move a pencil with my mind, I’d be pretty d*mn proud of myself. I’d use that ability and experience to help me with many other aspects of my life. Power of the mind, after all. If you can move a pencil with the energy in your thoughts, the sky’s the limit. Or, uh, not. :tongue:

Personally, I’ve been trying on my own to move things like a paper or pencil. Once or twice I’ve tried telepathy. I never had much success and really had no idea what I was doing.

I’m really interested in hearing some stories :smile:

Well I suppose it depends on the person. I think it’s pointless, but I don’t think it fun. I love lucid dreaming! That’s why I do it. So sorry, if you think Psionics is fun, go ahead and do it.

Now for Josh, if I could get in touch with this foundation I would do it trust me. I just think it’s a waste of time, too much hassle, and thirdly I don’t think they will believe me, and make me do further things, and in all reality I probally won’t get the money. If I did get the money, yes I would donate halve of it to a cancer foundation out of my favorites.

At any rate, a tutorial? Well I can write a brief, sketchy paragraph or two.

Telekenises: Telekenises, if I even spelled it right, is the belief of moving things with your mind. Physical objects with nothing more than the mind. Impossible, but for those that think it real it’s very possible. Hell it’s perfect logic to them.

First off, Psipog gives a very nice article that works.

Now then Telekenises in my opinion is learned over time, you just have to stick with it. There are three things to success. STICK with the things you’ve read on psipog, PRACTICE every day, EVERY DAY (which defeats mostly everyone. No one wants to practice it every day. Well I did, and I got great at it.) and let your mind be OPEN, don’t feel it with thoughts, CONCENTRATION, but NOT STRAIN.

After you actually move it, you will feel all sorts of things. Tingling in the fingers and palms, tingling going through parts of your body. Also a “pulling” and “pushing” sensation in your mind. It’s rather hard to explain, best to feel it yourself.

Telepathy: I can tell you of my technique that I use. Meditate with a friend. Sit there, let your mind go blank. Force yourself not to think of ANYTHING. Let your mind go blank. Then search for your friends mind in the blank space. Don’t put thoughts, or visions in your head, just “know” you are searching for that mind. Soon you will feel as though you’ve found him. Latch on to that feeling. Imagine (vision) putting a tube into that feeling. Screw the tube into that feeling. Then find the end of that tube, and screw it into your own mind. Then meditate on making the tube strong, and start sending things into the tube like, “Hey i’m here.” Or make him know you are latched to him. Don’t say anything physically to him. He should be doing the same thing.

Then start. Keep your eyes closed, and tell him to get ready to receive.

Receiving: Keep your mind blank, BLANK. Force yourself to have no thoughts. Just “search” for things. If you think you made it up with your mind, then disregard it. If it comes back multiple times, and you realize you aren’t bringing it up, then it’s a catch. Write everything you receive down in words. But keep your eyes closed.

Sending: You imagine the tube going into the other’s being. Imagine things, like physical objects, and actual words going through that tube and into the other being. If you do this right, the other being will pick up and know the things. Keep the things simple.

You should send and receive for a brief time of five minutes, keep doing this for the WHOLE five minutes. It’s nice to have an alarm.

Psi Balls:

This is strange. I do this still. I can make very large force balls. I mean I can’t crush them with my hands at some points.

This is just concentration. Concentrate, and actually feel energy coming from your chest and head through your shoulders, and down your arms. Imagine it coming out of your palms and swirling into a ball in between your hands.

Breathe in, and imagine energy in your chest and head. Breathe out and imagine the energy going down your arms and into your hands. Imagine seeing the ball, and imagine it hardening. Example: Water to ice, red metal cooling, membranes being covered by more membranes. Whatever. If done successfully, push inwards slowly with both hands. You will feel a force pushing back. That is the psi ball.

Note: Your hands and arms will be severly tinglely.


I still do Telepathy, sometimes. Hook me up on msn or aol. Redifin839 is the aol/aim, and is the msn.

I’m actualy most interested in the psi balls. I think it could be a lot of fun to throw invisible balls at things.
Very nice “brief, sketchy paragraph or two”. They actualy did help me a bit. :good:

James Randi’s $1,000,000 Paranormal Challenge

I’m sure they’d take you seriously if your abilities are real. After all, this is what they do…it’s ‘their speciality’, you could say. Of course, if you were to actually do this and not pass a preliminary test, then yes, they would probably doubt your abilities; they have had some very odd applicants in the past…one man who claimed to be able to glow in the dark :content: But if this is at all possible, then passing that test shouldn’t be a big obstacle. Anyways, the link is there, in case you’re interested in pursuing this :smile:

As far as actually testing paranormal stuff, anyone who’s interested might like to read about Project Alpha, a scam where a group of magicians were actually able to fool scientists into thinking they could actually do PK. Of course, the magicians revealed it was all fake, pretty much discrediting all parapsychology. It just goes to show that scientists can be fooled, and that in cases where paranormal abilities are being tested, it’s best to get a consult from someone like a magician, who knows how illusions and tricks of PK/Telepathy are done.

Thank you, Redifin. :smile:

Ever hear of Michael Crichton? He’s the guy who wrote Jurassic Park and The Andromeda Strain, among others. He’s also a Harvard educated medical doctor. In his autobiography, Travels, he relates his own personal experiences with Spoonbending.

Now, either he’s lying or he’s telling the truth. I think I’d put more faith in him than Randi - and he probably doesn’t need the extra million either. I wonder how much money Randi makes off his claims… :hmmm: He’s probably more popular as a witch hunter than he ever was as a magician.

Other (competent) people are coming up with the same (unpopular) results. Dean Radin has done Spoonbending. Jack Houck too. I could find more. What I’m trying to say is that science boils down to the consensus of people with fancy letters after their names - and the people who have actually bothered to try this are all coming up with the same results.

And remember, the only evidence that can’t be faked is first hand experience… So try it!

Actually, science comes down to testing hypotheses and quantifying the results to see how the world around us works. It doesn’t matter if you’re a PhD or just a kid in a science class, this idea in science is essential and universal. So if PK is real, then it would be subject to scientific testing…so why hasn’t anyone actually, scientifically, proven that it exists? It’s puzzling, two fakes, two fakes, come forward and fool scientists into thinking their abilities are genuine (Project Alpha), yet no ‘real’ psychic can actually prove their abilities to scientists? But two frauds can? What are we to believe here, that the frauds are even better at this stuff than the real folks? I guess it relates to the saying, if you’re bending spoons using supernatural powers, you’re doing it the hard way :tongue:
Incidentally, scientists are coming to the same results - and that is that sadly, these claims are usually not able to be substantiated. Take the case of Susan Blackmore, she abandoned Parapsychology because of this. She discusses it here.

Anyway, I’m getting a little off topic - it would be interesting though, to see a video of someone who’s recently experimented with PK/telepathy, etc., or to see some of Redfins tutorials in action. I myself would be extremely interested to see this stuff :smile:

I’ve just started pking but i am getting good at it but anyway.
start with something small like a match or a tiny fire.
Then imagine a tnnel between you and the fire then like with the psi balls use will power to try and pt it out.
Then try to light it again by imagining the fire coming back on do that 3-4 times every night and get to big flames as you get better

its alot easier in a lucid dream :razz:

but in WL i wouldn’t bother with telekinesis… many people have tried with little to no results. But macro/micro-kinesis definately works and is a lot easier. Eg. imagine the car parking space before you are about to drive to the shop, imagine the traffic lights being green each time you approach them, imagine traffic moving out of your way. It works for literally anything, and in time you learn to do it more and it becomes easier, to the point where you do it subconsciously. Not only does it help you get what you want in life, but makes you think positively more often.

[color=darkblue]I mostly agree with Josh- however, I think this subject deserves the scepticism it receives since none of these techniques have ever been proven.

I can’t just believe everything I read in blind faith when it seems so unlikely. Quite the opposite in fact- I tend to not believe things until I have experienced them personally or have adequate proof.

If you can do it- prove it! I will believe things that I can see the proof for right there, but simply posting a message stating you can move pencils with your mind isn’t going to convince anyone other than the ones here who believe it already…[/color]

That’s the way it’s supposed to work. In reality, no right minded researcher wants to touch psychic stuff because he/she’ll be labeled a crank, receive no funding, and soon be out of a job. It’s the politics and bureaucracy. It doesn’t really belong in science, but it’s there. :crying:

A lot of it also comes down to money. Little funding is available for paranormal research, so little research is done. It’s hard enough to rustle up a grant for something “sensible”…

If you’re looking for videos just do a search for “PsiWheel” on either YouTube or Google Video… Here’s a good one (you may want to read the poster’s comments on the right). One nice thing is that there are many people on the 'net who are now doing this - posting their videos to show that it can be done. Maybe they’re all fake, but if even one is real…