I saw this topic on another website.
A man was claiming that santa did exist, and another claiming that the easter bunny exist. They were serious, when everyone took the micky they got upset.

Lol, so does anyone have any proof that snta can’t exist. I don’t personally beleive in santa.

Yeah actually there’s a famous scientific proof of Santa’s non-existence:

Blah, Mystic beat me to it.
Daammnn yyoouu :grrr:

Anyway, we all know that the Hogfather exists, not Santa.

I’ve got a older version. The older one sounds better.

Ofcourse anata exists, his children are located around the world, and they work simular to how the postal service works. They use master keys to get into peoples houses, and takes a grim reeper to kill anybody who sees him. :puh:

yes, and we even know that you, grandpadeath has even filled in for him when he was unavailable :grin:

Santa murders all the witnesses? Sounds like a mob Santa.

haha i liked reading about how the raindeer would instantaneously vaporize. sumin about the mental image of seeing santa tryin to pull this off for the first time just seems funny. Realisticly its impossible but u forgot one key element. MAGIC hahahaha ehhh…*sigh nevermind.

actually it’s a common misconception that we cannot travel at the speed of light or faster. We can.

here’s a little excerpt from K-PAX a good film staring Kevin Spacey, worth watching.

while a film is not scientific basis for proving that Santa may exsist, it is correct in what it says about light/faster than light travel. No one actually said that Santa accelerates to the speed of light, for all we know he naturally travels at such a speed and thus would not be ripped appart. you see the above ‘proof’ assumes that Santa has to accelerate to such speeds.

Either way whether you believe that santa exsists or not, it is fact that at one time he DID exsist :smile: which is good enough for me. :wiske:

i think even considering that point, which i think is true, the frictional forces would be enough to kill him moving at those kinds of speeds. And by the way if santa naturally travels at that speed, how did that come about? When he was born did he just get shot out at that speed?

And i assume that the last point is referring to a non-magical santa that doesn’t travel around the world. Right?

What about a species of riendeer that are able to warp the 3 dimensional space around them, and around santa. Thus the glowing of the nose on Rudolf.

But he would be dead by starving, or hitting an object at over the speed of light. What about the umbilical cord?

I worked out that he wouldn’t suffer pain before death. The acceleration forces would put him in to an uncontious state known as G lock within the first 5 millionth of a second, and thats if he’s lucky.

your assuming again that he was born and not created. If of course the reindeer did have the ability to bend/warp the limited dimentions of space/time that we understand then santa could indeed do his job traveling at normal speeds.

Wouldn’t that create a fluctuation in the fine-structure of spacetime, which may ultimately result in a fatal rip in the spacetime continuum, thus creating giant black holes which would mean the extinction of the human race? I think those reindeers are a very dangerous species…

I’m unfamilar with this idea, please explain it.

Well currently, besides cloning, there is no technology to create a being. If sutch a device did exist, it certianly wouldn’t be used to created a fat santa, and santa would be more designed for his job, i.e, warping spacetime himself. Sureley the “warping” gene could easly be implemented into him.

As far as I know, cloning isn’t done while going at the speed of light.

Well, if those reindeers are able to warp the 3D spacetime around them, then they’re in fact curving up the spacetime structure infinitely. It’s like when a heavy star collapses: due to the enormous concentration of mass in one point, space and time are curved up infinitely in an infinitely small area, thus creating fluctuations in the spacetime structure which steadily become bigger until a crack in the spacetime structure appears, which then results in a black hole.

I though black holes were a result of gravitational forces (warp fields maybe). What if it were possible to normalize the gravitational balance afterwards. By using oposing gravitational forces.

But what about having this idea. Santa gets into a box, which is in another elongated box. (to the left far side) Now if the outer box accelerates at 650 m.p.h in a left direction (for an acceleartion duration of 0.001 seconds) then the inner box has to accelerate 650 m.p.h to the right direction for 0.001 seconds. Thus santa would feel no force what so ever (exept mabye as he goes upwards not so fast). He wouldn’t be limited to 650 m.p.h. If he managed to get a plentiful power source, he could go as fast as he wants, until air resistances cooked him inside his boxes (in which you would have liquid nitorgen in between them to prevent this.)

huh? i think thats only if theres no friction in between the boxes and the inner box moving to the “right” at that speed would be in relation to the box thats moving left so hed really just be sitting still with a box sliding past him really fast. in order for him to have any motion thered have to be friction between the boxes but such a contraption would be seen by all and santas secret would be out and hed have to quit his job because hed be nagged by every1 for free stuff.

Black holes are indeed the result of a gravitational collapse caused by the collapse of the heavy star, concentrating its mass in one single point. The gravitational ripples become so extreme when one approaches the black hole, and at the exact center they’re even infinitely strong. How would you be able to balance an infinitely strong gravitational field?

Well you are sure not to cause sutch a strong graviational field that it causes an infantley strong balck hole. Don’t compress to mutch space at once, so you don’t cause huge ripples in spacetime.

What says gravity works in sutch a way. Could gravity be the result of a spinning body and magnetic fields? If so, I can’t think how that would work, however, most of our scientific tests are done on earth, maybe forces behave differently without spinning magnetic fields in their presents, its simply not been tested on anought.

Anyway, santa DOES EXIST, and that’s that!

mystic wrote:

insane goth wrote: Mark:
What if I were to tell you that according to a man who lived on our planet, named Einstein, that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light?

I would say that you misread Einstein, Dr. Powell. May I call you Mark? You see Mark, what Einstein actually said was that nothing can accelerate to the speed of light because its mass would become infinite. Einstein said nothing about entities already traveling at the speed of light or faster.

right you are insane goth now my chance to explain fully
according to E=mc2 (the big daddy of all formulas) energy and mass are related they can change into eachother eg if you had two pendulums on a stand they were both identical in every way size weight whatever exept for one was swinging the one that was swinging would weigh slightly more than the stationary one because of the kinetic energy in the swinging and energy being slightly mass so energy has weight so when things go nearer the speed of light they gain more weight and if something was going the speed of light it would have infinite density and would need infinite energy to keep it going mystic said about the raindeers makin black holes well sort of becos they go faster they gain weight and they gravitate more but not enough to make black holes if they did they would be sucked in on themselves thus ripping a hole in the time space continuum making a singularity and anything hittin that singularity would be totally obliterated

sorry for being so sciency but when i saw mystics post i just couldn’t help competing with her you see i’m a very competetive person especially when it comes to showing off your knowledge