Seeing Auras

Just out of curiousity, has anyone in this forum heard about or indeed, can see Auras? Ive been reading about it on the side and trying it and think I can do it, I tried it on myself and saw a white’ish cacoon sorta thing around me then a bright yellow thing around my head, which moved with me as I moved. For a more indepth explaination go to
Apparently you can also see peoples thoughts, but I didn’t.
Thoughts on the matter?

:neutral: sort of - I tried seeing auras back before I found out about lucid dreaming. I had a few results I couldn’t pass off as flukes - saw my own aura color and the color of a teacher’s aura; convinced a friend to try it (didn’t tell her about my results) and see saw my aura once too - we even had the exact shade the same (used a bunch of crayon colors to show what shade we saw - in this case both of us saw royal blue).

Haven’t worked with it in ages though. Might be something I get back into.

Just a note: That site has good info on Auras, but some pretty crazy far out stuff about aliens and other life forms that visit us and the approaching destruction of the world! :cool_laugh: I recomend just reading about the auras cuz’ the other stuff is hard to swallow… :bored:

Hmm, never experienced it, but still I am sure this isn´t just made up.I think there are people who can see auras, perhaps anyone can learn it.
However, I am not sure if the informations what auras mean and so on are right


I think you’re really seeing auras, Chronos. It’s said it’s possible, and anyone who has an open third eye chakra can do it with some practice. There are lots of other sites that explain how to see them, what the colors mean, and other stuff. Maybe you should search it up on google so you can get more information. But they say that when you first try it, lots of people are able to see the white glow around theirs and other people’s bodies. That’s the easiest thing to do. And you said you saw a yellow glow around your head. I didn’t go to your site, so I don’t know how much you already know, but it’s said that around certain parts of your body you’ll find a certain color, varied in shade from person to person. Yellow you’ll usually find around your head. The more clear and bright the yellow is, is supposed to depict how enlightened you are or something along that line. That’s it was used to show enlightened people like Jesus Christ and angels with yellow halos above their heads. I think that’s pretty cool.

From most techs ive read about auras i see one difficulty.Its that staring without blinking which makes my eyes wet and aching.Im not sure its healthy too.

I’ve tried staring at my psych teacher for an uncomfortably long time, started seeing…what was it, some weak color on a blue background all around her especially as she moved.

what I don’t understand is how you distinguish between simple sensory overload, neurons’ inability to fire properly after image on retina hasn’t changed, and actual auras. I think it takes a lot of skill to see auras, especially the more subtle colors.

Imagine, I doubt that im enlightened! Ive read about it some more and it turns out that when people first start out seeing auras they usually see yellow at first, but as you practise more the yellow fades out and you start to see your TRUE aura colors. I think you need ALOT of practise to get seeing auras down properly, but this is something im just messing around with on the side, what I really want (and everyone in this forum) is a LUCID DREAM! no sucsess on that front yet!

Prehaps the yellow means how GOOD the people are, not how enlightened.

No, no. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’re enlightened just because you have yellow around your head. Everybody has at least a little of yellow around their head. It’s just some people have A LOT. I don’t think it takes that much skill, only a lot of practice. It took me around a month, but I can see aura’s. I actually haven’t tried in a while though. I mean, I read about it and I decided to try it, and I started seeing stuff like you saw, I thought I was imagining it. But then it started to get clearer and everyone had one certain color to them, vaguely. I might be wrong of course, because I don’t really know much about neurons firing and that. I’m very sure I used to be able to see them though, and I could again if I tried.

imagine, you should hold on to your skill. The illusion I was talking about is what I have trouble with.

Chronos, COOL link.


Only seen what I believe to be an aura once…and it was white, so no surprise there. I would love to be able to experience it though. I just finished reading a Stephen King book called ‘Insomnia’ that has wierd stuff happening in it and has a lot to do with seeing auras.

I have made desktop wallpapers for those doing the concentration exercises.

Aura Concentration Exercise 1
Aura Concentration Exercise 2

The second one is a little smaller than the original exercise pic, but it works OK as you sit closer to the screen than 1m.

ReaLiTY.FaiLuRe a big thanks for making those concentration exercises into wallpapers, Ive saved them and using one now as wallpaper, sure does make your eyes water, but im starting to see the white cross, thanks ReaLiTY.FaiLuRe! :grin:

I used to believe in auras because I was seeing a circular mass of what looked like energy around people. I really got into it & tried lots of different things (i.e. trying to see the auras of cats & trees.) I know it sounds silly, but I could see the path around this one tree in particular.

While viewing this, a car drove by & I quickly shifted my eyes in its direction. What I thought had been an aura, followed my gaze and imprinted its image in front of me.
I don’t know if this is making sense. Anyway, it really made me believe that what I was experiencing was purely within my own eyes - but really, who knows - I definitely don’t :smile:

On a related topic: Has anyone experienced or heard of anyone viewing bright bug-like images that kind of fly around? I’ve spent a couple weeks obsessing over it & can’t figure it out. I see it easily when I look at the sky or at a blank wall (in light). My hubby says he experienced this when he was a kid…which is comforting, but I’m still curious. Any thoughts?

When I stare into space I can usually see little white circles with a black dot in the middle that randomly appear, float around, and then disappear. Have no idea what they could be, maybe Im seeing the same thing as you…

Hmm…perhaps what you are experiencing, in regards to the bright lights floating in front of your eyes are ‘floaters’.

This is probably an extremely common thing to have. Do a
Google Search for ‘Floaters’ ‘Eyes’ ‘Seeing stars’ and you will find a trillion articles relating to the experience.


i heard and am almost positive that its jsut the static in your eye fluid… i always get it while walking during winter or something that involves looking at somehting bright coloured…

Lucian, yes, this IS a very common occurance.I think there isn´t one explanation though, some claim that you see some energy, others say that it is kind of a “malfunction” of your eye.


hehe, ok, im not trying to be a pest or anything, just tryign to get some info, but i talked to my bro not too long ago about this and right off the bat he said it was static, so my guess is he learned it in collage or something…