Repeated dreams about the same person

For the last six months, I’ve had repeated dreams about a certain man. (A player on the local football team) I don’t know him personally. Sometimes I will dream about this guy three to four times a week! This is getting really awkward when I see him IRL. :neutral: How do I get rid of this dream? I dream about this guy being in my class at school, visiting my family or hanging out where I work. I just can’t see why my subconsciuos (sp?) picks this guy almost every night. Maybe I should use him as a dream sign. :confused:

I don’t know how to stop these types of dreams, but I have had them. I used to go to school with a girl called Leoni, and I haven’t seen her in about 2 years, but last month I suddenly started dreaming about her. I dreamed we wee running round school, that we were finding secret things, that we were fighting, even that I was…ahem…yeah.

I wasn’t dreaming of her cos I want to get back in touch with her, cos I went to school with her for 12 years of my life, and I hated her.

Euw…they just stopped all of a sudden, don’t know why they started, or stopped, all I can suggest to you is that you stop getting awkward IRL, cos as long as you weren’t lucid, you weren’t choosing to dream of him. So just chill out and relax. Laugh it off…tell him! I dunno, but don’t get stressed around him.

Who knows why your subconscious does the things it does. I have often had recurring DC in my ND. I never could figure out why they would keep turning up. They would often appear in several dreams in the same night. They do eventually go away so don’t worry. For now try and use it as a dream sign like you said. Once you become lucid you can make him disappear if you want.

Happy Dreaming

You’re madly in love.

LOL, Monitor199a.

Maybe you should talk to him (in your dreams). The next time you become lucid, decide to find the DC and ask him why he always shows up. You might learn a lot about yourself and the real reason why he is always popping up. Trying to “get rid” of him doesn’t seem to be very effective. You can’t shut out your dream images. Sometimes they’re trying to tell you something! Good luck.

PistGurl, maybe something in your life at this time reminded you of her, on a subconscious level? Something else you hated, maybe? picking guesses out of thin air Did you ever get lucid from seeing her?

Yes, maybe I should tell him the next time he buys flowers from me for his girlfriend. :tongue:

sno_isulli: I asked he what he was doing here once…he was looking for his credit card and wouldn’t accept the fact that it was my dream.

Who did you dream of, milod789? Was it real persons?

Monitor199a: LOL! :lol:

Ps: Lately I have become lucid from seeing this man a couple of times. Maybe I should keep him. :cool:

Nah, I never got lucid from her…stupid non LD having me! It was hard though, cos I would never think of her when I was awake, and I would never see her, so it was really hard to realise it wasn’t real…I could feel the hazy thoughts in one of them (I get this feeling that I can hear my own thoughts before I get Lucid)

Most of my recurring DC were of people I know in RL. One quite recently was very similar the one above. A friend that I do not see any more keeps showing up in my ND.

I have found that if I see a person IRL that I haven’t seen for a while, he tends to start showing up in my dreams for.

I find the oposite Jarod, If i havent seen someone for a long time and i dream of them, often within the next few days (sually the next day) I will see them or have contact with them. It has happened 10 or so times in my life like this that ic an remember coincidence, maybe, but always makes me wonder…

No football player for a week. Maybe the mere thought of telling him scared me off from dreaming about him again. :cool:

Not surprisingly, most of the DCs that frequently appear in my dreams are also those that I see most often in RL. I’ve never really had a reoccurring DC that wasn’t based on a RL friend or family member, or a fictional character. I think it’s a mostly conscious activity to generate a reoccurring dream character that wasn’t exclusively inspired by external sources.

maybe he has a crush on u lol…

It was my dreams about that bitch of a girl that got me on the subject of gayness…I wouldnt think about crushes…gets into complicated areas that you cant get back from lol!

yeah make it a RC.

maybe you should tell him about this… if you dont like him like that then it wouldnt be too bad…

i think there is a real reason why u are dreaming of this person… maybe it might not be directly about that person… maybe there is something about them as a person that you need to learn from… that your sub conscious is trying to tell them…

i dont think you can say well i dont like this make it go away… you have to fight it yourself.


Don’t worry, I don’t think that dreaming about a intimate encounter with a DC means that you are suppressing some sort of “hidden” feelings toward the person.

What is really weird is that I have never had a recurring DC appear in a LD unless I intentionally summon them.

Arrgh! Now he is showing up several times a night!

I want him to go away!!! ]:<

I hope I have rep dreams of the cute cashier in the one my mum woke me up from this mornin!:wink:
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Think about him alot throughout the day.

Things show up in your dreams if you try and repress them in RL (I asume that was what you were doing before you posted this topic). However, after you posted this, and thought about him a bit, he left.

When he went and you forgot about him, he showed up again.

So, just try thinking about him a bit…