Seeing yourself in a dream?

I was wondering if seeing yourself in a dream is rare. Here is my dream as it exists in my dj.

I was on my way to Phoenix to meet my bro for some reason, and was driving on a weird four-lane highway that wound through a desert like area. I reached the end of the road where they were still constructing it and noticed I had gotten off the path somewhere. I continued walking anyways, following a line in the desert. I didn’t know exactly where I was going or why, but I kept going. I came upon a bunch of construction workers building a tunnel in the middle of the desert, and noticed I had found the two-lane highway again. I came around a corner and was at some lush oasis out in the middle of the desert. It was right next to a river. I walked presumably toward the east, and worried about a helicopter spotting me. The helicopter never showed up. I got tired of walking and realized I was dreaming, so I said, I’ve had enough of this; I’m going to fly. I got a weird tingly feeling and jumped over a fence. I kept telling myself to go higher, but it wasn’t working. I started flapping my arms like a bird and it worked. I was at least 50-100 feet off the ground at one point. I attempted to recreate that dream where I was on my back (see page 1) and it worked. I was then about 300 feet above the ground. I flew over Stratton Myers and noticed myself, Tate and Eric were launching fireworks in the sprinklers. Dave was there as well, watching the other me. I flew over a fence and landed near the edge of the grass. I then walked over to myself and put my hands on my shoulders. It was weird seeing myself in a dream. The other me didn’t notice what was going on. We were then near a street and some kid was getting his ass kicked by a black guy. I stopped the fight, but the black guy said he would be back to kill me. This is probably because I read that Yahoo! Answer guy’s question earlier

What could this dream possibly mean? I have never seen myself before this clear in a dream. Thanx for any help!

Yes it is possible to see yourself in a dream. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be possible. Everything is possible in a dream. I believe looking for yourself in a dream was also a Quest suggestion.

Sometimes we have dreams where we see ourselves are third person view, but I don’t think this was the case with you. You just saw yourself as another you. I’ve also read dreams from other people, where they met theirselvs, before :content:

Thats cool, so its not as rare as I thought. I guess it is rare for me, this is the second time in my DJ where I’ve either seen myself from third person like you said, or actually met myself, in this case.

I still wonder what putting my hands on my shoulders meant symbolically.

I often see myself in dreams, but there are more cases when I see myself in 3rd person view.
However, I don’t remember ever meeting myself in a dream, like Sandra said…

It’s happened to me a few times. The first time I was driving down the road and passed myself going in the opposite direction, and the most recent one was in a LD when I actually got to interact with myself. Basically we just looked at each other for a few seconds, and then we both pointed to each other and said, “So, you’re me?” in unison, and then laughed. Simple experience, but very interesting. :content:

I see myself all the time, i usually dream in third person. Its nifty but i think i might like it better in first person :razz:

A couple times i had a dream of seeing my self in a mirror…one of them was a real emotional dream…but i liked it very much because they are rare &mysterious :peek:

I aksed myself how to get more dreams and me just made a rude sound…

Whenever I ask to see myself I’m just shown my body. Kind of disappointing when you don’t even know your true form, or if you have one.

I have only seen myself in a dream once, I even directly interacted with him/me. The funny thing was that I was him for the first half of the dream; I was on some kind of treasure hunt and we(me and two friends) got on 3 motorcycles(hi-performance, probably ninjas). When all of ‘us’ were riding out of a courtyard, I entered another one of my bodies watching them leave. Well, as my previous body was riding towards my current body, I decided that I wanted his blue motorcycle. So when he rode by me I grabbed him and threw him off (lol). Then I just took the motorcycle and ran off in it.

It was just plain weird watching myself, especially since the dream felt so real. :eh:

I saw myself in the first LD I had actually, face was really messed up, had some kind of holes below the eyes, horns, hair was unkempt… but beside that, everything was normal :happy:…but I was happy, it didn’t bother me at all… but that was long time ago, haven’t looked myself in the mirror since then, usually jump through them before reflection comes :smile:.

about half of my dreams are in third person… does that count?

I have one very memorable time where I saw myself. I told myself that it was time to wake up because it was time for Yu-Gi-Oh. I looked normal and when i woke up sitting straight up it WAS almost time for Yu-Gi-Oh. :smile:

Not counting third person view or mirrors, or even a smartass “I looked at my hands, that’s seeing myself.” I have seen myself in a dream once. I am in a vivid lucid dream and in a very good mood. So i see myself a number of meters away. I walk up to myself but as I do the other me shrinks until he is no higher than my knees. And he gets an attitude problem or something, acting cocky and rude. I quickly get bored and decide to fly. And it’s the most exciting flight i ever had, but quite short.

I’ve seen myself a few times in my dreams. In the most recent, my other self was my current age, though she had a whole different persona, almost Goth-like. We hugged for a while before a transition occurred.

In the one before that, I saw my family standing on the porch of our old house, with a four-year-old version of me among them. I walked over, picked her (me) up, and spent the rest of the dream carrying her around to different locales.

Both instances felt very special, and almost magical to me. Like I was really connecting with my subconscious or something. :content:

i’ve seen myself in a dream once when i saw a younger version of myself crying :eh:

I see myself in 3rd person view or birds view quite a bit, I like it though because it reminds me to do a RC.

I do 3rd person ALL the time. It actually gets annoying. I don’t mind it as long as i remember my dream, but sometimes i just want to dream in first person :sad:

3rd person? Most of my dreams seem very realistic, maybe 3rd person would be easier to realise it’s a dream!
The last time I saw myself, I was in a LD and tried to cross a mirror. While jumping to get through, the glass disapeared and I hit myself of the other side. It’s in my DJ, even it’s outdated…

I had a false awakening recently where I sat up, and realized a second me was sitting on my couch. She/I could move and all that, yet she was totally apathic. Kinda like a robot. She/I moved where I wanted her to. Don’t know if I commanded through words or just toughts. It was weird as hell.

She looked exactly like me. And I guess she would, since she was me. It was just weird seeing myself, while infact being myself. Two of me. Just weird.

As for dreaming in 3rd person. Sometimes I do that, though those dreams tend to be very short. And for the most part not very fun.

Have you ever seen another you (while you are you yourself)?

I think the other day I was wrestling myself in my dream but it was so brief…I dont think I ever met myself in a dream before…

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