scared of falling from flying

Has anyone ever flown high up and then been scared of falling back to earth and then it happens and you get that swooshing feeling in your stomach as you fall (like being on a rollercoaster). I always get scared of hurting myself by falling back to earth. Sometimes my powers of flight just cut out whilst im really high up and i fall. happened to anyone else here?

I haven’t been able to fly very high. But I flew up on a roof, and felt nervous about stepping off the roof again. I knew it was silly but felt it all the same. I think I would feel safer up high because it’s a longer fall, you have more time to get control over it.

I cannot fly. I bounce. I’m used to falling therefore.

I can’t really say so, I was a little skittish at first perhaps, but I had the clear understanding that you can’t get hurt in your dreams. If you can’t “convince” yourself of this you might want to try and “practice” flying up and then letting yourself crash to the ground to help convince you that no harm will befall you.

To be honest its more scary to take off, it feels more than falling down, not strange when I have blasted myself 4000 meters (10300 feet) up in the air. The rollercoasterfeeling is a nice part of flying, when you are falling down do an RC and you can go up again. If you really can fly you dont need to worry if you fall down, you can always stop the fall :cool:

In the beginning I was scared of falling from flight. However, nowdays the thrill of it has overcome that fear.

I don’t get scared if I sometimes fall, of course, it hurts a bit, but it passes very quickly the more you think about it, the more likely it is to happen, the most important thing when flying is relaxation! It’s got to feel normal, otherwise things that aren’t normal will happen, eg falling, not being able to gain any height etc.

Funny – my fear of falling comes into play when I dream of being in an elevator. I fly rather well – more like “swimming” through the air. Never had a problem with falling. But, if an elevator appears in my dream, I KNOW I’m about to fall to the ground. For some reason, I never have any control, although I am in fact lucid. I can’t stop myself from getting on the elevator, the whole time, thinking that I am about to fall to my death. And sure enough, no matter how hard I try to will it to stop, those cables break and I freefall to the ground. Scary, but not terrifying, as I know that it is in fact a dream. If I don’t wake up from the fall, it usually just transitions me into another dream.
I agree with others - let yourself fall, knowing that no harm can be done. You might indeed find it thrilling.

wow, a lot of replies. thanks guys.
Since i wrote that post i have become a quite a good flier, fast and intuitive, its normally the first thing i do when i become lucid is take off. But as soon as i get to a certain height, I nearly always i think “crap im gona fall” and i do. Im never particularly scared of it because a dream cant hurt you, but i will never completely get used to the feeling of falling hundreds of feet through the air. and i always crash land with a scary bump. never have managed to fly again before crashing when falling.
although, last night when lucid i decided to try harry potter’s firebolt, man that was fun. easier to get a decent speed on than just superman flying or air swimming (which is sooo slow!)

Its tricky :smile: The main “skill” is in it that you have to be brave and believe yourself :smile:

The first time, I got scared… but I overcame it!

Second time I crashed through the roof :content:

The scariest part for me is my low ascent… I don’t ascend at a fast rate… (one time I nearly crashed into a power cord… OH.NO!)

I know as a fact, though, I won’t fall :smile:

That happened to me the first time i did it but you get used to it.

So do I!
I bounce, and say: “This is my new walk,” and bounce for the rest of the dream until I wake up. :lol:

I can’t fly, because I don’t believe in myself. And when I do believe in myself, I’m afraid of getting hurt. “How do I stop this thing…”

You shouldn’t be afraid of know it doesn’t hurt, cause it’s a dream.
and btw. when I can’t fly, i summon the flying carpet :wink:

The problem is, not everyone can create things in dreams easily. Some people don’t even know how.

I fly like peter pan. It’s great speed and it also lets you just float through a house if you would like.

Anyway, like lots of other people have said, I view flying just as a confindence thing. When I have full belief I will fly, and that it’s a dream, I usually fly. However, while I was flying over a marsh / woods one time, I questioned whether I could really fly or not. Immediantly I started loosing altitude. Once I replaced the question with the full belief I could fly, I regained controll of the flight.

So it’s sorta like peter pan says, Believe! Haha.
But really. Don’t question your abilites. It’s not “Can I?” it’s “I can”
If you think like that, you should fly without any fear or troubles.

this is my take on the subject of falling from flying:

It doesnt matter! Youre dreaming, so nothing can happen! In fact, if you want to get over your fears, then try the following:

  1. fly up realy high, then stop releasing energy so you fall back to “earth” and crash into the ground. when you get up and brush yourself off, you will relize its not a big deal!

  2. or you could fly up high and piledrive yourself into the ground at full speed :content: :happy: :woo: :cool: :grin:

enjoy! :wink:

The only problem is that some people wake up when they are about get get hurt or would get hurt in RL.

So flying into the ground, or letting yourself hit the ground could cause someone to wake up from their LD.

But if “dream pain” doesn’t do anything to your LDs, then sure, this is a good method.

Yes, that’s the problem.
If u flew high and fell then hit the ground, you would probably wake up but you wouldn’t feel anything


but then when you have your next LD you wouldnt be affraid anymore :smile:

Thanks for the tips. I do find however that i am prone to waking up when something happens that would hurt IRL. i know that when i fall even a small distance, like from the height of a house to the ground, it makes my lucidity drop and the dream seem further away and less real as i have to work to stay asleep.
I think its right about the confidence thing. Taking off is easy i find, i do it all the time. Its easier than walking. But im going to have to train myself to be able to go high. its amazing the kinds of things you have to do to control a lucid dream. trying to explain how you do things to someone who has never been lucid before is impossible. If anyone has trouble taking off try this: i click my fingers and expect to be hovering a few inches above the ground. its much easier to start flying when you’re not standing on the ground anymore. The only time i ever click my fingers in a lucid dream is if i want to fly so this gets programmed into your sub concious. Just like the only time i ever rub my hands together is to increase lucidity or stop myself waking up. conjuring is still quite difficult though, i can sometimes do it but sometimes it doesnt work. But changing my dream scene… wow that’s hard. teleporting sometimes works (the cube way) but more often than no the feeling of it wakes me up or throws me out of lucidity. :neutral: And im still trying to change my appearance, whether its turning into a cat, or changing my t-shirt into a shirt and tie, i still cant do it.
does anyone else have problems with achieving certain things?