Scribes needed, apply within (part III)

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Is this you?

  • Do you like to read a lot of topics on LD4all?
  • Do you like to write?
  • Do you want to help fellow travelers on the Quest for lucidity?

Then become a Scribe!

What is a Scribe?

The LD4all forum was started way back in 1999 (still on Network 54). The current forum you are using now dates back to 2002. A lot of useful information resides within it but can be hard to find sometimes.

Here the Scribes come in. Their task is to compile FAQ’s, tutorials and articles from the amazing amount of information we already have around. By LD4all members, for LD4all members.

What’s in it for the Scribes?

  • Access to a private forum
  • A badge (Writer) for each published article/FAQ/Tutorial
  • Work together with other scribes, you don’t need to do it alone!
  • A lot of cookies courtesy of our Head Scribe Eilatan :cookie:
  • Your LD knowledge is increased because you browse all the old topics
  • Improve your writing skills

Scribe Profile

  • Loves going through old post and collect useful material
  • Likes writing
  • Can work together well with other scribes
  • Can give constructive feedback and can also work with feedback of others
  • Is at least at Member level

That’s great Q, just tell me where I can sign up! :hyper:

I’m glad you asked. Apply by replying to this post :write: just hit “reply” below :slight_smile:

Our Head Scribe Eilatan will then get back to you as soon as possible!

Is a scribe still needed? I am a writer, most of my writing is novels, but Im good at writing so if writing is needed I am there! :slight_smile:

Could I be a scribe?

Is a scribe still needed?i spend a lot of time on ld4all on my chromebook,on which i do not sign up on,i love reading old posts and making tutorials,i feel like i am fit for the job if it is still on.

A thing about me is whenever i read a post from an old year like 2005,i feel like i am transported in that period of time which is another reason why i like to read old posts and I also love making FAQs and tutorials :rofl: