Remembering normal dreams- ANY HELP?

I would really really really appreciate help with remembering my ND’s please! It would be greatly appreciated!

There’s a lot of things you can do to boost dream recall. Some of them aren’t pretty, some of them are very easily managed. All of them work very nicely :smile:

  1. Do not masturbate. I and many others have studied the effects of masturbation on dreams and dream recall, and it’s not in our favor, lol. I don’t know why, but masturbation makes you lose your dream recall, AND it decreases chances of becoming lucid by a crapload. Now if you’re some addict or something, the least you can do is just minimize the frequency.

  2. Keep a written Dream Journal. Not just an online dream journal, if you have one, but an actual paper and pen journal. You would be amazed at how writing down dreams in the morning can really boost recall the following night. No excuses on not having enough time in the morning either. If you have too much to do as soon as you wake up, then wake up 5 minutes before you usually do, and bam, more time.

  3. In the morning when you wake up, try to train yourself not to think about your day ahead of you. Instead of thinking about that test at school or prick at work, try to go through what you just dreamed. Go through every scene of it as if watching a movie, and then write that down in your dream journal. Some find it easy to keep their eyes closed when they wake up ( which I find incredibally hard to do, lol ).

  4. Get more sleep. Usual REM periods don’t begin until 4 1/2 to 5 hours of sleep. After that initial period, where you usually are just in necessary deep sleep, your REM cycles begin at around 10 minutes, then 30 minutes, then up to 90 minutes. So basically, get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep.

  5. This doesn’t really apply to everybody, but if your sick or have allergies, some drowsy medicines, like Benadryl, deprive you of REM cycles. This ultimately gives you little quantities of dreams.

That’s the basics that I can think of. Let me know if you need more information!

thanks. i like, never masterbate, but a few days ago did for some stupid reason. i shall never again thx.

more info would be appreciated plz!

lol, didn’t want to know that, but that’s good to hear!

As for the more information request, I suggest you venture in to the things listed above, or in to anything else you’ve thought about, before I write down some of the other items. Only reason for this is they are out of the way and some require money, lol.

One more easy thing to add though is using autosuggestion to boost the recall. You may even want to try downloading BWGEN and using its hypnosis preset to make autosuggestion easier. Basically all you do, either with bwgen or without, is tell yourself that you will remember your dreams once you awake from them. Do this with the expectation that it will come true, and you’ll benefit greatly!

lol i have bwgen and am using it rite now!

ya ill use it more gtg

No masturbation?!?!

No way!!! :nuu: :nuu:

…ok, seriously. Maybe i should just cut down on it then.

think of it this way: once you learn to lucid dream well, you can “do it” in a lucid dream. it’d feel better, be more fun, less painful, easier, and it doesn’t hurt anyone except DC’s.

and those DC’s deserve it! :wink:

there is a big remembering dreams topic in stuff dreams are made of … 158#351158